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Would the USA beat Russia in a war

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Started: 4/6/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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We would absolutely beat them just to be sure my opponent understands we arent talking about a nuclear war usa is just a far superior military


Thank you for proposing this debate. Just in order to be clear; I am defending the fact that in a (non-nuclear, as stated above) war, the United States would not be able to "beat" Russia, and not the fact that Russia would beat the United States.
Good luck and have fun :)
Debate Round No. 1


The US spends 600 billion dollars on their military more then the next 7 countries combined including Russia and china plus the fact that the USA has many allies including Germany Britain Japan South Korea Philippines France Israel and Mexico the us has the most elite special forces and their navy and Air force is far superior the US has way more military bases the US has 1.5 million active forces and more military hardware than any other country


Sadly, the military is not the only factor in a war. A few examples of this would be the current war against terrorism waged by the U.S and their allies, Vietnam or Afghanistan. If we take a look at the recent big wars the United States took a part in, we can clearly see that their supremacy is starting to shatter. Let's take a closer look at the Afghanistan war; the U.S stayed there for thirteen years, yet nothing really came out of it, apart from death. Now, we can think of the Soviet-Afghan war, which lasted 10 years. During those ten years, and unlike the United States, the USSR was fighting multiple foes at once. First off, Cold War going on. Secondly, the allies of the U.S helped the Mujahideen (what a brilliant idea seeing where it lead to). They still managed to devastate the entire country, and if it wasn't for the economical exhaustion of communism and the country as a whole, the USSR could have stayed there much longer.

Something else to take some notes on is the demography of Russia. Just like Afghanistan, the U.S forces would have to go through insanely harsh fighting conditions, mountains and winters. Apart from the European Russia, the United States' European allies would have to go through the Ural, which is basically a death wish (you can ask my dear ancestor Napoleon). It also takes eight hours to go from the Western part of Russia to the Eastern in an airplane, which is plenty of time to get your jets shot at. It is not even counting Siberia, probably the hardest terrain to fight in.

Now, let's talk about the alliances, as you so dearly mentioned them. France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Mexico and even the US themselves import a lot of oil from Russia. In fact, Russia is one of the main oil providers in Europe, which is why the Ukraine crisis is so hard to put an end to. Notice how three of those countries are in Europe. The European Union being the political disaster that it has proven to be many times, I do not see how they would possibly even try to declare war to Russia; Mother Russia only has to cut down the pipes and let Europe in its mess. They need that oil, and the United States would not be able to sustain the oil expenses of seven countries. Same goes with the United Nations, it is impossible for them to take action, as Russia and China both have a veto vote. Now, let's take a look at Japan and South Korea that are really isolated. They are in range for both Russian and Chinese missiles, and so would be an eventual help from the US. There is no way they could even try to attack Russia, because it would mean the death of possibly millions of civilians. Even if the United States' allies attempted to do something, Japan and South Korea would be destroyed within a month or so from the bombings, Europe would quickly exhaust their resources whilst fighting and suffer strong retaliations, and Israel would have to go through Syria in order to reach the border. Iran and Syria being Russia's allies, it is highly possible that terrorism would rise in the Western world as a retaliation from the war (I am in no means saying that Syria and Iran are terrorists, simply that the conflict would be a perfect occasion for DAESH to throw another blow at the Western World). Now, let's talk about China. This country currently holds around $3.28 trillion in foreign-currency exchange and they are the first foreign owner of American dollars. Imagine the diplomatic power that is granted by this amount of money. Now, Shanghai, currently protected by the U.S would get annihilated between the Chinese and Russian bombings and repeated strikes.

It is in fact clear that the U.S could not count on their allies to fight the Russian alliance this time around, as the world became way more complex and dependent on those countries. Also, upfront attacks would be made difficult by China being able to strike Japan, South Korea and Shanghai (U.S dear bases). In fact, Russia would not have to do much fighting to put the United States in trouble; which could either lead to a second Cold War, WW3 or simply the U.S giving up.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” - Sun Tzu, The Art Of War
Debate Round No. 2


Russia's economy is crumbling and has been declining for awhile Russian equipment is outdated Russia int a super power but a regional power Putin is trying to push it back into the Soviet era but cant afford with such a crashing economy I get a feeling the war would be along Russia border with countries such as japan Germany Britain and France with us logically speaking china would more then likely stay out of it and keep itself isolated out of this situation north Korea would probably join but could easily be destroyed our allies such as japan has a very strong economy india may even play such a role as an ally being a partner we continue to do military exercises with the allies are far superior in numbers equipment and economy The US is the most powerful army in the world being statistically real though our 2 countries will probably never go to war


hirxeth forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by hirxeth 2 years ago
@MDAN finally somebody gets it :)
@jubjub2398 read my argument
Posted by jubjub2398 2 years ago
The US would crush Russia. US Military spending is way higher, and their tech is way more advanced. Russia has alot of tanks, but tanks don't trump planes. And that's without factoring in NATO. NATO would annihilate Russia. Multiple fronts, and tons of border Russia can't defend.
Posted by MDAN 2 years ago
Winning a war doesn't just come down to military capabilities (Vietnam?), and for this reason the US would not defeat Russia if they did go to war.
Politically, the US is dwarfed and unstable (how is trump even a candidate?), in comparison to Russia.
Militarily, the US is involved -across the globe- in conflicts and has enemies throughout the world (an American in a youth hostel will tell you that much), their military capability is dispersed throughout a number of nations whereas Russia's is not.
Geopolitically Russia is at an advantage with its ties and proximity to not only the EU body but also Asian nations.
The US has shown to seldom think strategically, and often lets its superiority complex get the better of them. The war on terror and its implications is evidence of that. Much like how this debate is being portrayed (that all the US needs to do is flex its big military muscle) ... the same type of thinking must be prevalent in not only its politicians but its people -.- Hence... youth hostel reference
Posted by mangolife23 2 years ago
@GoOrDin If you feel this way you should accept the debate.
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago

Incredibly false.
USA failed miserably at all wars it engaged in. It's military is still out of date. The soldiers are not in support of America, and those that 'are' are bigots. The military is not lead, but is governed by Privatized interest and

the world hates USA, and China, the middle east, much of Europe have closer relations to Russia.
Everyone wants to conquer USA in the entire world, and no one wants Russia.

USA is the prostitute capital of the Universe, and the citizens hate 99% of the their citizens.
Russians are just as patriotic as American's, but I think they have less enmity.

Christian America is not behind homosexuality, prostitution, adultery nor atheism, And thus Your country can't set foot on a battle field in a real world scenario. To be fair, The southern Boarder of Canada should be liquidated into the USA, but Not the northern half of the provinces.
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