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Wrestling being eliminated from the 2020 Olympic Games

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Started: 5/20/2013 Category: Sports
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First of all wrestling is one of the oldest Olympic sports and that alone should be a good enough reason to keep it. When wrestling was chosen to be one of the sports that may not be on the 2020 Olympic program the wrestling community came together to make sure our dreams stayed alive. Just recently we had the Rumble on the Rails which is a tri-meet between the United State, Iran, and Russia. It took place in Grand Central Station and had very many spectators. It was also broadcasted on television. We brought three countries together in hopes of keeping something we love dearly in the Olympics.


Wrestling should be eliminated in the 2020 Olympics because its not a main sport. We don't have boxing which is pretty much fighting also, we don't have baseball and that is a main sport. I bet you a lot more people would have baseball than a sport where people punch each other back and forth forever.
Debate Round No. 1


Not a main sport!? Are you kidding me? It is the main sport of the Olympics. In fact, they even had the highest television viewers, most people in attendence, and the most people competing. You are sadly mistakin if you think wrestling is just two people punching eachother until someone wins. Wrestling is a human chess match were you use different techniques from any position. I guess you wouldn't understand that because I'm sure you are one of the geniouses who think competitive rock climbing deserves to be on the 2020 program over a real sport.


1. The primary purpose of the Olympics is to entertain, and wrestling does not do this.

Even looking back at the very first Olympics, we can see that the Olympics are made to entertain. According to Pausanias, the Greek geographer and mythologist, the origin of the Olympics is a myth in which the dactyls try to entertain the newborn Zeus. This being said, wrestling does not entertain people as much as the other sport I will propose for you right now. I will be suggesting baseball to replace the sport. A study comparing the popularity of Olympic sports ranked baseball at 18 and wrestling at 27. Baseball already has support from the leagues in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and Australia, and could get the national backing of Major League Baseball to have big stars from around the world compete like the World Baseball Classic. Comparing wrestling and baseball by TV viewers, wrestling gets 23 million viewers on average, while baseball can peak at 40 million viewers. So, the train of logic, the Olympics serve to entertain, baseball entertains more than wrestling, therefore baseball should be in the Olympics, not wrestling.

2. The Olympics are very expensive to produce, and wrestling does not bring in revenue.

In 2012, the Olympics cost twenty million dollars (Ria Novisti). In 2008, they cost 40 million dollars in 2008. With the increasing cost, we need to shed off an extra sport for the summer Olympics so we can maintain a profit or even break even. That being said, wrestling is one of the least popular sports, as I have cited in my last point. Also, since it requires many different events in different weight classes, it is one of the most expensive sports to produce.

3. The International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles, hereafter referred to as FILA, refuses to have a women"s Greco Roman style category.

Now is the age of gender equality. Men and women were not always seen as equal, but now we must promote equality, not just in ideas but in our sports. Wrestling and boxing are the only two sports that do not have a women"s category. The International Olympic Committee has tried to get them to have a women"s category multiple times, but the providers of the sport refuse to allow gender equality in their sports. Given that boxing has a higher entertainment value and is much more popular, wrestling would make sense to drop from the Olympics.

4. FILA has biased and corrupt referees.

FILA, which I have before mentioned is the provider of the sport for the Olympics, has referees that accept bribery and promote nepotism. In one case, Pelle Svennson, a member of the FILA board, witnessed the coach of a Russian wrestler giving signs to the referee. When he went up to the referee to inform him of how this broke the rules, the referee threatened his life. It was found out that the referee was bribed the US equivalent of 150,000 dollars to favor the Russians. The referee is a member of the FILA executive board. In another instance, a referee who gave a very controversial call was discovered to be first cousin of the president of FILA.
Debate Round No. 2


I can show you the poll that lists the seven sports competing for a spot on the 2020 program and wrestling is dominating them. You also clearly have no clue what you are talking about when it comes to the three different styles of wrestling and their venues. Women's freestyle, men's freestyle, and greco roman are all held in the same venue not is several different ones. Women only having one style has nothing to do with equality. Actually I'm sure if the idea were proposed the FILA Wrestling committee would be more than likely to add it. Especially if it had to do with equality. Women have just never wrestled in greco but in my opinion women are lucky to have a style at all. They were never supposed to wrestle in the first place. As far as corrupt refs, I don't know where you are getting that from. You clearly know nothing when it comes to venues, viewers/competitors in attendance, and absolutely nothing about wrestling. If a referee were corrupt it would be very easy to tell, and they would immediately be gotten rid of. Are you going to make up anymore points?


no i don't have anymore arguements i'm just saying that i don't think wrestling is the most exciting sport i would rather see other sports in the olympics
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by teddy2013 5 years ago
When I think of the Olympics one of the first sports I think of is wrestling. It is one of the toughest sports requiring both strength, and endurance, it is under appreciated and needs to be kept in the Olympics.
Posted by that_dude_gb 5 years ago

go vote for wrestling!
Posted by iCEFiRE_41 5 years ago
@sakskids(Pro), your argument that wrestling is "a sport where people punch each other back and forth forever" is incorrect, that would be boxing you're talking about. Wrestling deals more with holds and grappling with each other than actually throwing punches.
Posted by LosisHong 5 years ago
I think Wrestling should be stayed in Olympic games.Wrestling is the most beautiful game,i think.Because two players have not any tools.They use only their body.And Also many people are enjoying Wrestling.In addition,Some newspaper said it was related to political purpose and 'IOC' is doing mistake now.
So,I think there are no reason to eliminating Wrestling from Olympic games.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con stuck to the initial subject that wrestling should be included. Pro diverted into bad referees, and inequality, issues not relevant to the subject. Con clearly understands the dynamics of wrestling as only a wrestler can.