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Women have it easier then men.

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Started: 1/16/2012 Category: Society
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Con will either prove men have it easier then women or both genders face equal obstacles.

First round is acceptance. Second round is argument. Third is rebuttal. Fourth is rebuttal and conclusion.

Not following the debate outline, using cheap cemantics, changing around what I say or the meaning of what I said, or misquoting me in general will not be tolerated. For example, if I say something and you change the meaning or completely misquote me and change what I say and state "Since you said before (insert lie here)" or "Since you claim (insert something I blantanly never said)"; this will be pointed out with extreme prejudice in my next response and will affect your overall vote. You will also look ignorant as well as give the image that you are a bad debater who resorts to funny business in order to win. I will never debate you again, and you'll only be making my argument and conduct look ever more superior. 3 out of every 4 people I have so far debated have done one the above.

Therefore before you accept, read this carefully and make sure you are not like this. Also, Wikipedia is not a source. Blogs are not sources. Use legit citing; newspaper websites, journals, university or government studies, reports, or books.


I thank Pro for the opportunity to discuss this topic. I look forward to a lively debate.

My opponent did not define the parameters of our discussion, so one can assume the topic will be all-encompassing and all terms should be understood using their most common, appropriate definitions. Thus, my goal in this debate is to prove that on balance, women do not have it easier than men in life.

With that, I accept Pro's remaining terms and await his opening salvo.
Debate Round No. 1


C1) Even with the advent of feminism, most women still don't have to earn a career and work. When men don't have a career they are considered a loser. If a woman meets a man and says "What do you do for a living, what are you trting to get into?" and the man says "I just want to be a good husband and housewife.", he will be assumed to be a loser. Women can answer that same question with the same answer and it is still considered acceptable. Since in the developed world, women control who they marry and the choice is basically theirs, this leaves a man with almost no choice but to pursue something. In other words, society expects and requires men to work (sometimes just to survive), while it doesn't ask that of woman. Even the ugliest woman can still find a man. He may not be up to her standards but the point is that she will be supported at least in the most minimal way and survive. There will always be a man out there willing to suppprt a woman, but the same cannot be said for men. Women turn down multiple advances from men every single day. On the average, a woman is juggling multiple courtships. The choice women have alone is enough to warrant my claim as being true.

C2) Women do not have to fight in wars. In America, they do not have to register for Selective Service. They aren't required to make the ultimate sacrifice in developed countries. When women become police, not only are their fitness exams made easier for them so they can pass(1), but their roles are limited to non life-threatening situations for the most part. Police forces don't let female officers go into dangerous situations alone, and when fighting they evade until the male officers bail them out. Their physical labor is reduced in careers like this. They may be relegated to mostly desk work, or in the police department writing tickets and such...yet they get paid the same in police force, fire department and in the Army as the men do. Construction jobs, mining, working in wearhouses and other physically demanding careers leave men with injuries and problems as they get older. Men on average work longer hours, more dangerous and physically demanding jobs, and live shorter lives.(2)

C3) Women have legal jobs to fall back on in hard times that don't require education or connections. Stripping and prostution (when legal) are ways to survive and make quick money that for the most part aren't available to men unless they are extremely good looking, well-endowed and perform well in bed. Women get divorced, and win everything from the man even including future social security earnings, retirement plans, stocks and bonds, the car, house etc. In some states, men have to pay alimony for life or even after the woman gets remarried, gains a career, or is otherwise able to support herself.(3) So after divorce, women still recieve the same or sometimes better benefits compared to what she had from the marriage, but men don't. Men lose the household work, the cooking, the smaller second supplemental income the woman may of had and many other things.

C4) Sex is regarded as based on the mans performance. I for one know this isn't true, but it is perfectly acceptable for a woman to just lay there. All the pressure is on the man to satisfy the woman, and in relationship situations help maintain a healthy and good sexual relationship. Women simply lack this same pressure.

C5) Chivalry. Because of this phenomena, women are simply expected less to do things. People are easier on you, and do favors for you just because you are a woman. We buy the drinks, we pay for dinner, we ask you out on to the date, basically everything relies on us. All a woman has to do in terms of dating is say yes to the date and show up, and that is acceptable. It is not up to her as much as it is up to man in terms of how fun and exciting it will be.

