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Would weeping angels be able to be killed?

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Started: 10/3/2016 Category: Movies
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Of course, a sledgehammer is able to crush stone, but I wouldn't stake my life on trying out how effective a sledgehammer might be. Officially, there is no word on whether the idea of smashing them with a hammer would work. But no weapon ever deployed against them, in the television series, has ever been seen to be effective.

But we can infer from the interactions we have had with the Doctor and the Angels that they might simply be tougher than they would appear even if they look to be made of stone or a stone-like material. We have also seen them animate, possess or even transfer themselves to other objects and materials such as the Statue of Liberty. (The Angels Take Manhattan)

*Officially the Weeping Angels evolved to be the way they are and were contemporaries of the Time Lords. This means the species is tens of millions of years old. Were they technologically sophisticated at one time and enhanced themselves this way? Are the the product of selective breeding? Were they warped by the Time Vortex. They are so old, their origins are unknown to anyone living except maybe themselves and the Time Lords.

*We have never seen the Doctor personally take up arms against them physically. Being stronger and faster than any human, he is still careful to avoid coming into contact with them. When Father Octavian was grabbed, the Doctor lacked the strength to free him; a bad sign. (The Time of Angels)

*We have seen assault weapons used against them with little or no effect, indicating a level of toughness that might exceed the damage dealing capacity of 51st Century projectile weaponry. (The Time of Angels)

*They are resistant to wide ranges of radiation and hostile environments indicating while they resemble stone, they are made of a material as tough or tougher than the granite or marble they appear to be made of. However, they can be poisoned by tainting temporal energies using paradox (The Angels Take Manhattan)

*And finally, we have no idea what the effect which causes them to be unable to move, i.e.. "quantum-locking", actually is. If, for example, it is a form of temporal stasis which freezes them outside of time, then, in theory, very few things could damage them at all while they are locked.

Only a few things have ever made the Doctor hesitate, the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Vashta Nerada and the Weeping Angels are samples of creatures he is happy if he never sees again. I would take the advice of everyone who has survived an encounter with them. Don't blink. Not even for a second. Run as fast as you can.


My opponent has made a very interesting argument, one that I at first agreed with. However, I have come to realize that weeping angels can indeed be killed.

*An angel could starve to death if they were left without time energy for a certain time period. (The Time of the Angels/Flesh and Stone)

*If two angels looked at each other, they would quantum-lock each other and both would eventually starve to death. (Blink)

*You could create a paradox to poison the time energy that they consume, thus killing them. (The Angels Take Manhattan) [My opponent actually brings this up, however, they do not explain that this would indeed kill an angel.]

*Multiple angels were killed by the doctor when he filmed them using CCTV cameras and forced each angel to view the live footage. (Touched by an Angel)

Using this information, which all comes from specific episodes that I have cited, I have proved that weeping angels can be killed.

2. Doctor Who: "The Time of the Angels"
3. Doctor Who: "Flesh and Stone"
4. Doctor Who: "Blink"
5. Doctor Who: "The Angels Take Manhattan"
6. Doctor Who: "Touched by an Angel"
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Posted by kevinTOC 1 year ago
I'm at the con side... That they are unable to get killed. I know, I asked the question wrong.
Posted by TheBenC 1 year ago
Great topic but I can say that the Weeping Angels are certainly not able to be killed. There are 0 instances of them being killed. They are not just stone like normal statues. I enjoyed reading what you wrote, it was very interesting...but I have no idea which side of the debate you are on.
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