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Women's treatment

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Started: 3/9/2015 Category: People
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Today is 8th of march. Well, we all know the speciality of today (atleast most of us know)- World Women's Day. I am happy that the great philanthrophists and optimists of the past have set a day apart for Women but what is this day really meant for? What is the meaning in saying Happy womens day when you dont recognise it in the way it is to be?
What is the situation of women around the world? Atleast in our country?
WORSENING is the minimum term that can be used. What was a women and what have they become?
Women have always been given back class rights-denied education,Jobs,etc. but even then, they had the utmost respect. The term AMMA or Mother once had been used to give a higher rank than even God. What is it now? The growing population is clearly not understanding what a woman is. She is a friend, a sister, an aunt, a teacher, and mostly a mom.
India is a country that claims to give women the most rights and freedom. Freedom is not plainly what a women desrves- Respect, that is exactly the least someone can give a women. Where is respect given in India? open your daily newspaper, out of 10 news 5 will be corruption and 5 will be rape. Is this the value we have? Is this the respect we give? is this the great Culture India is boasting about ? Women are no more treated as humans, they are literally puppets, who have no basic protection.
Rape cases are being reported everywhere, half are ignored, the other quarter bribed, and a quarter reach us. and what is the punishment in India? WHOAH- Life imprisonment for a frickin 20-25 yrs...Salute to the big people who CLAIM to save our nation. Ive read about the Documentary made on the basis of Delhi case. SHAME ON THE INDIAN GOVT. TO BAN THE VIDEO. They make Pornstars rise but they dont spread the Wailing of the poor.Where is our nation going to? Where is the world going to ? Where is this whole generation going to? Everything is getting darker day by day. India, dont give them rights to work in higher posts, give them rights to basic protection.
I know it is quite long and most of you would rather just give it a glimpse. i dont want you to read and review, I want you to present your views. I have my own views and I have the right to express it, just as everyone in the whole nation, especially women. My message wont reach many, but someones might. and I stand with that person among the lakhs, who is courageous enough to fight and stand against this abominable social style. Give respect, and people will respect you. Once again, wishing all the glorious, beloved and deserving women
A very Happy WOMENS Day...
Thanks to Abhishek Singh for reminding me about this..A279;


Since Pro doesn't offer a specific resolution, I will have to infer one from his/her argument. The basic gist of what Pro is saying that the situation of women is worsening--or, at the very least, that it is not improving. Therefore, I will make the opposite claim, i.e., that the condition of women in the world is, on balance, getting better.


Firstly, women's involvement in government is getting better. If we look at recent history, that is, the last 5 years, I determined (after a cursory scan) that all but around 30 countries in the world have increased or maintained (with at least 1 serving) the number of women in national legislatures. [1] Only 5 countries have no women in parliament (Palau, Vanuatu, Yemen, Micronesia, and Qatar). There is missing data for two or more years for Kosovo (because it is newly established, but there President is a woman [2]), Guinea (their most recent number is from 2014, where 22 women served), Brunei, and Bermuda. Suffice it to say, that this is an improvement from just 5 years ago, and there was a net gain in the number of female legislators. There are still 165 countries where female representation in government increased or plateaued. Another quick scan shows that about 106 countries increased female inclusion since 5 years ago. "In 46 countries, women now hold more than 30 per cent of seats in national parliament in at least one chamber." [3]

Secondly, women's educational involvement has improved. For example, "In Southern Asia, only 74 girls were enrolled in primary school for every 100 boys in 1990. By 2012, the enrollment ratios were the same for girls as for boys." [3] There is a chart that I want to post, but it's not embedding, so please view it here:

Thirdly, women's economic position has been steadily improving. "Women’s access to paid employment in non-agricultural sectors has been increasing slowly over the past two decades. Women’s share increased globally from 35 per cent in 1990 to 40 per cent in 2012, with increases, although unequal, observed in almost all regions. The most impressive progress has been registered in subSaharan Africa, an increase of 10 percentage points over the period 1990–2012. Northern Africa, in contrast, had one of the lowest proportions of women in paid employment in 1990, and showed no noticeable increase by 2012." [3] There is another chart that I want to post, but it's not embedding, so please view it here:

Fourth, in many oppressive regions, women's rights are improving, albeit slowly and often marginally. Take Saudi Arabia, for example. "Led by the King, we have seen particular improvements in the rights of women, albeit from a low base, with women appointed to the Shura Council, Saudi Arabia’s parliamentary body, for the first time." [4]

The conclusion we can draw is that, globally, the position of women is getting better. Thus, I negate. Vote Con.


