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Would Donald Trump "Make America Great Again"?

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Started: 1/29/2016 Category: Politics
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As 2016 begins, America anxiously awaits as November slowly approaches, bringing about the next president who will take Obama's place in the White House. The past couple of years have been alive with activity from several candidates, all from different parties who throw about their own idea of what will help this country soar. From liberals like Bernie Sanders to conservatives like Ben Carson, each politician has made appearances in several states and shouted a bunch of political jargon that people pretend to completely understand. One of the most controversial of runners is the business mogul himself, Donald Trump. You may know him from the show "Celebrity Apprentice" but he appears to be a different man this time around. Yes, he still shouts and pounds his fist like a gorilla, however, this time his rants are filled with brilliant ideas of gun rights as well as one of his hottest topics, keeping too many foreigners from entering this great country. His slogan is "Make America Great Again" and I for one fully agree that this man will take it and run with it. The economy will soar, jobs will be abundant, and ISIS will become nothing but a tiny splotch on America's timeline. With his wit, stamina, and charisma, he will take this country in a new direction. His ideas on how to keep terrorism at bay are revolutionary.
We should not overlook the fact that ISIS is made up of those of the follow the Islamic faith. This religion is one of violence and they vow to destroy anyone who sees differently from them, for that is all the Quran seems to talk about. Let us not forget the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California last year. Two Muslim Americans took the lives of 14 innocent people. We cannot overlook this and think that this won"t happen again. Look what happened in France. This type of violence isn"t only occurring here in this great country, but they are going after our allies as well. It isn"t an outlandish idea that keeping tabs on the Muslim Americans would help everyone else feel much safer.
Another popular issue this past year was the Syrian refugees. I do understand their situation. Their lives are full of poverty and starvation, I get that. However, there is not enough room here in this great country. Donald Trump knows this and this is why he is trying to keep these people out. There are other countries for them to retreat to. In America, we already have a large homeless population and we need to deal with our own homeless veterans before we try to take care of these people. I believe that he is truly receptive towards the worries of those who are trying to find safer and better lives, but he knows that overpopulation is a big problem and there are only so many jobs to go around. Bernie Sanders liberal ideas will never keep this country safe. America needs a strong man who is not afraid to speak his mind, even if it seems outlandish to some. Donald Trump needs to be made president of the United States.
What do you think?


Donald Trump's campaign slogan should come with a small caveat, as 'great' entirely depends upon your subjective view of how this country should be run. For example, if you believe that the 14th amendment (the one saying that the Constitution is applicable to all citizens, not just the 'desirables') was a generally good step for this country, or that the first amendment (you know, the one that says that Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion) is necessary, or that, you know, Nazi Germany isn't exactly the model government, you might not think that Donald Trump should be president.

I'm sorry (not really) if I have already broken Godwin's law, but the similarities between Trump and Hitler should, at the very least, be mentioned. He's a man spurring up xenophobic, violent, racist sentiments that have already resulted in the beatings of two men (1, 2). Their crimes? One was a homeless man, and the other was a BLM protester. But surely Trump would ridicule these men, correct? No. When told of the homeless man's beating, he said, “I will say that people who are following me are very passionate. They love this country and they want this country to be great again. They are passionate.”

Donald Trump also wants to keep a database of Muslims and to monitor certain Mosques (3). He has also said that he wants them to carry around certain badges to distinguish them as such (4).

But let's say for just a second that Trump liberally plagiarizing Hitler's campaign shouldn't bother you. Let's say that the illegal immigrants who in many ways are necessary for this economy (5) should be deported or not let into this country. How does Trump plan to stop illegal immigration? A wall. Just a huge, f*cking wall. A wall that he will somehow get Mexico to pay for, because that's how money works, I guess.

Okay, so maybe his immigration reform is juvenile and unrealistic; surely he has a plan to deal with ISIS once and for all. Actually, he does! What's that plan, you ask? Well, uh, what's funny about that is that... we don't really get to know that part. All we get to know is that we'll 1) Bomb 'the sh*t' out of them, 2) somebody (though maybe not American Troops) will go in to secure, 3), the oil. Oh.

Oh dear.

American intervention into the Middle East, Iraq, even, to secure oil for American companies. It isn't bad enough that Trump wants to emulate Germany's worst leader; now, he's trying to copy off of ours.

"With his wit, stamina, and charisma..." Actually, Trump lacks, well, most of those. His wit is most comparable to the children who hover their hands close to other people while chanting, "I'm not touching you," and whenever you ask them to stop, they call you a 'fat, ugly person.' Though I can't say I've ever witnessed Trump doing sports, I can almost guarantee you he has no stamina. For someone who calls other people names, he's truly a fat, disgusting person. And his charisma only appeals to you if you have either a Nazi flag or a Confederate one tucked away in your room.

"His ideas to keep terrorism at bay are revolutionary." Actually, they're plagiarized.

