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Would you rather have only a PC or only a PS4 for gaming?

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Started: 3/28/2016 Category: Technology
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Hello everyone on debate today is if people around the world should have a PC or a PS4. I (TheKingDebater) will be talking about the PC and my opponent wil be talking about the PS4. We both with our devices will try to convince you that which one would be more helpful in general and in our everyday life. The first round is only for acceptance and introduction and the next 3 rounds will be us presenting our points, rebuttals and finishing off with an ending round. I hope that my opponent will play smart and fair and I wish the best of luck to him. Looking forward to an awesome debate!


Why would you want to play those computer games that you finish in an hour. PS4 games are so much deeper. You can go in depth into almost all their games. as far as I know, You can't play destiny on you PC. You can also watch TV like you would on the computer, except this is on a bigger screen and there are more options. This is what whiskeystrike said"If you're getting into PC gaming solely for the better graphics the novelty will eventually wear off and you probably won't stick with it. If you like having an open system though I'd say it's definitely worth it. Consoles for their exclusives and the multiplats that don't make it to PC like RDR, FFXIII, Nier, Catherine, etc and PC for multiplats, strategy, indies and emulators." Also, yay, I got minecraft for 20 bucks on my computer. What now. Make a youtube account. Why not get some progress in your PS4 and earn a couple things while you are at it. See you later
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks JAWBreaker for posting your argument now it's time for mine.

I would like to start with my first point, PC's are better at games in general. Not only does the PC have way cheaper prices on games than all the other consoles and they can get practically any game a console can get but have the highest resolution. You can connect 1,2,3 or even 4 monitors onto a single PC whereas for a console you can only connect 1 or maybe 2 with some extra expensive equipment. But even if the PS4 could connect 4 monitors it would never beat a PC on resolution. On the PC, the image looks more sharp and clear.. It also gives a soft and cool look when you test different games. I think when it comes to gaming it's the most important thing of all.

Moving on, do you like controllers? No problem you can hook a controller on a PC too! You just have to install a software and voila, there you have it a PS4 but on a PC. It responds the same as on a PS4 or it might even respond faster! So don't worry about a controller the PC can easily be controlled with a controller!

Games: Although pretty much all games come on consoles before PC they also come on PC eventually. Even if you don't see it you can easily find a hack on the internet or something. I know a couple sites that you can get any PS4 game for free but too bad I can't share it with you. Lots of games aren't on consoles too because they can't handle it, there to slow. For example Civilization 1-5,Crysis,Sims 5 and lots more. To see the whole list go here:

Fourth of all PC's are more portable, especially with laptops. The only thing you have to do with a laptop is open it and play(you can also get a mouse too). But with a PS4 it'sdifferent,you have to bring the ps4 itself and a monitor and controller. On top of all that you have to bring the chargers for them too, what a mess!

Lastly, PC's are customizable. Let's say you but a PS4 you can customize it, probably you can by adding a skin but that's not customizing. For a PC it a whole different story. People have gone wild from adding a aquarium in their PC, adding a disco ball inside for more decorations to put a PC on a wall! You can see a image here:

There all too much things a PC has and can do that a PS4 can't but too bad I can't share them all today in this argument because my characters are running out. But of course you can see all the things for yourself here at this link:

I hope that you now understand how powerful and cool a PC can be and how user friendly it can also be. I wish the best of luck to my oppponent's next argument. Thanks for reading!


JAWBreaker forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Even if my opponent forfeited the round I will still continue with my rebuttal.

My opponent said that he can watch TV but on a bigger screen. First of all the PC can be played on the same screens as a PS4 and also it can respond faster and send better video quality. Finally, the PC can play any movie in the world but the PS4 can't support MP3 playback or streaming via DLNA.It also doesn't have an HDMI passthrough so you can't watch your favourite TV shows on it. But on a PC, you can watch everything, and I mean everything you want.

Second off all my opponent said "Why not get some progress in your PS4 and earn a couple things while you are at it". The PC can do all the things on a PS4 but better and has more. I think that he was referring to the gameplay and recording it. First, you have to buy separate things to record on a PS4 and of course, you need a PC to upload it. So you still need a PC for that. The PC also has FREE softwares where you can record all you games in HD and high in FPS.

Lastly, I would like to add another point because last round I ran out of characters. So on PC you can mod games and make them however you want,whenever you want. On the PS4, i'm pretty sure you have to install the mod or something else. Not only can you add mods on PC but you can make a game, a game of imagination, the only limit is your imagination. On the PS4 you can never do that. Still don't believe me? Read this

A user there answer to the question


Will you be able to mod games on the ps4 like on the PC?
Also will Minecraft's world be bigger than on the 360?


I 'm not sure about Minecraft, but modding sadly likely never will exist on consoles to the extent it is on PC, there was the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 that had modding but that's really the only game that comes to mind, the biggest reason though is game developers like nickeling and diming their customers with DLC too much. And if you could mod the game why would you buy the DLC.

Thanks for reading and I hope by this time you have a clear explanation why PC is way better than any console on the market, I hope that you vote wisely and I look forward to the result of this debate.



JAWBreaker forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Thank you opponent for at least saying something in this debate and I hope that you will post something for your ending round. Now for my conclusion.

I have talked about lots of things about the PC like its customization,display,how powerful it is and much more. To wrap it all up a PC is a PS4 but more powerful and nicer. My opponent didn't post for the last 2 rounds and probably for the 3 he won't too so I suggest voting for me because I was the most organized and most convincing person in this debate. But of course good luck and well done on this debate opponent, I'm happy you accepted. Thanks everyone for reading!


JAWBreaker forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by MangoInABottle 2 years ago
Maybe if you did it in just gaming you could debate it. But you mention all activities (meaning general usage in life) which basically equates to PS4 is rubbish.
Posted by tanki1 2 years ago
If I may ask, how will anyone debate this? PC is factually better than the PS4.
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