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Debate Round No. 1


EricBrian forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for your resistive reply. Basically I had no idea on how many people it would reach to. Didn't even think that one person will read first of all thanks. Secondly I know this ain't a debate topic..its just my view on what's happening in India. Since we have started this, let move on

I accept your view that women are getting more job opportunities, education facilities and basically all the primary rights. I have never denied that and I am not planning to too. But the main topic I've put forward is the contrast between the personal security of a woman that is to be given and that is given. I don't know whether you are an Indian or whether you know much about India. But you should know that everyday we open up our newspapers with either one rape case or one murder. Job opportunities..yes, they are given. But what is the condition there too? It is not the rights, it is the abuse that women are facing which I am talking about. It is not that all women should work. Many choose to become housewives on their own will..just because most of them value family life more than metropolitan life. So literally in any field, opportunities are not the best we can get women...respect is the least we can give.
In India the maximum punishment of rapists is life imprisonment.. What change can this make? The govt. Should increase the punishment. It is not the sole burden of the govt. A persons mindset should change, the social mentality should go for a U turn. India should preserve the culture it is boasting about. A woman is a sister, a friend, an aunt, a teacher and a mom and not a playdoll. She should be given that respect
I have been crystal clear here..hope I haven't abused or hurt you in any manner..kindly share your views too..
Again thanking you for your kind cooperation to this topic.


Thanks to Pro! I will be rebutting his last round. I will quote the lines I am rebutting, and I will italicize them.

"I accept your view that women are getting more job opportunities, education facilities and basically all the primary rights. I have never denied that and I am not planning to too."

Pro agrees with the arguments I presented last round. Pro also says he never denied that the condition of women is improving. Yet, in round one he wrote: "What is the situation of women around the world? Atleast in our country? WORSENING is the minimum term that can be used." So, Pro clearly contradicts himself.

"In India the maximum punishment of rapists is life imprisonment."

In fact, the maximum punishment for rape can be death: "in response to public outcry over a brutal gang rape in Delhi, the Indian Government passed an ordinance which applied the death penalty in cases of rape that leads to death or leaves the victim in a 'persistent vegetative state'. The death penalty can also be handed down to repeat rape offenders under the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013." []

"India should preserve the culture it is boasting about."

Why should the topic (and this debate) be limited exclusively to India? The title of the debate--the closest thing we have for a resolution--talks of women's treatment, not of Indian women's treatment. I have shown that the condition for women around the world, as a whole, is improving, which outweighs any issues a solitary nation might be having.

But, even if you don't buy that, the two graphs I linked last round (and which are embedded here) show that Southern Asia's (including India) gender parity rating has improved since 1990 and that there gender-based education gap has been reduced. This strongly implies that India is improving, albeit slowly. So, there is progress--even in India--for women to celebrate on International Women's Day.

VOTE CON because I've shown that women's conditions have improved (which was the central issue of debate here). Please award me sources, since my opponent gave none. Pro, thanks for the debate--well wishes for your time on the site.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
A real man likes Women's day. and doesn't argue with it.
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Reasons for voting decision: Sources: Con was the only one to use sources, so I count them as "more reliable." S&G: Con had better overall spelling and grammar, but there were errors on both sides (for Con, a few punctuation errors; for Pro, spelling and punctuation errors). Arguments: Pro conceded Con's arguments in the second round, and then denied the main point in his (or her) arguments. Conduct: both debaters were civil and polite throughout the debate, so voted it as a tie. Agreeance (yes "agreeance" is a word): Obviously I agreed with Con before the debate, and my view was not swayed by Pro's arguments.
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Reasons for voting decision: The resolution was not clearly defined, but I think that the general point of contention was whether women's treatment in southeast Asia is improving. PRO did not show that women's treatment is worsening, PRO showed that it's improving in some places. A very strange debate... which wasn't really a debate. PRO advanced a position, and sort of just put that out there. CON fairly surely undermined that position, but I don't think that PRO understood that this was purposed to be an adversarial exercise. Arguments to CON.