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Would religiosity directly or indirectly become a reason for end of mankind ?

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Started: 2/8/2015 Category: Society
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Would religiosity directly or indirectly become a reason for end of mankind ?
Preaching of Religions is currently bringing lots of disputes, this can bring even any saints or holy man to rivalry mood.


1. true nature of religion
religion originally exist to improve humans' life. it is actually peaceful by nature. none of religion actually glorify violence. the wars happened in the name of religion are mostly because of pure hatred. they use their religion as an excuse to wage war and justify their violence. if there is violence, that's just because humans are violent by nature and they happen to have guns, weapons, and excuse.

2. religion promotes peace
while it is mostly true that the believers wage war in the name of their religion, but one cant deny the fact that the leaders of religion also condemn the current wars and try to persuade the ones who went 'astray' to stop the war. therefore, even if later a war of religion breaks, there will be effort from the believers themselves to stop the war, thus preventing the ugly ending.

3. religion war is not as big as political war
most of religion war does not have global impact. the war, at best, only involve two nations, and a single superpower country or a powerful entity like UN can actually end it. when compared to political war which usually have global impact, and more likely to end humanity, religion war can be considered small dispute.
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