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Women tougher than men

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Started: 10/2/2015 Category: People
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Women are tougher than men. Men may be stronger, but they are not tougher. The definition of tougher is strong enough to withstand adverse conditions or rough or careless handling. Women are tougher by this definition.


I accept this debate. Pro has the BoP to prove that all women are tougher than all men. I will argue that some females can be tougher than some males, but males are tougher on average.
Debate Round No. 1


A large percentage of males are stronger that females, but could most men bleed for a week straight every month? I do not think so.


My opponent argues that men could not handle menstruation, and because of this, women are tougher. Being male, I have no first-hand experience of this, but this survey from the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals [1] states that at least 80% of women feel moody, cramped, and irritable while on their period. Therefore, the experience affects most women very negatively. Since it is impossible to replicate in a male, there is no evidence that men would be any less tolerant of menstruation.

While exceptions always exist, men, on average, are mentally tougher than women. There are several psychological differences between male and female brains that show that most males can better, as Pro put it, "withstand adverse conditions or rough or careless handling":

1. Emotional Intensity
Showing mental strength in hostile situations involves keeping one's emotions under control. According to Wikipedia, "When measured with an 'affect' intensity measure, women reported greater intensity of both positive and negative affect than men." [2] This means that in one psychological study, women showed greater feelings of joy and love, but also felt shame, sadness, anger, etc. more strongly than men. Vulnerability implies being more susceptible to emotional change, and since women are affected more by emotional stimuli on average, men are normally less vulnerable. To add on to this, by the time age 18 is reached, women will generally have cried four times as much as men. [3]

2. Response to Danger
Most will agree that mental toughness will affect the way one acts when faced with a potentially dangerous or life-threatening situation. A study by Paula M. Niedenthal shows that women "reported greater fear" in frightening situations such as "being home alone and witnessing a stranger walking towards your house" [4]. Men, in the same situation, usually react with greater aggression. This is why the stereotype is that, when a family is put in danger, the man is expected to be the protector, and to take the most action to get rid of the danger, while the woman, statistically more empathetic and nurturing towards children, tries to keep the kids safe.

3. Evolutionary Background
Women are normally better at interpreting the emotions of facial expression, and empathy in general. This evolutionary instinct likely comes from the "peacemaker" role women had in ancient hunter-gatherer societies, caring for the children and bonding socially while the men were out hunting bison and killing each other. [5] Men were encouraged to hide their emotions in case they were interpreted as a sign of weakness. This is still relevant in modern society. Women, due to their greater levels of empathy, are more reluctant to resort to violence. This has nothing to do with physical strength, but with the aggression and mental strength brought about by higher testosterone levels.

In conclusion, males are generally more "hardened" when it comes to emotional and dangerous situations, and thus possess greater mental toughness. I await Pro's counter-argument.

5. Male, Female: The Evolution of Human Sex Differences by David C. Geary
Debate Round No. 2


Some men are tougher than women but on average women are tougher.
According to a study, the fairer sex is genetically programmed to better resist infections and cancer, and also have a back-up system for fighting disease.
The discovery sheds light on why members of the so-called stronger sex succumb to "man-flu".
Their immune systems are no match for those of wives and girlfriends because of the female X-chromosome, scientists believe.
The reason why women are more robust appears to be microRNAs - short strands of RNA encoded on the chromosome.
RNA is a genetic cousin of DNA and can have important biological effects.
The microRNAs have the effect of "silencing" immunity genes on a man's X-chromosome, according to the new research.
This leaves men at a disadvantage since they only have one X chromosome. Women have two, so that even when immunity genes are silenced on one the other can compensate, according to research published today in the journal BioEssays.
Study leader Dr Claude Libert, from Ghent University in Belgium, said: "Statistics show that in humans, as with other mammals, females live longer than males and are more able to fight off shock episodes from sepsis, infection or trauma. We believe this is due to the X chromosome which in humans contains 10 per cent of all microRNAs detected so far in the genome (genetic code)."
Several X-chromosome located microRNAs were thought to have "important functions in immunity and cancer", said Dr Libert.
From a biological point of view, the difference has probably evolved because women are more likely to ensure the survival of the species. They need to be able to resist infection when pregnant and when nurturing a child.