You talk about the terrorist attacks and that we need to do something about them, but seem to think that all the thousands of examples of gun violence should be ignored and swept under the rug. If I were a cynical man I would almost believe that you were just looking for some justification to continue on hating a people you already hated, and that Donald Trump's violent rhetoric allows you to do so guilt free. If I were a cynical man, I'd say that you don't really care all that much about the victims of terrorism, and that you just use them as a cheap political tool to ensure that you keep your killing machines and the brown 'undesirables' keep getting killed. If I were a cynical man, I'd believe you hated them due to the knowledge that you aren't necessarily better than them, and that you cling to your race because its the only thing that makes you feel special.

That's all that I can address in 5,000 characters. Can't wait for your round 2.

Debate Round No. 1


First of all, I would like to thank you for the reply and for your amazing use of grammar. Some don't even dare to attempt using proper sentence structures as I'm sure you have noticed. Back to the subject matter!

I believe, as well as many other supporters, that his definition of great means he will boost the economy after its lull since 2008, terrorism will be wiped out almost entirely, ISIS will be a distant memory, and Americans will no longer have to live in fear which they have been doing so since the attacks on the Twin Towers back in 2001.

Comparing Donald Trump to Hitler is something that has been spread about like wildfire. His words are just taken out of context and put into a bad light. Hitler was a fascist and his idea was to take over Europe as a whole (1). Trump has the opposite philosophy: he wants the majority of foreigners attempting to smuggle themselves in to simply stay away.

He has not said anything about deporting those who are legal in this country. His main concern is the issue of illegal immigrants having the right to stay in this country without permission. Illegal aliens are also shown to have a smaller college tuition than those of American students. Is that fair? Many Americans who were born in this country don't think so.

The idea of the wall is one that has been proven to work in Arizona. Only those who are extremely dedicated to getting in are going to attempt to scale a large wall with guards on either side with guns at the ready. Mexico should pay for it since it is their people trying to escape. Americans are not itching to hop on over to Mexico (2).

On the note of the homeless man's beating, I do not have a response to that, for I believe that you are right with that being outright cruel. However, does Donald Trump endorse that behavior? He did not. He posted a tweet after the incident stating that: "Boston incident is terrible. We need energy and passion, but we must treat each other with respect. I would never condone violence" (3). This here shows that he does have respect for his fellow man and that his dedicated followers should not resort to such a low class act. The instigators were only two of Trump's many followers. A couple of bad apples do not spoil the rest after all. How do you know that everyone who follows Trump is a racist pig?

What is wrong with gaining a little oil while we are over there anyway? More oil means lower gas prices and a stimulated American economy. Many presidents have done it before.

Who are you to say what I truly care about and who I am as a person? No, I truly care about those who are victims of terrorism and think that Trump could make sure that nothing like that happens again.

Again, thank you for taken on this subject and I look forward to your response!



You say that Trump will boost the economy. Okay. How? What financial plans does the man who has filed for bankruptcy four times since 1991 have? How does he plan on getting rid of terrorism completely? How does he plan on getting rid of ISIS, and why should I, a person living across an ocean from them, fear them? There have been a number of attacks in western countries, sure, but what's the grand death total? They're bad people, and somebody should stop them, but they're seriously not on our level.

Sorry, but xenophobia isn't the opposite of imperialism, okay? The non-German people conquered in Eastern Europe would have been put in labor camps to work as slaves. He wasn't accepting in foreigners left and right. Hitler didn't want some races to be able to immigrate to Germany (1). Donald Trump doesn't want some races to be able to immigrate to America (ie, Mexicans, Muslims, etc. And while Islam isn't technically a race, I think we all the skin color Mr. Trump is picturing when he talks about Muslims). But immigration wasn't the only parable I drew to Hitler. Do you have any comment on the whole badge wearing thing?

You don't provide a source for that claim, that illegal immigrants get lowered tuition because they're immigrants. Oh, and his plan for those illegal immigrants? Deport them. Deport them all. Every single person who isn't here legally (11.3 million people) he wants to send off. That's insanely impossible, and my source number 2 can explain why. Here's a bit of a highlight: it'll cost 114 billion U.S. dollars. So much for fixing the economy, eh?

There's no source for Arizona having an effective wall. Also, you no how poor Mexico is, right? And that removing the massive amount of money necessary to build an extraneous wall will just make it even worse to live in the country, correct? How does Trump plan to get Mexico to pay for it? What if Mexico just refuses to? Do we initiate sanctions against our neighbor, and further hurt their economy? I mean, Christ, he's already going to make life hell here in America, no need to curse Mexico too.

His initial response was to wave it off and say his supporters are enthusiastic. Yeah, after the fact when one of the human beings working for Trump's campaign (and it truly is such a rare find, locating a human that supports Trump) wrote a tweet for him. But what does Trump expect? He calls Mexicans rapists, murderers, with only the small caveat that maybe some of them are okay, and he wants to pretend its shocking his roving gang of skinheads targets a homeless Hispanic man?

Yeah, many presidents have invaded countries, usurping their right to govern themselves, for purely economic gain. Sure. But for him to pretend that he is on some moral crusade against Gog and Magog when he's just in it for some cheap cash, it's disgusting. Having a precedence for being a deplorable person does not make being a deplorable person any more forgivable.

