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Would children under the age of 15 get into trouble if they did not have a job for guidence?

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Started: 4/3/2013 Category: Society
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Hello, I am a 13 year old female and am looking for a person that agrees with my statement that a child under the age of 15 may in fact get into trouble or develop bad habits if he/she does not have a job that will give rules and goals to give them guidence and to push them to strive for excellence. I have put only one round down and name myself as CON because I need your reasons for believing what I do, and I do not wish to have an argument. For people who may comment on this please do not tell me that this site is used for arguments and debates because I am well aware of that. It is also a place to make facts well known and that is exactly what I am looking for. Facts that can prove that children under 15 with nothing to keep them buisy and productive may get into trouble or make the wrong choices. If you choose to except this I ask that your opinion be like mine and you can explain your reasons and have facts to prove it.


Hi! As you are not looking to debate, and you have not given me a huge amount of time I will keep my arguments short, and be in vague outline form. Hope this helps!

Crime Rates Currently -- Juvenile Crime rate of children under 14 is down 36% from 1993. There are no clear statistics on how many children under 15 have jobs because legally in most states they can not have a "real" job. Be that as it may it is generally thought that job rates such as plant watering businesses ect. did go up. While it is hard to prove if this is a direct correlation, but it seems likely.

Logical Arguments -- A job provides stability that young adults need, and set incentives for children to act well. If they are misbehaved they won't get business or get a job AT a business. Finally, a job provides things for children to do after school. When they're bored they might think to do something bad to get adventure/excitement. Instead they're busy at work contributing and gaining a sense of purpose.

Sorry it was pretty short. Good luck in whatever you need this for!
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