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Women make better politicians than men.

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Started: 10/23/2012 Category: Politics
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First, as leading psychologists William James, William McDougall, and G. Stanley Hall claimed (1), "women have a special need and ability to protect and care for others". It means female worry and care about people, moreover, they are more responsible than men. So women-politicians can make decision that beneficial for others, help children and old people, also do things to improve the country.

Secondly, according to Debra Burrell, a psychological social worker and regional training director of the Mars-Venus Institute in New York, most women of women managers tend to have more of a desire to build than a desire to win and also women are more willing to explore compromise and seek other people's opinions. (2) Women able to listen others and create world with out war, that means they can make better politicians and do things for sake of people.

Third, as Carol Smith, the senior vice president and chief brand officer for the Elle Group, illustrates, female managers are more collaborative and democratic than male managers. Also, she claimed that women use a more positive approach by encouraging and urging others rather than a negative approach of scolding and reprimanding them. Also, women attend more to the individuals they work with, by mentoring them and taking their particular situations into account. (3)

Moreover, the Daily Beast reports on a new study that shows female politicians are among the most productive and persuasive ones in the country. This research in the American Journal of Political Science is the first to compare the performance of male and female politicians. It shows women do a better job at securing pork for their home districts and shaping policy.(4)

As an example, there are powerful women leaders all over the world serving effectively in their respective fields and most of them are politicians. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor is the best example. She heads Europe's most vibrant economy and is widely viewed as the de facto leader of the EU. She reigns supreme as the pre-eminent leader of the European Union. Her hold over the economic future of the eurozone (current GDP $17.9 trillion) was made crystal clear this year. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, fourth in line to the succession of the U.S. Presidency. As the world ambassador of the largest single economy on earth, Clinton has advanced U.S. interests and policies overseas while pushing women"s issues, development and education to the top of the foreign policy agenda. (5) These evidences prove that women make better politicians than men.



Thank you, Pro, for allowing me to debate this topic with you.

First I would like to say that I am not going to argue the point that men are better than women in politics. I will show without a doubt that gender has nothing to do with a person's ability to carry out the role of a politician.

I am not ignoring Pros arguments. I will address each one in further rounds.
I am using this round to simply shape my arguments.

I believe that:
Both men and women have been good politicians.
Both men and women have been bad politicians.
Both men and women have abused their power in a corrupt way to further their own personal agendas.

Their are no traits that a woman may have that is not also shown by some men.
The same can be said about men. We must ask ourselves, if women are better politicians, are effeminate men better at politics than "manly" men?

To say that women make better politicians than men would mean that even the worst woman would be more qualified to hold a political office than the most qualified man. I think this is without a doubt, a sexist and flawed premise.

Furthermore, the job a particular politician is subject to the person judging their performance's point of view. If they are a liberal or democrat, they are much more likely to defend a liberal or democrat politician regardless of gender and the same goes for conservative and republicans.
Debate Round No. 1


Dinara.T forfeited this round.


daniel.droege5 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Dinara.T forfeited this round.


I hope my arguments have succeeded in showing that gender is not an acceptable method of classifying the effectiveness of politicians.

To respond to my opponents arguments, I will do my best to show while they may be true and accurate, they are not a good measure of an effective politician.

First, this comment is taken out of context. It would be a strawman argument to presume that they were implying that men do not have a special need and ability to protect and care for others. Furthermore, some women have neglected or abandoned their children as men have done also. I couldn't find the direct quote as the source is to the main website.

Secondly, as women have had an increased presence in the Senate and House, war has increased and not declined. This is counter-intuitive to Pro's second point that "women able to listen others and create world with out war".

Third, I cannot find this article. This statement of broad strokes should be rejected until research can be shown to back it up.

Finally, the 4th source Pro listed cannot be found. I searched pages and pages of that blog and it is not recent. I would still argue that just because a woman gets more money for their state doesn't always mean it is the best thing for the people of that state or the nation as a whole.

To sum up again, I am not saying that men are better politicians than women. I think that both sexes possess the capabilities and faculties to be politicians because it is not a hard job at all. The biggest problem with politics is being able to live with all the rotten decisions you made and the never ending suffering you caused a large group of people that trusted you.

Thank you for your time. Vote Con
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by daniel.droege5 5 years ago
You guys are jackasses.
Posted by RationalMadman 5 years ago
No they don't, I won't bother to debate but trust me, men are better for politics, it's their harshness to opposition which makes them better than women. Even women should agree to this I think.
Posted by emospongebob527 5 years ago
Oh looks like we got a feminist on here.
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