C6) Men are supposed to do a things dangerous. Protect you from burglarers, protect the children, rescue you from anything. We are the ones who are supposed to risk our lives. The man's life is valued and placed much lower then a woman's. This is why woman and children are saved first.

C7) The law is easier on women. Women are convicted less and on average are given lighter sentences.(4)(5) In Great Britain there was a plan on shutting down all women's prisons and sending the inmates to rehabilitation programs work release, or small secure units close to home etc.(6)(7) Since men and women make up 50% of the world each, how is it plausible that men make up such a larger proportion of inmates. All courts are biased towards women. Divorce court, family court are two examples of where women make up the far majority of victors and men face a bias.(8) Courts in many countries are biased against shared parenting and custody cases.(9)(10) Domestic violence in the West is almost equal, yet men make up an overwhelmingly larger amount of convictions.(11)(12)

C8) Women are afforded better and more social services available and there is typically more help for women such as single mothers, then their are for single fathers. Women are the majority welfare recipients. Women have
gender scholarships, charity aid, hotlines and numerous groups which give to women only and promote increased social welfare but not the same increase for men. This and the fact most women in the developed world have the choice whether they want to embark on a career or not, is why there are more homeless men then women.

C9) Young single women in almost all big cities in America and in other countries are now on average outearning their male counterparts.(13)(14) The U.S has slightly more female managers then men. The higher it goes the less women their are, but this can be accounted to women wanting less time consuming and stressful jobs or bowing out of the workforce in order to start or raise their families.

C10) The working man on average misses out on valuable time to bond with his children. Being a housewife, especially with no children is an infinitely easier job then working 50 hours a week. 90% of child custody cases are awarded to the woman.(15) Fatherhood is just simply not valued as much as motherhood. Women control visitation rights and in all ways family law is on their side. They have the ability to move away and start a new life with YOUR child, something a man would get charged with kidnapping for. Women also have the power to get or not get an abortion regardless of what the man has to say in the matter, even though it is his kid too. Yes, the woman is the one giving birth to it, but most likely the man will be paying for it whether they stay together or split. Woman will get sutomatic custody because a lot of places have out of wedlock custody laws which award to women by default, and she can even use this as a meal ticket, find a new boyfriend with a job, and still get child support...all while denying you visitation.



I thank Pro for his case. I will present my opening arguments and begin rebuttals next round.

There are countless physiological, mental, and social differences between the genders. Some of these are irrelevant, others minor nuisances. There are many, however, that are undeniable examples of discrimination, disadvantage, or outright hate. This latter group of differences tend to favor men, creating a gender superiority felt the world over, and it is this group that I will focus on here. I do not have the space or resources to describe every possible issue women face, so I will condense my arguments into the three most damaging and widespread categories.

1. Financial Inequalities

When it comes to raw employment figures, women are outnumbered and underpaid. 60% of the world’s workforce are men [1, see: Main Findings], with this rate increasing by nearly 50% in certain African and Asian regions [2, see: Key Findings]. Women also earns significantly less than their male colleagues, regardless of profession [3]. In the U.S., this gap averages a stunning 81 cents on the dollar [4]. This discrepancy tends to grow overseas; Multiple studies have found salary gaps in over 60 countries, some of which reaching over 30% in favor of men [5][6].

Women also suffer when it comes to job availability. They are more likely than men to depend on unstable working conditions (e.g. limited benefits, informal arrangements, limited employee support) [1, see: Female Employment]. Women are less likely to reach the most prestigious or desired job positions, due largely to negative cultural gender roles guiding hiring processes. In the U.S., for example, only 12 Fortune 500 companies are run by women [7]. Other countries avoid the pretense altogether and flat out ban women from working certain jobs [8].

What does all this tell us? The global economic market favors men in almost every sense. This leaves women underrepresented, underutilized, and overwhelmingly more susceptible to poorer living conditions. Roughly half of all working-age women in the world are unemployed [1, see: Main Findings], and 70% of all those living in poverty are women [9].

