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Would we be better off with a one world government?

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Started: 6/12/2016 Category: Philosophy
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If we had a one world government, all war should be eliminated. Sure, there may be rebels in the beginning, but over time, they should disappear. World hunger and disease should be eliminated because there will be no more 3rd world countries. We will all be the same. Each 'country' would be no different than states in the US. We would no longer need to waste money on a military since we will not be fighting each other. If we were all working together, we would be able to pool more resources into improving humanity.


Mellisa, your perception about a one world government, has hypothetical benefits but in real life, it will result into utter chaos and mess. This idea is definitely not going to work because-

1- People all around the world are different. There are differences in languages, culture, traditions, believes, religion, food, clothing, race, appearance, etc, so you cannot form a single body to govern all such people without bumping into conflicts. As history goes, no 2 different groups have ever lived happily in peace. May it be- Shias-Sunnis, Protestants-Catholics, Hindu-Muslim, Sinhalis-Tamils, Blacks-Whites, etc. They always have conflicts with each other and if you try to bring them all under one roof, such a system will be very impractical, hard, and inefficient to bring into practice.

2-No government or government system around the world is perfect. May it be a democracy, dictatorship, communism, etc.We have dictatorships like in Angola, zimbabwe, Liberia, etc, communism in Cuba, North Korea, multiple party democracy in India, single party rule in China, Aristocracy in U.K., Spain and many more. But all have their own benefits according to their respective countries, circumstances and people. So you cannot put one style of governance for the whole world suddenly one day and expect everything to go smoothly.

3- Different countries have different set of believes and values. ex- In countries like India, UAE, Malaysia, and around 76+countries around the globe, homosexuality is illegal and in many punishable by death, BUT in others like USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, South Africa, etc it is totally legal and excepted. In countries like UAE, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc country is run by the Sharia law, where women are oppressed but in others like Australia, U.K. and many more, women have complete freedom. In some countries, nudity has been legalized but in others, it is still a crime. In some countries you can keep private armies, in others you cannot. These ideologies are completely in contrast with one another and just cannot be merged under a single law.

4- And most importantly, In case if we got an evil government for the whole world, there will be no one to put it down and protest against it. Ex- Saddam Hussain's government in Iraq was a horrific regime for all the people until USA intervened, captured Saddam and hung him to death and liberated the people. The same situation was for Libya where Muammar Gaddafi was running a horrendous regime until the rebel forces with help from the U.N. and U.S.A. killed him.

So, running a one world government would be a terrible idea.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for breaking your arguments down into numbers, it makes it easier to respond.
1 - It is true that people are different all over the world, but look back at the beginning of the United States. We had people coming over here with vastly different cultures and beliefs. While we did have a lot of conflict between the different groups initial, they eventually found common ground and became one people united. We do still have a some work to do here, with some groups going out of their way to remain separate from the majority, but I believe this divide, like the others in the beginning will eventually dissolve. Would we not see the same thing across the world? Most industrialized countries are becoming more "Americanized' as time passes. It's the 3rd world countries that are having the problems. They only need education.

2- It is true that no government is perfect but one form of government has proven to be superior to the rest. I know we cannot force a government on the rest of the world overnight, but if done gradually, people should be more receptive. It will still be a struggle in the beginning but would we not all benefit in the end?

3 - As far as beliefs are concerned, people in the USA have vastly different beliefs and we are still a functioning society. Honestly, most people will believe what the media tells them, so effectively delivered propaganda can sway most people to 'correct' viewpoints. We have extremely polarized views in America also, like Abortion for example, yet we still function.

4 - As long as the citizens of the world were allowed to bear arms, they would still be able to revolt. If that government was to take that right away and people submitted, willingly handing over their weapons, then you would be correct.


