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Women in the US have more legal rights than men

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Started: 8/4/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I will be arguing that Women have more rights than man in US law.


I will be arguing women do not have more rights than men in the U.S.
Debate Round No. 1


I apologize for taking so long to post.

I now realize we should have done this in the first round but I will begin with the definition of a "legal right".

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines "legal right" as:

1: a: A claim recognized and delimited by law for the purpose of securing it
b: The interest in a claim which is recognized by and protected by sanctions of law imposed by a state, which enables one to possess property or engage in some transaction or course of conduct or to compel some other person to so engage or to refrain from some course of conduct under certain circumstances, and for the infringement of which claim the state provides a remedy in its courts of justice.

2: the aggregate of the capacities, powers, liberties, and privileges by which a claim is secured

3:a capacity of asserting a legally recognized claim - compare legal duty

4: a right recognizable in a common-law court as distinguished from a court having jurisdiction in equity

I found that 1b is the most relevant to the debate but we should both feel free to reference others.

Now I will begin my argument by giving a few examples of legal rights women have and men don't. I will number them in order to make it easier for you to respond.

1: The right to genital integrity is found in U.S. Code, Title 18, Part I, Chapter 7, 116. To summarize, anyone who knowingly cuts anything off of, or mutilates any part of the labia majora, labia minora, and/or clitoris will be fined and/or imprisoned for no more than 5 years barring certain circumstances. These circumstances are as follows: the operation is necessary to the health of the patient and is performed by a professional licensed in the place in which the operation is performed, or the operation is performed when the patient is in labor and is performed by a licensed professional, midwife, or a person in training for either of the two. In short, female circumcision is almost always illegal. Males however do not have any laws regulating male circumcision. The only ways the law protects them is making sure the person performing the procedure is licensed. So while male circumcision is treated as a routine procedure the punishment for female circumcision is worse than that of identity theft.

2: Right to opt out of parenthood without permission of the father. This one is a little more complicated. Currently in the US, abortion is legal in all 50 states (including DC). These states all have different regulations that make it easier or harder to have one performed but regardless it is legal. So, if the mother chooses to terminate, both parents are exempt from parenthood. In a legal sense the mother opted out of parenthood for her and the father (this I think is fine because of bodily autonomy, but that is another discussion for another day). Now, if the mother chooses not to terminate the father will be required by law to financially support the child. The closest thing a father can get to not being a father is removing himself from the household and giving up custody. Even so, he is required to pay child support. My point is the mother gets to make the decision for the father. If the mother chooses to keep the baby the father is required to support the child for 18 years. The mother can choose to opt out, thus it would only be fair that a father would be able to opt out as well.

3: This last one is slightly off track as there is no actual law stating something about anything related but the problem lies in the us law and justice systems. Men, on average, receive sentences that are 63% higher than that of women and women are more likely to not be convicted at all. I will say again, I realize this isn't a "legal right" by the definition I gave but the problem lies in the US law and justice systems and the evidence is tangible so I thought I would mention it.

I will close with a question:
I assume you accepted this debate because you think that women have the same or equal rights to men. If you think they have less rights can you give examples like I did that refer to actual US law and not how society and private businesses act?
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by DavidMancke 2 years ago
Mr Derp says life ain't fair cuz women aren't compelled by law to sleep with him.

Don't be like Mr Derp

-Derpdy derpdy der
Posted by Foodiesoul 2 years ago
Sadly, this is true!

I'm sure lots of men are jealous of the fact that women can get away with crime and so some of those men commit crimes themselves!

This is why we need to abolish sexism and make sure that both men AND women get the same equal rights, the same equal opportunities, the same equal treatment, equal justice, and equality in general!

We need masculism and we need egalitarianism! We DO NOT need any more feminism!
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