2. Relationship Inequalities

Relationships are no kinder to the fairer sex, with women facing unique and significant disadvantages.

I’ll start with the obvious: women get pregnant. This tedious and delicate process involves dozens of painful and uncomfortable bodily changes, some of which can be life-threatening or have permanent ramifications [10][11]. Once a child is born, women are primarily tasked with their care and upbringing (a 24/7 responsibility). Throughout this time, women are necessarily handicapped in terms of education, employment, and personal well-being [12, see: Why are women living in poverty?]. In all, the financial, social, physical, and emotional implications of any decision made concerning child birth impact women to a degree no man will or can ever experience.

Women also suffer rates of domestic violence far exceeding that of men. In the U.S., 85% of all domestic victims are women [13], with abuse and rape rates showing marked increases in recent years [14]. Worldwide, a staggering 1 in 3 women has or will suffer physical or emotional abuse from a loved one at some point during their lives [15]. Rates for men are a fraction of this amount.

As gender roles tend to designate women as responsible for household and familial responsibilities, many believe that relationships allow women the freedom to work less and relax more than their male partners. This is not the case. Indeed, when hours spent working inside and outside the home are combined, women are found to still work more hours each week than men [16]. This is true even when both partners have full-time jobs [17].

3. Societal Inequalities

One explanation for the far-reaching inequality and discrimination faced by women is the fact that the governments of the world are male-dominated entities. The United States, for example, has never had a female president and less than 20% of its current congress is made up of women (which is a landmark figure, by the way) [18]. The political situation around the world is equally bleak, with only 20 women currently acting as world leaders [19]. Keep in mind that these political imbalances exist despite the fact that over half the world's population is female.

Given the lopsided nature of lawmakers, it should come as no surprise that women’s rights lag behind those of men. Here are some highlights. In the Middle East, girls as young as 8 years old are routinely married off at their parents’ discretion [20]; honor killings claim thousands of Asian girls every year, often for reasons such as losing one's virginity or spurning unwanted male advances [21]; men in some Middle Eastern and African countries enjoy automatic custody and property rights in relationships, respectively [22][23]. All this is just a drop in the global bucket, but the common theme across all such laws is that women are worth less than men and thus free to be abused, ignored, and owned as property.

Legal restrictions and cultural demonizing have made female babies so unwanted that certain countries have made infanticide and female-only abortions a common practice. China and India are primary offenders; By 2007, roughly 60 million children in Asia were either killed or selectively aborted because they were female [24]. 60 million.


When it comes to which gender has it worse off, there is no debate. It’s not even close. There are of course minor inconveniences women suffer and stereotypes they must put up with, but there is also global subjugation and discrimination the likes of which men have never faced. So many significant gender inequalities exist that I literally could not list them all if I used bullet points.

I have yet to rebut my opponent's arguments but even now, the facts speak for themselves. It’s a man’s world. Women just live in it.


Debate Round No. 2


1) You claim 60% of the worlds workforce is men. That's pretty damn equal when you take into account that some women still do not want to work and want to be mothers. Secondly, there are plenty of professions in which women out earn men. For instance, Thirdly, the pay gap is a exaggerated myth(1)(2) concluded from government data. It is taken from a study that took the median of men and women who work at least 35 hours a week regardless of training, profession, seniority etc. Taking the median "doesn't indicate differences in rates of pay for comparable jobs." The UK Department of Statistics as well as the U.S. basically state that women's earnings are lower then men's because they work fewer hours per week in less paid jobs. They also dip in and out of the workforce more often then men.

Regarding the 2nd paragraph, women are less likely to negotiate starting pay, raises etc.(3) Thirdly, young women lack good models today. Most women idolize singers, actresses and models. These factors can explain the lack of women up top. Admittedly, there are some stubborn countries in which women do lack certain rights, but a country that bans women from being in the police, army or even less physical jobs doesn't necessarily mean that men have it better or easier.