You quoted-"Most industrialized countries are becoming more "Americanized' as time passes. It's the 3rd world countries that are having the problems. They only need education".
First of all I am clearing the point that becoming Americanized is definitely not the ideal thing for the whole world as it is believed by you as it is certainly not the best culture around the world and has many flaws( BUT also has equally many advantages also which I am not denying).
You shouldn't perceive and stress that the whole world should be "Americanized" because there is a lot of difference between the Western world (America, U.K., etc) and the Eastern world(India, China, etc). There are many things that the Eastern world does better than the western world and of course vice-versa is true. There are many flaws in the American culture which are definitely not present in the Eastern culture. One example is the bond that parents and children share within a family. In western world this bond is definitely not that strong for many reasons but in the Eastern world the family comes first over anything(business, profits, fame, etc) and anyone(friends, temporary spouses, etc) else, since they generally live in joint families unlike in America(Western) where people prefer a small family. Also America has the highest rates for divorce in the world whereas it is very less in the eastern countries, since Eastern countries' people are a bit more tolerant towards each other and believe in one partner for the whole life, which is definitely not there in America where people are changing partners every now and then. This affects their families and their children of course.
So seeing the so called "AMERICAN CULTURE" as the ideal one which should be adapted by all the other countries is certainly not right, or perceiving the notion that -
UNTIL and UNLESS a country is not AMERICANIZED, it can not progress or become INDUSTRIALIZED is "WRONG".( China, Singapore, Russia, Australia are good examples)
Moving on-

1- Yes many different groups have settled in America but that came along with a lot of struggle, violence and bloodshed for centuries, and still everything is not fine now also in America, ex- racial gap is still existing and Americans are having a tough time to adjust with the Muslims still, and there are 194 countries more other than America, so imagine the struggles all these countries would be facing within themselves just like America is facing, and giving them a single government can easily translate into years of more struggle and blood shed with no guarantee of success as can be seen in America.(Blacks and Whites are still fighting, Muslims are still fighting in this country for dignity and equal treatment)

2-You haven't said that which government is superior than the rest. Every form of government has its own pros and cons including democracy. Also the success of a particular government in a country depends upon its situation , kind of atmosphere, kind of people, kind of development, believes and attitudes of people which is certainly NOT SAME in all 195 countries.

3- See, again don't consider just issues of America like abortion but concentrate on bigger issues like imposing Sharia law which prevails in middle east countries, or homosexuality which is considered a crime in many countries because of their "RELIGIOUS BELIEFS". America may agree on issues because they have a common culture, religion and belief system since it is one country, but this culture and religion is NOT AT ALL accepted in other countries. EX- Muslim countries, China, Japan, India, Africa and also in many European countries.

4- If you are saying that all people should be allowed to bear arms, than it is a very much dangerous idea. It will result in more bad than good. There will be criminals, rebels( for small things also for which revolt is not required- as all people don't agree on one thing by default and they will become more intolerant with easy access to weapons). There will be an increase in thug life, etc. ex-as can be seen in the Orlando gunfire incident, that a single gunman killed 50 persons. The weapon was purchased from a local store only in Orlando as per the reports. See, these incidents have been happening in America for many years now like student shooting his teacher, friend, etc, or people opening gunfire in public, since weapons are easily available to common public other than the police and military.

5- And most importantly , it's a vast world with 196 countries which are separated from each other by geographical barriers and managing one government would be a very mountainous, inefficient and ineffective task.

6- History says that no 2 communities of different religion can live in peace . People will never go against their religion and not accept things which their religion bans or poses as wrong. It does not matter how much you "EDUCATE" them or use "TELEVISION" to change their beliefs. That's the influence RELIGION has on HUMANS.(for centuries)
Debate Round No. 2


I'm not denying that America has its share of problems, every country does. When I refer to Americanized, I mean educated and diverse. We have a lot of diversity yet we still manage to get allowing, mostly anyway, but we are still improving. I agree we could learn a lot from eastern culture, but that would be part of a one world government. If done properly, we would hopefully all learn from each other and adopt the best ideas.

China is doing well because they have adopted an American way of doing business as well as Singapore. Sure their cultures are different but there is some Americanization there. I would consider Australia to be quite Americanized. I spent some time there and it didn't seem much different than the US. I thought Russia was having a ton of problems.

