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Would a ban on guns reduce crime in the U.S.?

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Started: 2/12/2014 Category: Society
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I agree that if they banned guns in the U.S there would be less crime. I agree because alot of people are dying because of people haveing guns, and to be honest anyone can get a gun from anywhere.
some State laws vary, and are independent of existing federal firearms laws, although they are sometimes broader or more limited in scope than the federal laws. For instance, some US states have created assault weapon bans that are similar to the expired federal assault weapons ban. I believe that only people in the force or law, like the police and detectives . People like that have a reason to have firearms because they are peple looking out for the citizens in the united states and they dont want to kill people for no reason or because they have "beef", or dont like somebody.
Thats why I agree that they should ban guns in te United States to reduce crime. With people allowed to have guns thay could say that it was self defense and stuff like that. No telling who has a gun .. anybody could be hurt and people could be scared. Thats why I agree that they should ban guns from the U.S.


Even though I want to join a shooting club and I play first-person shooters, I am very anti-gun. I don't particularly like this world where people want guns but I also don't like a world where people don't want war; I got it anyway. There are people who want guns. Whether it actually protects them, makes them feel safe, or just makes them feel strong, people like guns. In the 1930s, America put a ban on Alcohol, this was prohibition. In this period, crime was high because mobsters could make a sustainable business out of smuggling or making their own "hooch" and selling it in their speakeasies. People wanted alcohol, the mobster gave it to them and with that they got money, and the more money a Mob has, the stronger they are and the more influential they are. If we banned guns, it would give the gangs a business selling guns to people. On the anarchist extreme however, the potential risk for losing life is to high. So, I say that we should keep guns, but put restrictions on them. Like you said, some states have a ban on assault rifles, this is what I mean. People on the pro-gun side of the debate harp on the second amendment without realising that the founding fathers couldn't possibly know the potency of weapons today. How come someone is allowed an assault rifle, but I'm not allowed a nuke. We have to put on restrictions. It should be necessary for a Citizen to take a gun test like they would a driving test if they want a Weapon. In conclusion, we must keep guns legal (because how do you suggest we get those shotguns of those rednecks?) to reduce crime but we mustn't let the freedom get too out of control.
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Posted by Rasputin45 3 years ago
If I killed you with a loaf of bread, would bread be banned next?
Posted by Jacedebate 3 years ago
People kill people with bombs , knives , sticks, etc , we don't blame them we
Blame the person but when someone kills someone with a gun we blame the gun. That's like if I choked a person to death , you blame my hands not me .
Posted by Rasputin45 3 years ago
I made a mistake. "but I also don't like a world where people don't want war; I got it anyway." What I meant to say was 'I don't like a world where people want war' The second don't I said was Unintentional.
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