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Would some trumpet players' trumpets be better for hats?

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Started: 4/23/2013 Category: Society
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This is arguing that some trumpets in our band would be better off using their trumpets as hats instead of playing them.


I accept your challenge.

Good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


Showing my Respects:
I would like to take a minute to thank my opponent for his patience of waiting for my response. It has not been in my best interest to respond. I apologize for this, my good sir.

To Open Minds:
Some of you are wondering "What is it this debate refers to?" or "Why did you post this". I would like all of you to know that I wrote this for the soul purpose of enlightenment. You all most know of the trumpets in the BOW(Band Of Warriors) inability to play well. I can't say that they are all terrible, but most of them are. Only some of my good friends are fine trumpeters. Other than that, they are terrible. That is why they would be better to cut their loses and use their trumpets as hats.

The Mechanical Aspect:
Some wonder "How will I fit a Trumpet on my head?". I assure you that with proper fitting, trumpets fit like a glove. As long as the trumpet is not touching their mouthes, we are better off. I'm sure my opponent agree with this. The sound quality of these sirs and madams is terrible. I contemplate on earplugs on occasion. We even have seniors that are "Unsatisfactory".

Whats the Alternative?:
There is no alternative. There is no proven method that works as well as the hat method. The trumpeters can try all they want to play, but it will be with no avail. What a pointless existence it would be. It would be wise for all of us to embrace this method, and make it seem like they are doing something good by doing so. This I ask of all of you. While were at it, lets take the bass clarinet's reeds away too. Without these groups, we would have the potential to sound very mint.

A Call for Help:
I would like to call to all of you out there! Would you please tell me if your trumpets are as bad as I have made some of ours see. It would be most helpful to the knowledge of myself. It is rather dissatisfying how low we expect from our trumpets. When they mess up, the director acts as if it means nothing, due to the lack of high expectation for that section. He tries his best to tame them, but most of those trumpets are beyond saving. It may be the mindset, or the master. Does the trumpeter really have control over its skill? In my opinion they do.

Taking My Leave:
I would like to thank you all for your reading of my passage. I hope that you decide to comment about your trumpets, negative or positive, and enlighten me. I wish much luck to my advisory, having to defend them. I would also like to thank the reader, taking their important time to read my thoughts.

I was inspired by the jokes on this page to take action again the tyranny of the trumpet.


I would first like to express how appalled I am at my opponent's argument. He specifically target one band's trumpet section, as opposed to trumpets as a whole. He could have made nearly identical statements referring to trumpets as a whole.

I believe that trumpets would make terrible hats. Hats are designed for many reasons, and the trumpet, no matter the owner's skill level, would not serve as a suitable style .

1. Protection:
Some hats, like hardhats or bicycle helmets, are used to protect the wearer from harm, wether it be falling objects, collision, or excessive sun. Trumpets would crumple and potentially puncture the head if something were to fall on it, or in the event of a head-on crash. The bell of a trumpet would not have enough area to shield the wearer from the sun, either.

2. Ceremony:
Some hats are worn for ceremonial, religious, or to show status. These are usually specified many years before being accepted by the general public, and will usually fade out in time. For trumpets to serve as ceremonial hats, a very old text stating that trumpets were hats would have to be discovered. No such document has been unearthed to this day, and I doubt any ever will be.

3. Fashion:
The vast majority of hats are worn because people want to look good. Here are some examples of fashionable hats:



Not only are these are currently much more 'in' than instruments shoved over people's heads, but it seems that the majority of trumpet players already own very fashionable hats of their own:




The rest of your argument stated that some trumpet players were so bad at their instrument that they deserved to wear the unprotective, inceromonial, and unfashionable objects on their head. I belive that instead of forcing them to stop playing altogehter, they should go to guided one-on-one lessons so they can get up to speed witht the rest of their ensemble. Eventually they could learn about balance and tone, and then they would sound so good that removing their instruments would actually hurt the band, not just the player.

I believe this debate has potential, but not if it spirals down into accusaions between sections. Please try and keep your next round free of biased hatred, for the audience's sake and mine.

Debate Round No. 2


To Break the Rumor:
You are saying that trumpets offer little to no protection. I would like to recognize that this is not true. Trumpets are good for many things, subtract playing. You can: Use it as a hard hat, block sunlight, or decorative hat. The solid brass makes for a nice touch to your overall look. Do you forget that the Bell of a Trumpet can be molded to fit your head? About ceremonial: People want fashion and ceremonial hats. Trumpets are good for both of these. This makes me wonder "Why hate the Trumpet hat"? I can't understand why it doesn't seem feasible.

A Burden of Proof:
I know that there is no documentation of the Trumpet hat, and it may seem out of sight. There is something else that does not have proof, but is not believed. The existence of God. If you believe god exists, which you did support in a past debate, then why can you believe that trumpets have always been used for hats?

A Matter of "Fashion":
Your fashion statement is disproved, and is no longer relevant. Your images also did not appear, so I did not get to read them. Could you fit that into the next round? I felt like they were something helpful to understanding your argument.

To Address Your Claim:
Now if in fact the con thinks that I am just throwing hate towards a section in my own band "Minus a Few", he would be correct. That is in fact the subject of the debate. Your job in this debate is to defend them as being skilled players, not offering lessons. I do have to admit your idea was good, but the Trumpets are too big-headed to get lessons, and even you know this. That bring me to the matter of needing Trumpets: Most of the time, their parts are covered by another instrument (That in fact sounds better). It varies song-to-song, but can be covered in other places. I am still saying that we have a few skilled players in the Trumpets, and those are the only ones who care enough to practice. You see, some of the others do not care enough to do something about it, which makes their trumpets better for hats.


