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Would you rather have untrimmable nose hairs, or constantly sweaty hands?

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Started: 3/2/2015 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Each will have one constructive speech, and one rebuttal. This is obviously SPAR and is just meant to be funny. I will be taking the side of untrimmable nose hairs.

My Constructive speech:
Untrimmable nose hairs are better for four reasons:
1. Hair in the nose is one of the body's first lines of defense against harmful environmental pathogens such as germs, fungus, and spores. (
2. Another purpose for nose hair is to provide additional humidity to the inhaled air. As the air passes through the nasal passages, the mucus and hair provide heat and moisture.
3. Nose hair does not grow fast enough for anyone to notice. Many people do not trim their nose hair once in their life, and they don't look stupid.
4. On the slight chance that someone does have super fast growing nose hair, they can simply grow a mustache to conceal the nose hairs, or they can get a world record and/or win hair competitions (which do exist).

There are no benefits to having sweaty hands, and many negatives. Although there may be few benefits to having untrimmable nose hairs, they can contribute to your immune system, are very easy to conceal, and have no negatives.


By my opponent saying I have one constructive, I'm going to assume that I am not to provide any refutations in this round. As such, I will provide what I can think of:

Constantly sweaty hands are preferable for 3 reasons:
1. Sweat in general is beneficial. There's a reason it's existent. It cools you down and helps maintain homeostasis.
2. Hands are a good place to have sweat. One could put one's hands on one's face to cool it down, or really anywhere else.
3. Nose hair could get caught on something and, as it is untrimmable, cause incredible pain. It would not be able to pull out and something as simple as getting it stuck to some velcro could make one have to carry a piece of velcro from their nose the rest of their life.

In conclusion, there are actually benefits to constantly sweaty hands and no disadvantages that I can think of. Untrimmable nose hairs could cause pain and ridicule.
Debate Round No. 1


Untrimmable nose hairs are infinitely better than constantly sweaty hands for the following reasons:
1. Nose hairs provide a first line of defense against germs, fungi, spores, and other harmful environmental pathogens.
2. Nose hairs also add humidity to the air that you breathe in.
3. Denser nose hair can be an advantage. Scientists at Hacettepe University School of Medicine in Turkey found that patients with sparse nose hairs were nearly three times as likely to suffer from asthma as those with more-hirsute nostrils.
4. Just because the nose hairs are untrimmable, does not mean that they grow super fast. Chances are, they will not grow long enough for anyone to care or even notice.

Sweating is bad for the following reasons:

Too much sweating leads to:
1. Offensive body odor: When water evaporates form the skin, solid material like urea, lactate and salts are left behind. These substances will release unpleasant smells from the individual if not washed away.
2. Inconveniences: People avoid close contacts as much as possible with people who sweat profusely. We do not want to be soaked by someone's sweat and therefore will prefer to wait until they are dry. Dry sweat prints sweat marks on the body and cloths creating a high degree of inconveniences. It makes you look nasty or dirty.
3. Hands are not a good place to have sweat. People use their hands in everyday life to interact with society and you cannot effectively do this with sweaty hands.

As for the 3rd point that nose hairs would get caught on something, nose hairs do not grow fast enough for them to get caught on something. My opponent did not rebut or even mention any of my points, so they all flow through.

Reasons why you should vote for the side of untrimmable nose hairs:
1. I have proved the benefits of having untrimmable nose hairs, such as having an improved immune system.
2. I have proved the disadvantages to having constantly sweaty hands, such as not being able to interact with society.
3. There are no disadvantages to having untrimmable nose hairs, and thus the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages
4. There are no benefits to having constantly sweaty hands, and thus the disadvantages far outweigh the costs.

Please vote for the side of untrimmable nose hairs.

Good luck next round,


First, my opponent did not read my full round, as I was interpreting his claim of a "constructive" round to mean no rebuttals. Obviously, he needed to clarify.

He claimed that sweat creates offensive body odor when not washed off. The resolution states that the hands are constantly sweaty, not that the sweat cannot be washed off and then regenerate. Additionally, constant sweatiness doesn't indicate a "profuse" degree of sweat. Therefore, his refutations to sweaty hands are negated.

He said that nose hairs provide a first line of defense, but they are untrimmable, not "sparse", as he himself admits. His point about humidity is unwarranted and ridiculous, as nose hairs just block up your nose. Therefore, his points as to why nose hairs are good are negated.

1. Sweat provides homeostasis. This point has been dropped by him.
2. Nose hair can cause you to carry something around by them, such as a piece of velcro. This point has also been dropped.
3. He has lost on conduct as he dropped most of my points and then accused me of the other way around.
4. Spelling and Grammar is tied.
5. Sources are tied because although I provided no sources, his only legitimate one barely helped his case and was immediately refuted by me.
6. I have won on arguments and conduct. The rest are tied.

Thank you in advance!
Debate Round No. 2
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