Pro presented no rebuttal to me for this round. While I took my opponent's vague Google search definition of "tough" to refer to the mental faculties of each gender, she went for a more medical approach. I concede that women are certainly more resistant to cancer, unaffected by many diseases, and live longer. However, this is purely biological and is beyond the control of anyone involved, which I will argue has little to do with "toughness".

Looking over the definitions of "tough" [1], there is not one that describes increased resistance to disease. One could argue that this is implied by endurance and sturdiness, but these are personality traits, while what Pro brought up is merely genetic coincidence. My argument for men being tougher fit Pro's original definition of "strong enough to withstand adverse conditions or rough or careless handling". In Round 2, Pro stated that most men could not "bleed for a week straight every month". This has nothing to do with disease resistance; there is no natural flow in her argument. I also notice that despite her initial sentence of "Some men are tougher than women but on average women are tougher", none of Pro's Round 3 argument was original. Rather than occasionally citing or quoting the source to support her own claims, she copied and pasted the entire thing. Until Pro gives a counter-argument, my points for Round 2 remain unchallenged.

Debate Round No. 3


Just because women are tougher for biological reasons does not mean anything. There is nothing that can be done about it. It is just the way we are. Please vote Pro.


Pro again failed to give a rebuttal or even acknowledgement for my first argument. I was rather confused when she stated "There is nothing that can be done about it. It is just the way we are." Perhaps she is saying that toughness is, in fact, beyond our control and seated more in biology. In that case, I wish she had been more clear about her definition of the word "tough".

In summary, I gave an argument as to why men are tougher from a psychological viewpoint. My opponent, ignoring this, quoted a source detailing why women are more resistant to disease. I expressed confusion and questioned her reasoning and definition in the next round. She declined to answer. I was perplexed because Pro's definition was unclear for most of the debate. But, in summary, I conclude that being "tough" is centered around mental rigidity and a more controlled reaction to dangerous situations, which applies to more males than females on average. Pro gave evidence that women are more resistant to disease, which they are, but I think that has more to do with the genetic lottery and random chance than toughness. I wish Pro the best of luck in the voting period.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: Bluepaintcan123// Mod action: Removed<

6 points to Con (Conduct, Arguments, Sources). Reasons for voting decision: Men and women for the most part are equally tough. However (and keep in mind that I'm female) I believe that men are slightly tougher than women. Men are less likely to receive the children in a divorce because they're not maternal enough, and then they have to pay child support. Men are the only ones that can be drafted into the army. Men are expected to be the breadwinners and are supposed to be successful in their job. Men are not supposed to cry or show and sensitive emotions because it isn't "manly" and are taken less seriously in gender equality. We are in an age when women need to be accommodated because they are a disadvantaged minority. Although I think this is warranted, it also causes men to be taken less seriously. Male rape is not seen as equally bad to female rape, and many people don't even think male rape happens (yes, this is true.) I'd say that men have to deal with just as much as women, so its only fair to consider them just as tough, maybe more so.

[*Reason for removal*] (1) The voter doesn't justify conduct or sources in their analysis. (2) Much as this analysis is extensive, none of it points to anything clearly stated in the debate itself. The voter seems to have utilitzed their personal opinion in the decision. The voter needs to focus solely on arguments made in the debate and come to a decision after comparing them.
Posted by sweetbreeze 2 years ago
@Phenenas In that case, just use Rich Text, which is on this site. Find it.
@NoobyGurl "Please vote pro" isn't going to help with anything, mate.
Posted by NoobyGurl 2 years ago
It exists, because it can.
Posted by Rahjee 2 years ago
Why does this debate even exist?
Posted by Phenenas 2 years ago
Apologies if words randomly stop in the middle and continue at the next line. I wrote this in Notepad, and it wasn't very good at formatting it for this site.
Posted by Karan_m 2 years ago
It is not possible to take into account all of the women or men.So we will have to take the average of them.I do agree that physically men are strong on average but when it comes to will power and mental strength(toughness),I completely agree that women are tougher.
Posted by NoobyGurl 2 years ago
No not all women but for the most part.
Posted by Rahjee 2 years ago
This going to be a show to see...
Posted by n7 2 years ago
You're going to try to prove that all women are tougher than all men?
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Vote Placed by sweetbreeze 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I do believe that women are tougher than men. Though Con had more convincing arguments, as he backed up his arguments more, using more evidence and reason, and therefore gains more credibility.