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Women on average hae harder lives than men

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Started: 3/21/2015 Category: People
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I think that women on average have harder lives than men because women have to go through and endure more things in their lifetime. We live in a male dominated society and women are the minorities. Most of us understand what it`s like to be a minority simply from being the unpopular kid in school. Women go through this almost everyday, from something as simple as game characters being mostly male, to the startling cat-calls and sexist comments.
Obviously, the most stated argument is that women have their monthly menstrual cycle while men do not. I think that people tend to underestimate this experience and not realize how uncomfortable and horrible it is to go through. Women go through this from ages 10-45 until they reach menopause, which is a whole other torturous experience.
Another example would be the well-know female "slut" versus the male "player". this has always baffled me and I think it is unfair that women will be frowned upon if she has sexual intercourse with many men but if a man has sexual intercourse with many women he is able to go brag to his friends and is congratulated about the act.
Something that I would like to add before I end my argument is that in debates between men and women we always talk about how the other gender treats us and I rarely see statements about how our gender treats us. Women are catty and hold a grudge like no one else. Women are spiteful to other women and I think that is another reason why women have harder lives. Girls and women can be just plain out nasty to each other and most of us know how much bullying sucks. Because of girl-on-girl bullying, it is more likely that women are picked on and that just sucks.
These are just a few examples about why women on average have harder lives than men. I enjoy debating and I am not here to make people angry. I thought it would be fun to try and settle this debate that we have all heard about.


I accept the role of Con and the parameters that have been set by the Pro. Thank you for this opportunity to debate Youngleader 4216.

The Pro's claims are as follows:

1. "Women on average have harder lives than men."
2. "We live in a male dominated society and Women are the minority."

As the Con I will defer the BOP to the Pro as the Pro is claiming these assertions.

1. "Women on average have harder lives than men."
1.a Definitions:
Women will be defined as a person that is genetically female.
Men will be defined as a person that is genetically male.
Harder is "Difficult to endure; causing hardship or suffering"[1]

1.b. Analysis:
The understanding of the Con is that the assertion of the Pro is that the average woman's life is more difficult to endure when compared to the average man's life.

We must create a parameter in which to determine how to measure suffrage that can be used to compare the genders. I suggest that suicide rates between men and women would be a good example because suicide is generally a result of depression and mental anguish.

"Typically males die from suicide three to four times more often as females, and, in some cases, five or more times as often. Females report attempting suicide at a higher rate than males in the United States."[3]

A secondary method would be to utilize a study that has participants self report happiness, this however has results that greatly vary due to inability to control variables and successfully measure the sensation of happiness.

2. "We live in a male dominated society where women are the minority."
2.a. Definitions
Society will refer to the United States population
Dominated is "To be the most abundant"[2] due to the utilization of the word minority.
2.b. Analysis
The Pro has posited that Males are more populous than women to cause women to be a minority in the United States.
"As of 2012, people are distributed by age as follows:

0"14 years: 19.8% (male 31,639,127/female 30,305,704)
15"64 years: 66.8% (male 101,612,000/female 104,577,000)
65 years and over: 13.4% (male 18,332,000/female 23,174,000) (2012 est.)"[4]

This shows that the male to female population is actually relatively balanced in size of demographic.
The other assertion that is made by the Pro is that a disproportionate demographic contributes to suffering, this is not sustained by evidence and would like to see this.




Debate Round No. 1


Might I just say that I really, really enjoyed your argument because usually I don`t like people who are all sophisticated and try to one up you and things like that but seriously, that was like the best response I could have gotten. I was very impressed. *applauds*

Now I do have to say you have proved two of my statements wrong but have failed to provide any arguments of your own so to that I have no reply and will have to ask you to re-read my first argument.


Thank you for your response!

I will assume that you are conceding your stances on the two points that you asserted.

I would suggest that the examples that are given about biological function would have been addressed in my round one opening argument but there was not enough space to also include thoughts on those.

