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Writing Exercise #2 500 words or less

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Started: 12/17/2014 Category: Arts
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I will pick up where I left off from last time. Here is exercise #2:

Imperative: Write a fragment of a story that is made up of entirely imperative commands. For example, ‘Do this;’ Do that;’ this exercise will be a sort of second-person narration (a you is implied in the imperative). 500 words or less

This exercise is straight forward.


This probably does not have to be said but BOP is 50/50

Stick to the basic premise of the prompt above

There are two rounds.

The first round is acceptance

The second round is the exercise


Voters should base their vote on the person that has been able to use the prompt to create a better story

Good Luck




Debate, accepted.
Debate Round No. 1


Transcript of motivational speech/Google Actual Meaning Translation


Communicate. Show your employees you care about them. Love them. Communicate that everyone is on a level playing field, no one is better or worse. Communicate your vision to the world. Be fair. Be honest. Be sincere. Be Authentic. Come to see this is success; no greed, no individualism, no competition, be actual concern and reciprocal respect for others.

Turn your organization into a family. Give them your total respect. The manager is your sister. The mid-level employee is your brother. Even lowly janitor is your cousin, your uncle, a part of the family. Create a family. Make kinship, create an environment where love radiates, flows naturally, where love is the key to success.

Never lie. Always tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Never deceive, people can see falsehood from miles away.

Realize success derives not from money but from openness, transparency, and straight-talk. You must be ethical. Ethical behavior is what capitalism is about. You must make ethical values the only value. Treat everyone equally. Be honest and open in your organization. Be authentic. Follow your dreams.

[Google Actual Meaning Translation]:

Lie. Be insincere. Feign sincerity because it saves time. Fake concern. Make them believe you care. Lie but use fraudulent meaningless terms including “level playing field,” “equality,” and “fairness.” Make money through good advertising slots. Maintain the best lawyers. Make everyone stays on message. Monitor employees just in case. Maintain your role. You must continue to play this part. Success is about money, about the self. Do whatever it takes to inspire to realize this, even if it means cutting benefits, firing employees, or sending jobs to Bangladesh.

Like to employees like your family member. Be petty. Hold grudges. Create a bifurcated a self for work and a self for work. These people are not your friends. You pay them. They should be grateful. Make sure they know you're the boss and everyone is below you. Watch out for potential lawsuits. Create an environment, where an elite few can do lines of blow in the bathroom while your secretary fondles your junk and everyone else only knows you through the billboards and the smiling face on television.

Don’t be mediocre, lying is everyone in this business. Stick to the script. Listen to your attorneys. Never deviate from their advice. Realize truth is what they say it is. Keep in mind the only valuable principle: never get caught.

Success derives from market share, from increasing shareholder profit. You should take risk. Engage in illegal behavior if it’s worth it. Deny it if question arising. Act ignorant when asked about questionable behavior of the company. Value is increasing value for shareholders. Do that and never look back. Treat work like a dictatorship. Trust no one. Keep a couple of cronies and yes-men around. Have someone who’s willing to get his hands dirty. Never get caught.



Follow the race of words below. Follow them in order. Read left to right. Read bottom to the top afterwards in reading right to left. Believe me. Obey me. Don't question me.

Trust your enemies. Distrust your friends. Trust the predictable. Distrust the unpredictable. Trust actions. Distrust words. Distrust what is said.

Follow my solution to take care of your enemies. Obey the my solution to finish off your enemies. Etch my solution into your brain, for ETERNITY! Convert your enemies. Disarm your enemies. Curse your enemies. Curse your enemies with incantations. Curse your enemies with his gods. Eliminate or neutralize the non-convertable enemies. Eliminate the dangerous. Invite him to his own destrruction. Let your enemies throw a punch. Take that punch. Show no mercy. Show no there is no hesitation in your heart. Show the enemies the consequence of attacking you. Embrace all the hate and scorn you are capable of mustering with fanatical fervor. Raise your head. Lift up your heart. Turn your enemies' cheek, then punch. Punch again. Punch again. Punch again, again, again, and again. Punch your enemies until he is incapable of moving.Finish him. Kick him in the groin.........or kick them in the chest if it is a female.

Follow my solution to take care of your friends. Obey the my solution to find who your friends are. Etch my solution into your brain, for ETERNITY! Test your friends. Question your friends. Work with your friends. Work hard. Find true friends. Like your friends. Care about your friends. Help those who will help you.

Sit in silence. Hear the voices of friends and enemies. Take action on what you heard.

Obey the will to power. Love thou friends. HATE, HATE, and HATE YOUR ENEMIES.

P1: Follow what I said without question.

P2: Trust your enemies because they will never wish you will. Your friends are far more unpredictable in behavior compared to your enemies.

P3: Simple, eliminate or neutralize your enemies.

P4: Also simple, find out who are your true friends compared to the fake friends.

P5: Find out who your friends and enemies are and then act accordingly.

P6:Love friends and hate enemies.
Debate Round No. 2
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Reasons for voting decision: Both PRO and CON wrote similar stories. But while CON's translation was the exact same as his transcript (simply summarized), PRO tried a clever technique of using Google to reveal the actual, far darker translation of a transcript. It was intriguing to see a motivational speech turned on its head. PRO gets the point for creativity.