Again, how does Trump plan to stop terrorism from ever happening again?

Oh, and you know how you said that there's not enough room in this great country for refugees in the first round? In February 2014, there were 18.6 million empty homes (3). But yeah. I guess there's just not enough room for the brown people right? I mean, how can we let them be safe from a conflict we are largely responsible for? After all, if we let them live here, where's the dust from all those homes going to go?

See ya next round.

Debate Round No. 2


Let me begin by saying that you are in fact right about everything you have said. Perhaps I have been blinded by Trump's so called "successes" and his "plans to help reform this country". I can see the mistakes I have made and I would like to forfeit this debate to you, my friend.

I suppose I did not have the proper sources to back up those last claims. Perhaps I should work on that as I continue debating. Looking back at all of the points I made, I can see where I went wrong. My argument wasn't strong enough. There is always room for improvement.

Let me say this though. I don't think that Trump is an all around bad guy. Every yin has its yang. He is a man sculpted out of fear and bigotry. He had the silver spoon given to him as a child and that spoiled behavior has stayed with him through adulthood, unfortunately. I believe he started running for president as a joke more or less and then noticed that he could gain blind followers by shouting racist jargon and blaming those of different nationalities and skin colors for the problems that America currently faces. He saw that he could gain popularity through the scared individuals who believe that foreigners are taking their jobs and that everyone needs an assault rifle whilst shopping at a grocery store. I have to hand it to him. He managed to take the lead in the Republican party and his charisma is undeniable. He was very smart to recognize what his voters liked and he continued down that road. Might I mention that Hitler did the same thing? Although your comparison of Donald Trump to Hitler is spot on, it is not the first time I've heard it said.

I have a few questions for you, if you don't mind me asking. How would you go about fixing the problems such as ISIS and terrorism, high college tuition, and immigration? I sincerely am curious. I have heard many answers and they are all so sporadic that it is hard to see exactly what would work the best.

Once again, thank you for the spirited debate. It was all in good fun and I appreciate you showing the errors of my argument as well as forcing me to take off the rose-colored glasses.

I look forward to your reply and I would once again like to thank you and declare you the winner of this debate.


I can't help but commend you on your maturity. It isn't every day that you see people openly change their opinion, so thanks for your honesty in this regard.

It's very likely that you are right in your assessments of the man. I remember seeing some evidence that he's been lying for votes (I can't find the link right now and there's no real point in tracking it down, so feel free to disregard this).

ISIS isn't a problem America can solve, because any sort of government we endorse will likely not be trusted by their citizens. We've been in Iraq for 13 years. We invaded them in 1990. In fact, for hundreds of years the Western world has been at odds with the Middle East, and for a number of years after WW1, much of the ME was under direct Western control. The power vacuum we caused by invading Iraq the second time allowed for ISIS' rise to power. So what should be done?

Maybe... nothing. Funding or arming one group inevitably leads to somebody we don't want having those guns getting those guns, or whenever they are successful, they just become the next group aiming to take down America. They. Don't. Like. Us. It is naive after countless examples of military intervention utterly failing to expect the next invasion will succeed.

Terrorism, unfortunately, is going to happen. We're too big to expect that people will leave us alone. I think projecting a better image of us onto the world will help. Making enemies just so we "appear strong" makes us a target. We have to seem like a force for good in the world.

Lower tuition. Make interest rates lower for college debt. Raise minimum rage so a job can at least help pay for tuition.

Any of the immigrants who are already here, make them citizens. Incentive somehow becoming a citizen rather not.

These answers are pretty much from the top of my head, and as they're sort of off topic, I'm not going to bother refining them. Thanks for the debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by dsjpk5 1 year ago
You really shouldn't plagiarize.
Posted by SquirrelFaces 1 year ago
I would like Pro to address one of the statements from Round 1: "It isn"t an outlandish idea that keeping tabs on the Muslim Americans would help everyone else feel much safer."

Later on, you had said, in Round 2, that many of Trump's statements were being taken out of context, but this was one such statement that the media has been talking about. You had said his statements were taken out of context, but the statement as you have written it appears to confirm that it has not been taken out of context. Are you making an exception in this one case or is there something else going on? I would be interested in some clarification on this, thank you.
Posted by Sarah.Doe 1 year ago
The problem is that many people don't know or understand the constitution. If one actually knows the amendments and bill of rights, said person would also know that Trump is an ignoramus. Over half of what he claims his presidential endeavors are, are absolutely impossible without changing the constitution. If one single letter of the constitution is changed, it then holistically becomes synonymous to toilet paper; the country would be in utter chaos. This is not to mention the Geneva Convention codes he plans to disregard when it comes to interrogation techniques; or the Tariff tax agreement we have through the U.N. that he plans to stick the middle finger up at. These are all fine ingredients for WWIII, in my opinion.
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Vote Placed by BrendanD19 1 year ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Con had better arguments and the Pro never explained how Trump will "Make America Great Again", or that America was ever as great as Trump claims. He never defined what "great" even means.