1. Yes we still have work to do but we have come a long way and we are better off than we were before the US existed. There will be issues with other countries as well, but in the end we will a be better off. Sort of like the saying 'No Pain, No Gain"

2. I believe a Democratic Republic is the best we have seen. It's far from perfect but people living under this form of government have more freedom and better lives than people living under any other form of government in history. Maybe we could come up with something better?

3. It would not be easy or quick, but cultures can and do change. The Muslims would probably pose the greatest challenge because of their strong religious beliefs. This can be helped along with education. Supposedly, the more educated people are, the less religious they are. At least the less extreme they are.

4. The arms issue, like most any other, can be solved with a culture shift. Where there is violence, weapons are never the cause. It's the culture. A culture of violence will always be violent with or without guns. We have to change the mindset of the people, which, I admit will be a long hard road to travel, but the destination makes it worth it.

5. It only seems vast because we not seen it before. A long time ago, the size of an empire was limited mostly by the distance a horse could travel in a given amount of time. It was thought anything larger would be impossible to control and defend. The thought of a single country the size of the United States would have probably been laughable. Now, it's no big deal. Europe is unknowingly moving toward becoming one single country and I believe the United Nations is also a step toward one government. The more we become a global community, the easier it will be to join together under one single governing body. It just seems like a one world government is the next logical step for humanity and I think it's going to happen one day regardless of what most people want.


By your arguments in the first paragraph, I am assuming that you are a big supporter of the American culture, and it's not wrong. I mean, America is the largest economy in the world and hugely industrialized and One thing that I really love about American business system is that the fresh start ups have very good opportunities of doing business.
But saying that Chinese and Singapore ways of doing business are quite Americanized is definitely a completely WRONG perception of yours.
Chinese and American way of business are poles apart. America pays more attention on profits and sales of the product but are least concerned about the customers.(comparatively), whereas the Chinese's first preference is the customer and transactions comes later, which is good thing since humans are given more value than money. Also, in China a contract can proceed very slowly since Chinese tend to study each and every pro and con of the project whereas Americans are a bit more aggressive in this thing and generally don't bother much about the cons if a project is LUCRATIVE to them.

Since Singapore is also a multi ethnicity nation American culture is not really seen here. It's more of Asian.

From your arguments it is clear that you see Americanization as the way to future and I completely OPPOSE to this.
I agree that America is highly developed and industrialized and all that but why I don't want a world Americanization is because-
1-America is responsible for the emergence of terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS, etc( please check out my debate on" banning Muslims from entering America is a great idea"- con- I have given complete explanation to this).
2- Why America is so developed and progressive is simple- more than 90% of American Industries are WAR industries, manufacturing weapons, missiles, etc. that's why you will see American involvement in basically all the wars around the world, may be directly or indirectly so that by selling both parties weapons they make money and hence building American economy.( ex- Iran-Iraq war, Afghanistan war-2001 and 1970s, Pakistan war, and now Syria War.) Now you understood why America always interferes in other people's matter and go to war and even ENCOURAGES war. So that it's weapons industry flourishes and hence the economy.
3- America has committed the worst atrocities on Muslims till date- killed-20 lakh , tortured 3000, destroyed economy of many middle east MUSLIM countries, so that America can flourish (as i explained above), but then also continue to frame Muslims as America's enemy.

I have explained all my above points in my debate- "banning Muslims from entering America is a great idea"-con., please check it out.

4- Also American economy is very unstable as can be seen by the 1930s, 1970s, 1990s, 2001, and 2008.
No country in the world has experienced so many financial crisis till date.
5- Also, world's top most developed cities are Tokyo(Japan), Tallinn(Estonia), Helsinki(Finland), Shanghai(China), Seoul(South Korea), London(U.K.) and Hong- Kong. Only 1 U.S.A. country is there on the list- San Francisco.