Regarding your third paragraph, a lot of women are impoverished in third world countries due to losing their wage earning husbands in war or acts of terror. In the first world, a lot of women are impoverished due to husbands and boyfriends in jail or dead from gang violence, lack of education, or simply having children too early.

2) Getting pregnant does limit your abilities but there is a simple resolution...don't get pregnant or have an abortion. Nobody is forcing anyone to have children before they themselves even have the financial ability to raise one.

You claim statistics of domestic violence in the U.S. that differ from mine. I know that actual convictions are larger for men, but reported cases are near equal. As I stated before, family courts are biased against men(4), but so are criminal courts. A women hurting a man still seems unlikely today and is shameful and embarrassing to the man involved, which is why not much is done. I don't know why it's so hard to understand that women have violent tendencies as well. Haven't you ever seen one of your friends get slapped by a woman, or even on television or in the street? Many studies and statistics in the U.S. show it's just as likely.(5)(6) Here is a study done by the U.S government, which states men are more likely to be threatened with or have a knife used on them, among other shocking stats.(7) In 2000, 44% of DV cases in Canada were Male.(8) In fact women are more often the perpetrators(9), although they are injured more then men because men are stronger and bigger. Besides that, the parameters for domestic violence in some countries like India are arguably stupid, such as yelling at your wife, cussing at her etc. There are also many causes of false arrest, as VAWA laws enforce an automatic arrest clause of any (most likely) man accused of domestic violence whether there is evidence or not.(10) Secondly, you claim rape is a problem among women but men are murdered at a much higher rate then women. Not taking anything away from the horrible crime of rape, but I think murder is a little worse then rape.

You also claim that between housework and working at a job, women work more hours. Yet, I don't see why any woman couldn't force her man to help out more around the house and with kids. Secondly, a lot of couples have a relationship in which the man is the higher earner. A lot of such jobs entitle you to continue work at home, work overtime, and travel significantly. Some physical labor jobs leave men tired and crippled when they come home. Men are more likely to be injured, or killed on the job as I stated before.(11) There should be a compromise in a relationship. But, the fact that the hypothetical man we are speaking of wouldn't even be in ANY relationship if he didn't work but the hypothetical women likely still would, still suggests inequality favoring women. Single women with children are favored more by society and afforded much more social help then single men with children.

3) Many countries either are or have imposed gender work quotas. Half the countries in the world have gender quotas for parliament election.(12) Women have only been in politics for less then 100 years in the West. The fact that a country like the U.S. has so many traditional Christian people with family values makes me surprised that the rates of women in government are even as high as you claim. Regardless, you have to elaborate why government not being gender equal means that men have it better. Women are increasingly being promoted based on gender and not on merit, something that a few studies have suggested brings bad results.(13) Women today are choosing flexibility over high pay(14), and there aren't enough women majoring in the high paying career fields.(15) Nobody is preventing women from pursuing engineering, technology, science, etc.

Regarding your other statements: Men are still the biggest percentage of murder victims. In the countries you speak of, EVERYONE lacks basic rights. Often times men die working in horrible conditions just to feed their children and wife. I am not trying to downplay the atrocities that are committed but the third world is no measure for equality on ANYTHING.

(1) CONSAD Research Corp. "An Analysis of Reasons for the Disparity
in Wages Between Men and Women." (Jan. 2009) <;
(2) Tobak, Steve. "The Gender Pay Gap is a Complete Myth" (March 2011) <;
(3) Babcock, L. & Laschever, S. "Women Don't Ask: Negotiation and the Gender Divide" (Sept. 2003)
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(13) Ahern, K. & Dittmar, A. "The Changing of the Boards: The Impact on Firm Valuation of Mandated Female Board Representation." (May 2011) <;
(14) Olson, L. "Professional Women Choosing Flexibility Over Higher Pay" (Nov. 2011) <;
(15) Goudrea, J. "Most Popular College Majors For Women" (Aug. 2010) <


I will start the round by refuting Pro’s opening arguments. Each contention is summarized and bolded below, followed by my response.

C1) Women feel less pressure to work. Women easily find mates.

I’ll address women in the working world later this round.