Have you ever seen a hat made of any of the following materials?


No? The reason why is that they, like brass, conduct heat very, very well. (1) This is not a positive trait for a hat. So, basically, if worn in the sun, a trumpet would reflect the sunlight(while blinding everyone near), but not the heat.

Hard hats aren't actually made to stop falling objects over the wearer's head. They are designed to make the materials reflect off the side. Due to the frailty of the thin brass tubing, a trumpet would simply crumple. Also, the long object protruding from the top of the wearer's head could actually cause injury by catching on door frames or overhead objects.

As for a decorative hat, trumpets would, as I mentioned above, get in the way of general transit. Every time one would get onto a bus or pass through an arch, they would either have to remove the 'hat', or have it catch on the overhead structure, probably leading to the literal downfall of the wearer. Due to the sheer danger from wearing such objects on one's head, I conclude that wearing one simply for decoration would be too great a risk to take.

Your second point is irrelevant, and you only included it to make me say that I don't believe in God. However, people often debate in favor of opinions that don't agree with their real views. (2) I believe that trumpets have not always been used as hats because there is absolutely no record of such an occurrence. If you have discovered any such source, if you share it I will concede this argument.

I don't see when you disproved my statement. If you can clarify where you refuted my argument, please do so in the next round. As for the images not appearing, that is quite concerning. I'll try it again, in the same order. If they still don't show up, use this link:

Fashionable hats:

Trumpet players with fashionable hats:

This debate boils down to a simple equation:

Trumpets as Instruments /= Trumpets as Hats

For me to win, I need to prove that:

Trumpets as Instruments > Trumpets as Hats

This can be done by either saying the players are good, or by saying the hats are bad. I don't have to defend the players as long as hats are completely out of the question.

I would like to conclude with one final argument, in regards to your claim that trumpets could be 'fitted' to the player's head. I think that this is completely impossible. There isn't enough brass in the world to cover one a trumpet player's big head.

Debate Round No. 3


Addressing A Timely Question:
"Have you ever seen a hat made of the following materials?"
Would you be surprised if I said yes? Of course not. I have obviously seen hats of all types that you have not learned the existence of yet. There are thousands upon thousands of hats, all from different materials. Have you ever seen a hat made from pure dark matter? No, but it does in fact exist, as hats are as unlimited as time.

Surprisingly Effective:
Now, to address the claim of Trumpets being terrible hats. The fact of the matter is that you can't get a better hat than the trumpet. Nothing offers the luxury, protection, or pure conventionalism of the Trumpet Hat. I don't think we were referring to the same hard-hats. I meant the ones made of pure brass that do in fact protect your head. Now, I understand that you are not the most educated about the art of Trump. I may not be as qualified as some, but I do have an old trumpet in the depths of my closet. It happens to be very thick brass, so I am contemplating making a hat out of it very soon. When you make a trumpet hat, you must cut every part but the bell, and then weld another piece of brass to the top to make it have the hat structure without being a burden. This enables you to go almost anywhere with the Trumpet hat on, excluding when our national anthem is played. That is the only time that you need to take off your ever-so-sleek trumpet hat.

The Origins Undocumented:
The point of the debate that you supported is that you supported god, which has less evidence than the trumpet hat. This means you should not need proof, even though I have found book among the ruble of old civilizations that speak of such hats. This indeed is enough proof for most to believe in the fact of trumpet hats. I will accept your conceding argument.

Truly Understanding:
I now understand what the pictures referred too. They still do not disprove the fact that there are trumpet hats. These images show trumpet players with hats. Alas, the only documented proof was destroyed long ago. Trumpet players heads are in fact large, but in the days of old some could fit these majestic hats upon their heads. The men who once below were once trumpet hatters.


I would be very interested in seeing these 'dark matter hats' you speak of, but I am not prepared to accept their existence without proof. This is my subtle, non-conduct-violating way of saying that you're making things up.

There is one type of hard hat made of brass. (1) It is made of very thick material because it needs to retain its shape far below sea level. I admit that this could serve as a moderate quality protective hat. Trumpets, however, are made of thin brass. The little protection they offer is completely negligible, especially if the brass were to split on impact, which would create a sharp edge being forced towards the wearer's head.

I agree that your style of trumpet hat would negate the height issue, but we are not debating wether or not a trumpet could be made into a hat. The resolution says 'Would some trumpet players' trumpets be better for hats?' The trumpets that are referenced must be playable instruments, because they are trumpets being used by trumpet players. Not welded bells. Also, if there is a little mistake made in the cutting or welding, then there will be a sharp edge on the trumpet, which is a serious safety hazard.

I would like to tell the voters that I do not believe in God, that my opponent is aware of the fact, and that he is only bringing up this argument because of that. What it accomplishes for him is a mystery to me, because in no way does it either discredit any of my points or my proof.

I highly doubt the existence of any such book, and your total lack of evidence leads me to believe that it doesn't exist.

The purpose of my images was not to disprove the existence of trumpet hats, they were designed to show that trumpet players already possess superior hats.

Once again you make extraordinary claims, but fail to provide any evidence, aside from an article about a deceased native american.

Debate Round No. 4
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Were you expecting anything else?
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Why do you say that?
Posted by GeekiTheGreat 4 years ago
This was actually a damn good debate.
Posted by Walrus101 4 years ago
Seems legit (Puts down Dead Cat)
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Well. . . That RFD seems legit.

'Both good' = Four points to Zero.
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