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Women don't poop.

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Started: 10/23/2015 Category: People
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First round is acceptance. This is a joke debate, for those of you who were too stupid to tell.


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


In 1859, Sir ProstheticMcDickFingers discovered a serum in human females' bodies that prevented them from producing fecal matter. This serum is today colloquially known as "cooties", but then it was known as "Serum No. 109".

Now, of course, this produced a major backlash from the scientific community, who claimed that the experiment was flawed based on the fact that the experiment only tested a small test group of individuals. Scientists maintained this flawed mindset until the invention of the radio.

When the radio was invented in the late 19th century, Sir ProstheticMcDickFingers was proven to be correct. You see, the frequency of the waves that females who used the device emitted actually decreased after two seconds after they started speaking, and by 5 seconds the frequency was so low that a man speaking would be practically inaudible. It was an extremely uncommon phenomenon, and it was barely recorded. This is why it is not known by many.

Now, if the frequency was so low after 5 seconds, why were the women who used the device just as loud as men? The answer was discovered to be Serum No. 109 in 1987.

This is the formula of Serum No. 109:

g7*7^(r65)Hydrogen|x|+ 924Carbon

g7*7 is a compound that is completely unknown to scientists. The only thing they know is that the unknown elements in the compound do two things: Prevent the production of fecal matter, and produce sound without increasing frequency.

Further investigation is required by scientists, but they are almost ready to determine the identity of g7*7. Until then, all we can do is wait.

Vote Pro.


I agree that Sir ProstheticMcDickFingers was a renowned scientist throughout the scientific world. He is most known for what you have stated, which is finding that human females are prevented by what is called cooties from producing fecal matter. But this fact has been proved wrong by only several billion females throughout the face of the earth. I myself have seen this female fecal matter inside of a toilet when my mother forgot to flush. But the fecal matter did not look anything like our fecal matter. This phenomenon I have seen was sort of brown and black and may just have been clumps of pubic hair that she had shaved recently. After all, I did try to open my parents door that night and noticed that it was uncommonly locked. This radio frequency that was shown to be Serum No. 109 may not have been cooties. It may just have been the ovaries inside of women. This theory is even less known that Sir ProstheticMcDickFingers'. This was a theory created by a disciple of Sir ProstheticMcDickFingers, and her name was Anita Pea. Anita Pea decided to test one day Sir ProstheticMcDickFingers' theory while using her own body as a specimen. She found out that this Serum No. 109 known today as cooties were actually not preventing women from producing fecal matter. It was actually their tiny rectum that prevented them from producing fecal matter. Once enlargened, Anita Pea noticed that for the first time in her life, fecal matter was produced out of her body. This is why people commonly think of women can't produce fecal matter. They can, but their rectum is too small for it to properly come out. Well, you may ask, where did the matter go before she enlarged her rectum? Well, Anita Pea researched that too, and found out that the fecal matter was distributed out among her body and disposed of other ways, like through sweat and saliva.

Vote Con.

I apologize to those who might have been offended by what is written in this joke debate, but I am a growing immature teenage boy, so please understand.
Debate Round No. 2


The first part of my rebuttal will consist of facts about the scientists pertaining to this debate.

Sir ProstheticMcDickFingers:

We both agree that this man was a renowned scientist. This alone is evidence to support my claim, and I will explain why later in my rebuttal. Until then, - What's this?

Well, voters, it appears that Con has just sent me twenty pounds of his mothers pubic hair to my house. This is an outrageous conduct violation!

Anyways, onto Anita Pea.

The experiment you speak of has been proven to be flawed. First of all, Sir ProstheticMcDickFingers had many apprentices, and Anita Pea was one of his worst ones. In fact, he could barely teach her anything because she spent the majority of the time asking for sexual favors from him. She was far from a renowned scientist, and thus her work is not reliable.

Now, as for the ovaries of women being responsible for the decrease in sound. This has been proven to be false, because ovaries are surrounded by Serum No. 110, also discovered by Sir ProstheticMcDickFingers. This serum has been proven to prevent ovaries from influencing frequency, so we are left to assume it is indeed Serum No. 109 that is doing this.

Also, sweat and saliva are classified as fecal free substances by the agency of Fecal Study and Control.

Vote Pro.


I would like to thank the readers of this debate, the voters, and my opponent for putting up with my absolute lunacy. This debate has certainly been a pleasure to participate in.


You have said that Anita Pea's was not reliable because she was one of Sir ProstheticMcDickFingers worst apprentices and was always asking for sexual favors. This I cannot disprove.

But what I can prove is that a later very renowned scientist named Harry Nutt reviewed her findings and said, and this is quoting his exact words,"Anita Pea was not a very good scientist and one of Sir ProstheticMcDickFingers' worst subjects because she was a young woman and Sir ProstheticMcDickFingers was very attractive, so she, of course, was attracted to him. But as I looked through her papers of her experiments, I found out that even though she wasn't the sanest person in the world, her experiments were lucid and very hard to controvert. I, with the power granted in me as the most congratulated scientist of the late 20th century and winner of a Nobel Prize, say that Anita Pea's experiments are perfectly true. I even have conducted her experiments personally on my wife and find these all true"

Now that is a very good argument right there. One of the greatest scientists of all time, Harry Nutt, says Anita's standings are true. I, of course, being a follower of Harry Nutt, have decided that women actually do poop in very microscopic strands that are as thin as hair through their tiny rectum. That is all that is needed because this fulfills the purpose that women do actually poop. It's just that it all comes out in small strands and the rest are distributed out throughout the body. Even though Pro said that "sweat and saliva are classified as fecal free substances by the agency of Fecal Study and Control", there are other ways of disposing of the fecal matter.

Vote Con.

I would also like to thank the reader, voters, and my opponent for reading this outrageously stupid topic. I also can say this debate has been a pleasure to participate in.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MeargleSchmeargle 1 year ago
Intriguing thought process.....
Posted by MagicAintReal 1 year ago
What's funnier is for someone to disprove your position through video.
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Reasons for voting decision: Sir ProstheticMcDickFingers was Pro's primary source. Con conceded that he is a renowned scientist. Con never really overcame the research done by this scientist as brought to the debate by Daxtdude. I was persuaded by Pro's arguments as set forth in this debate and relying soley on evidence and arguments presented in the debate.