As for dating, Pro is working from stereotypes. In the developed world, both genders have freedom over their mating choices and success is based on a multitude of genderless factors (e.g. attractiveness, promiscuity, availability). Wealth and power, male-dominated traits, are also extremely important factors. Still, all of this pales in comparison to the real issue at hand.

Outside of the developed world, millions upon millions of women still have no say when it comes to picking a husband, having children, or experiencing freedom or happiness in their relationships [1]. These societies treat women as property to be owned and abused at a whim. As one set of cultures treats the genders equally and another set treats women as second-class citizens, women clearly suffer the tougher existence overall.

C2) Men face the dangers of war, police work, and physical occupations.

First of all, millions of women are raped, kidnapped, and killed as the result of war, the vast majority of whom are innocent civilians [2, see: pg 2-6]. In any case, what my opponent is describing here institutionalized sexism. Women want equality; the military is filled with females and they continually battle for equal footing in the working world. The problem here is discrimination against women based on biased gender roles. Keep in mind that taking on dangerous occupations is completely voluntary. At least it is for men. As Pro points out, women don’t have that option.

C3) Women can sell sex. Women benefit from divorce.

Does anyone truly believe that a woman’s ability to sell sex for money means they have easier lives? Stripping and prostitution are dangerous, pitiable professions that only demonstrate society’s over-sexualization of women.

Pro’s claim that men lose everything in divorce is a baseless myth. Alimony is based on income, not gender, and men receive it all the time [3]. The fact that women receive alimony more often than men is evidence that the wage gap exists and needs to be remedied.

C4) Women can be bad in bed.

This is pretty silly. No one is ‘allowed’ to be bad at sex and if you are, you probably won’t be having much of it. If Pro decides to pursue this, I eagerly await his evidence.

C5) Chivalry means men do more for women.

Chivalry is as antiquated and dead as the knights who first upheld it. Stories abound of its absence in modern society [4]. Even when someone does open a door or pull out a chair, how does that compare to real world problems like the global abuse, disadvantages, and discrimination of women? The answer is chivalry isn’t a blip on the radar.

C6) Men are the protectors.

Men undertaking physical tasks is based in the fact that they are generally bigger, stronger, and better combatants than women (all points in favor of men). As for men acting as protectors, the women trampled by men during this month’s sinking of the Costa Concordia might disagree [5]. Did I mention that chivalry is dead?

C7) The legal system is easier on women.

Pro’s makes no case here. The article on prison sentences found only a 2 month difference between genders and still couldn’t rule out variables like “victim and judicial demographics, judicial bias and accomplice status. [6]” The sources on family court bias read like rants against the system and provide zero evidence of any gender bias. Compare those with my numerous sources last round naming countries where it is legal for men to marry child brides, obtain automatic custody and property rights, and freely perform atrocities on women and it becomes very clear who the legal system favors.

C8) Women have more social assistance options.

Everyone receives social assistance. If there is an inequality, Pro must prove that.

C9 & C10) Young, single, childless women earn more money. Women have more familial rights.

I’ll address these points below.

Defense of My Case

1. Financial Inequalities

Pro’s case against the wage gap, including his claim that most women idolize singers and models, is poor. The fact that some women make more money than some men does not change the fact that the global average favors men significantly. Pro ignores the additional familial obligations of women, the fact that women work more combined hours than men, and the numerous countries that ban women from working in the highest paid fields. Such restrictions forcibly limit female earning potential and increase their chances of subsistence-level work.

The fact that over 50% of all working-age women are unemployed and 70% of all those living in poverty are women cannot be due to them all losing their husbands to war and jail. Pro just pulls that explanation out of thin air. I am talking about hundreds of millions of women all over the world. The only answer that works for such a magnitude is the damning combination of unbalanced wages, discriminatory hiring policies, and unfair familial burdens women face every day.

2. Relationship Inequalities

“Don’t get pregnant” is not an argument. Unless my opponent advocates the death of our species, he realizes that women must have children. No amount of preparation can negate the physical, emotional, social, and financial risks and detriments that only women will face. If men wish to take equal responsibility in handling familial matters after the children are born, absolutely nothing is stopping them. The fact that this still isn't happening simply means that women continue to get the short end of the stick.