1. "Biology"
The difficulties that are experienced by women due to biology are not necessarily grounds to suggest that women's lives are more difficult than men's lives. You could, posit that the difficulties that are experienced by women are different from the difficulties that are experienced by men. I think that there are general health differences that cause suffering in both genders but neither gender can experience the other genetically so neither can factually conclude if one gender suffers biologically more than the other. This is a logical deduction and an opinion.

2. "Sexual Activity and Gender Roles"
I would say that this is somewhat based in the biological function of sex. When practiced unprotected men are biologically less likely to receive STIs from the female because there is very little if any absorption of bodily fluids into the male. Culturally 'Slut Shaming' vs 'Player Propping' is fought and sanctioned by all different demographics of the US society which indicated that there is not GENERAL disparagement that is shuffled onto women from this. This is opinion based on observation. No sources.

3. "The comparison"
Men and women experience different cultural perks and detriments. The fairest thing that we can say with certainty in this debate is that Women and Men suffer differently for different reasons.

I appreciate your concession and ability to debate with grace. Thank you very much for this opportunity.
Debate Round No. 2


Wonderful argument! I have to say that you have even opened my mind (which is very hard to do)

So I would like to start by pointing out a statement in the "Sexual Activity and Gender Roles" paragraph. One sentence states that "This is opinion based on observation. No sources." which is obviously very true and would make a great opening on the subject of Stereotypes. We know that stereo types are a big part of life and most likely always will be. Stereotypes are not cool and effect our lives and how people view us. We know that there are a lot of gender stereotypes so I think a good argument would be about who has it harder in life based on stereotypes.

in the link above is an article listing some of the stereotypes that fall on both men and women. So back to my question...

Who has it harder in life based on stereotypes?

One of the sentences in here states that children learn that "boys have fun and girls do all the work."

by "work" I mean household chores and taking care of family (one of the stereotypes put on women)

This sentence I think is a clear statement that women have more put on them and work just as hard if not harder than men. They are seen a care-takers and are supposed to do what they are told. When I read this the first thing I think of is that women are treated like children. They are supposed to behave and do what they are told while men boss them around and do whatever they want.

We know that being treated like a child sucks. Women have to go through this their entire life and not just until they are 18. Therefor, I think that women have more difficult lives than men.


1."Who has it harder in life based on stereotypes?"
1.a. It is not possible to tell because the stereotypes that are experienced by biological men that gender identify as male are different from the stereotypes that are experienced by biological women that gender identify as women. Because there is no method of experiencing both of these standards of living in an empirical way to deduce a solid standard of living difference. The only thing that we can conclude is that The struggles of men in society are different from the struggles of women. I would like to assert that it is also unimportant to know who has it 'worse off'. My suggestion would be just to attempt to abolish things that you dislike in your life. Logical digression, no sources.

2. "Women work as hard or harder than men."
2.a. Difficulty of work is subjective so it is very difficult if not impossible to actually determine which gender works harder. The perception of women as care-takers is probably based on the fact that women have functioning breasts and elevated estrogen levels. That doesn't mean that it is valid in modern society but it makes sense biologically. I would assert that men, in the scenario that you created, are probably ensuring that all the requirements of life (food, water, shelter, etc. ) are available to his spouse and child. These are the gender rolls that were present in the 1950s-1970s prior to the women's suffragist movement and secondary feminist movement.

3. "Women are treated like children their entire lives."
3.a. This is a baseless assertion.
Debate Round No. 3


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You have proven me wrong and this may sound silly but that is what I wanted. I created this argument because I have grown up hearing so many things about how terrible women and men have it and, even though I am female myself, I wanted to see if women really did have it harder. This always confused me and I spent a lot of time going over your argument and I couldn`t find anything wrong with it. I really appreciate it and after this I will be forfeiting.

Thank you :)


I appreciated the debate and thank you for this civil exchange!
Debate Round No. 4


YoungLeader4216 forfeited this round.


I yield my time to expedite the voting period of this debate.

Thank you again for the Debate.
Debate Round No. 5
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro believes that there is a bias against women due to an imbalance of men and women in the population and social stigma. Con refutes this assertion by displaying the actual female and male populations of the U.S and states that suicide rates for men are higher, acting as a direct correlation to a harder life. Points go to Con