So, I really don't want an AMERICANIZED system across the world and certainly the world DOESN'T NEEDS IT.

So now, I can return to my original argument.

I am one by one countering your points starting from 1st till 5th.

1-Argument- No pain- No gain works good when we know that the OUTCOME is going to be positive, but in this case we are certainly not sure about it, and as I previously pointed, this system will have more problems than the good it will do, so, we cannot risk lives of lakhs of people for an "OBSCURE" goal.

2-Argument- Well, I completely disagree at this point.
Democratic republic may look like the best government which can offer the best lives to citizens, but in reality facts say something else.
World's best cities to live are part of a Communist regime, monarchy and aristocracy- Shanghai, London, Tokyo, Dubai, etc.
But again, democracy has its own benefits.

3-Argument- Why you want to change someone's religion, culture, or belief just because you think that your system, religion or believes are superior. I think you should happily live in which culture you support and believe in and let others live in which religion and culture they are comfortable, since, no culture is ideal.If you interfere with other people's believes or religion, they are definitely not going to be silent and become extremist. So this is not gonna work and without working out this you CANNOT form a one world government, merging all people under one roof.
Education and Religion don't go hand in hand peacefully. It doesn't matter how well educated you are, NO religion in this world is completely logical and everyone of them have their own flaws including "CHRISTIANITY".

4-Argument- Are you seriously living in this notion that all the people will become peaceful and there will be no violence. Since man has occupied Earth , he knows no other means to fulfill his goal but with violence and killing. Humans want power, money, respect, and you can never change that. This belief of your's that all people will become peaceful with education is hypothetical because as we are becoming MORE ADVANCED AND EDUCATED, we are just becoming more Violent. The reverse is not happening.

5-Argument-Yes, I agree that we have managed to make U.S.A. a single country. It's because, U.S.A.'s geography is probably the same throughout, just the size is vast. But I am NOT talking about SIZE. I am more focused on the geographical barriers and terrains like OCEANS, MOUNTAIN RANGES, etc. It will be a near impossible job to merge all of them into one politically.

My arguments-

6- History is example that the largest of the empires were not able to sustain for long and gradually they broke down. ex- Mongolian empire which is the largest empire till date, covering whole of Asia and Europe also broke down after the death of Genghis Khan. So is the case with the Roman, Persian as well as the Mauryan empire.

7- If you look today around the world, people are fighting with all their might everywhere, to just control some part of the land. So imagine, how fierce the fight would become if they were told to surrender their kingdom to a single government.
There will be rebellions from each and every corner of the world which will cost lakhs of innocent lives.

8- Do you know that 94% of the terrorists in America and 98% of the terrorists in Europe are non-Muslims and their prime motive is to fight the existing government system. In America, the Left wing terrorists are fighting to convert U.S.A. in to a socialist country from a capitalist one. Similarly the FLNC terrorist group in France is fighting for Corsica to become a separate country, and many more and these terrorists are present all around the globe killing thousands yearly, but STILL the POLICE and the MILITARY are unable to stop them.
Just think for a moment, how many more terrorists will emerge on the scene if we go for a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Thousands more from all around globe and killing lakhs of innocent people and the POLICE and the MILITARY will be as UNSUCCESSFUL in stopping them THEN as they are NOW.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MelissaBlaze 2 years ago
Not offended at all. There are not many things (if any) that can offend me. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I happen to agree with you on most of what you said.
Posted by ishant117 2 years ago
Thanks Mellisa for reading my full argument. I am really sorry if i said something about America which offended you. It was great to debate with you.
Posted by MelissaBlaze 2 years ago
ishant117 You have some very good arguments and valid points. Honestly, I believe you are correct. I decided to argue against my own beliefs just to see if I could. I went into this 100% against a one world government and I have been unable to change my own mind. It was fun trying to argue the other side. I did the same thing in another debate and I may try it again in the future.
Posted by TheWorldIsComplicated 2 years ago
Pro, you know how we all came together? By killing all the Native Americans, see it doesn't work.
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