For all his complaints about the U.S. legal system in regards to domestic violence, Pro and his sources concede that women are more often the victims and are injured far worse than men. Once you include domestic abuse in third world countries, where men regularly beat, rape, and kill their wives with no repercussions, it is clear that women suffer more from domestic violence.

In order to resolve the fact that women work more than men, Pro suggests that women either simply ask men to do more (I’m guessing this has been tried before) or ignore it because men can be tired after work. Everyone is tired after work, that’s why it’s called work. The fact is women, on average, work more but make less. It’s a gender inequality and one that makes a woman’s life harder.

3. Societal Inequalities

Pro’s source on females in politics reveals that less than 20% of the world’s parliament members are female and only a single country has more female parliament members than males. When combined with my own data on politic inequalities, it is no surprise that so many countries, including the U.S., maintain chauvinistic and discriminatory laws.

In his most devastating concession, Pro drops all of the global atrocities carried out against women every year. Honor killings, rapes, stolen children, millions of female babies abandoned - Pro drops them all. He only says that men have it just as bad in third world countries. The entire point of this argument is to prove otherwise. These acts are carried out against women alone and nowhere in the world do men suffer those or similar abuses [7].

Pro's arguments do not stand up to scrutiny. Each is either based on stereotypical misconceptions or backfires completely and supports the Con position. My strongest arguments have gone unchallenged and the resolution is currently negated.


A note on sources: I ask that Pro specify the relevant sections on longer articles. It is inappropriate to expect hundreds of pages of material to do the arguing for him.

Debate Round No. 3


aliasam1337 forfeited this round.


I thank my opponent for the lively discussion.

I planned on presenting a point-by-point analysis of the debate. However, as none of my arguments have been refuted, a brief summary should suffice.

Given Pro’s distribution of the burden of proof, he cannot win this debate. My task to “either prove men have it easier then women or both genders face equal obstacles.” My opponent’s sole avenue of victory, then, was to prove that men, on balance, have the more difficult existence. As each of his arguments has been wholly refuted, this is no longer possible. The only remaining contentions are mine, which illustrate how the unique biological, social, and financial difficulties women face make their gender comparatively worse off in life. Of these, Pro ignored most and failed to defeat the rest. Thus, whether my arguments show the genders to be equal or women to have it worse, my burden has been met. The resolution is negated.

Thanks again to Pro and all the readers. I hope you enjoyed the debate!

~ Maikuru (Con)
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Connor666 6 years ago
Im sorry to any woman i offended. It was irrational of me to say that. This is the 21st century and woman play a role in soceity just as much as men do.
Posted by Maikuru 6 years ago
lol these 3 day voting periods go by ridiculously fast. I keep getting emails about debates I was reading suddenly ending.
Posted by mongeese 6 years ago
Oh, wow, I didn't realize that this debate was finished. Sorry, I had meant to vote on it. :/
Posted by Stephen_Hawkins 6 years ago
Sir Sourcalot has won again.
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Dang my 19 source was topped
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Posted by MelissaM 6 years ago
There is no way of comparing a woman to a man. We cannot say that one is better than the other, while we also cannot say that they are equal. The simple truth is that males and females are different. It also varies greatly on the person themselves. Not all women are the same and not all men are the same. This is one of the most wasted debates that occurs on Earth.
Posted by marthamullins 6 years ago
Women most certainly DO NOT have it easier than men. We are constantly stereotyped to be "mothers", "homemakers"... thus not allowing us to BE anything else. We suffer greatly by bearing children. Men get just about everything handed to them including RESPECT. And what makes MEN think that any job a woman has at home (cooking, cleaning, etc...) is any less hard than what they do?!?!?
Posted by dfrisbie26 6 years ago
Woman have it way easier than men. A woman can spend all day at home doing chores around the house and then all they do is complain about it. Men have to work long hard days just so the woman they are with can have a good life and have every thing that they what. Woman always rely on men for money and support while the man get nothing from her.
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