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Would Trump be a good President

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Started: 1/19/2016 Category: Politics
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I read your statement on whether he should be elected. I understand your view. But this man takes it to the extremes.
I know A am young, and my opinions are not worth much in the open world(I'm 15) but on here, they are relevant. So you must listen to me when I say this.
This man... what he stands for... is everything I have come to hate in a person. Greed. Racism. Sexism. Injustice. Uncaring.
I believe in one word, sir or ma'am- and that word is equality. Every man, woman, and child should have an equal and fair chance to live a good life in this world while they have the time to live it. But Donald Trump- he would end that. He would put America at the top, and shove everyone else down the line, in order of richest and whitest, to poorest and most Latino. and you know who else did that? Hitler.
Adolf Hitler imagined a new world order in which the Aryans, the supreme race, would dominate. Then would come the lesser-Europeans- the ones that were still good, but not quite good enough. Then came everyone else. And finally, were the Jews. The only difference with Trump, is that his scale would be based on skin color, not region.
And we all know how well discrimination of color went in America before. Slavery. The Rights Movement. In fact, at the time of this writing, Martin Luther King Day was yesterday.
So I say unto you, good person whose gender is unknown to me- I understand what you're saying. I understand what you're views are- and some of the I agree with. but Trump is not that one who can carry those beliefs into action- at least not in the right way. the proper way.


Thanks, Ethan, who I'm assuming is a guy, lol.

Just to clear up one thing quick, this debate is on whether or not Trump will make a good president, not if someone else will make a better one. We can't be comparing the ideas of other candidates to those of Trump's in order to show that "someone else has better ideas, therefore Trump will make a bad president." This is strictly referring to the Donald and only the Donald.

There's also nothing wrong with being young, it's good to be able to do some critical thinking at a young age and learn good ways to argue your point, so good on you for coming here at a younger than average age :)

For the sake of this debate, I think it would be more than fair if you (and me) provided at least one bit of evidence (preferably multiple quotes) for every claim we make. If you say he's racist, you'll have to give an example of how, with a source to support your idea. There's been too many times when someone says "Trump is racist and sexist, he shouldn't be the president," and when asked to explain why he's racist, they resort to something about not letting illegal immigrants into the country, which isn't that great of a point.

I completely agree with you that everybody should be treated equal at birth, and if they take advantage of others or treat others poorly, some of those rights shouldn't be given so easily.

Trump would be the president of America, not the world, so it makes sense that he puts America over all other countries. Just like Justin Trudeau takes care of Canada before any other country, or David Cameron, being the PM of England, puts England before other countries, or Malcom Turnbull puts Australia before other countries. The President/Prime Minister of a country is not required to help out the rest of the world before their own country.

Anyone can make a comparison that sounds good at face value, but when it holds no merit, people realize this and that comparison dies out pretty quickly. Like I said before, if you want to compare Trump to Hitler (pretty insane comparison), you'll have to show many things that Trump does that are similar to Hitler. You can't just say "Trump wants white supremacy, like Hitler!" and leave it at that.

MLK day was a couple days ago, you're right. This should show how far we have come in equality and acceptance and multiculturalism. To suggest that if Trump was elected we would go backward, is a crazy idea and requires a lot of evidence to support it. That's similar to saying if we disallowed feminism, women would be nothing more than housewives and not have the right to vote anymore. Society as a whole as changed, and the majority of people would be absolutely against racial segregation or any type of systematic racism.

Anyway, I'll go a bit in to why I believe Trump would make a good president. I'll give you a site that has his opinions on the main issues [1], and you could probably find some stuff in there to use against me, but that there is the truth regarding his main ideas on the big issues.

He's against late term abortions except in cases of rape, health concerns, etc. Which, although I don't completely agree with, I believe to be fair and reasonable. There are many arguments for/against abortion, and I don't want to get into that, but Trump's stance seems to be the most "equal."

He is a smart businessman, and he has plans to erase (cut down) the countries' $19trillion debt. Employing workers from China who would prefer to work at minimum wage in the US instead of pennies per hour overseas is a big help, and increases foreign relations. Remember he did predict the stock market would crumble soon after 2006.

Trump is also fine with affirmative action, which even though I'm personally against, shows that he is for equality and is for helping people who don't have it that great to begin with. He's also fine with gay marriage. On top of that, he isn't misogynistic like people claim he is. He has more female than male executives working for him, and he most likely pays women more, on average, than men [2]. Because he called a woman a bimbo or said she was ugly or some other useless insult doesn't mean he's sexist or misogynistic.

One thing I love about him is his appreciation for the police force. It's important to have a strong police presence, as without one, the country would be anarchy pretty quickly. He's also addressing the "black lives matter" movement, and although I disagree with their motives, Trump understands that some races do feel left out or discriminated against, and he does want to help them.

There's a bunch of other stuff I could go over but I was hoping that this first round would be just the basics and to bring up a few points. Trump also understands that people kill people, not guns, and to ban guns would be foolish. Making it harder to get guns is smart and ensuring the people who do own them are mentally capable of doing so is smart. He's of course also very keen on building foreign relations with Russia, China, and other countries.

He's against illegal immigration. Which is smart. I'll go more into this point if you disagree. "Banning" Muslims may not be the nicest thing, but people are lying to themselves when they say it's not Muslims committing these acts of terror. America isn't obligated to open their borders to everyone of every race and every religion, and considering a large number of crimes and terror attacks have been committed by Muslims, temporarily putting a halt on Muslim immigration isn't a horrible thing. He isn't doing it because he's "racist," he's doing it because the chance that it cuts down on terror attacks is incredibly high.

Anyway, thanks again for challenging me to this debate, and I hope I went over enough things to spark something! Looking forward to seeing why you think you can stump the Trump.

Debate Round No. 1


Ethanator360 forfeited this round.



I guess I'll extend my arguments in hopes that you come back. If not, it won't be the first time someone has called me out then run away or forgotten about calling me out.
Debate Round No. 2


Ethanator360 forfeited this round.


Well. Have a great day.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by PugLifeNotThugLife 2 years ago
The jews were rich tho, that's why hitler hated them.
Posted by Mister_Man 2 years ago
Haha okay awesome, I'll post some stuff later tonight :)
Posted by Ethanator360 2 years ago
I don't care, man. I'm brand new here. Just gimme your best shot.
Posted by Mister_Man 2 years ago
Thanks for the clarification LOL. I'll accept this in a few hours probably. Do you want me to present some opening arguments first or just accept?
Posted by Ethanator360 2 years ago
Hey, Idk if you're a girl or not- profile pics can be deceiving. Although I did look at your profile, and yeah, you are a guy. Hi, I'm Stupid!
Posted by Mister_Man 2 years ago
I'm also insulted that you don't know if I'm a guy or girl, lol. But this debate will be about whether or not Trump would make a good president, not if someone else running would be better, correct? If this is the case, I'll accept.
Posted by Mister_Man 2 years ago
I'll accept this in a bit, but it would have been nice to get a PM from you before challenging me to a debate, lol.
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