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Xbox 360 Is better then ps3

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Started: 4/12/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Ill let you go first since i asked you


Ok thank you.

Well, I don't know were to start....Maybe the part werePS3's are Facking awesome!!!

Lets pretend little you goes into a little store, and you are confronted with a little problem.

"What's the problem JDoG?"you ask

Well son, you see, there comes a time in a mans life when you have to make a decision. And son, that 'aint just any decision. That is the decision of whether or not you are truly going to stand up, and be a MAN.
Or more plainly son, it is to choose whether to buy anXBox,orrrrrrr aaaaaaaaaaaa

. ' ; '; . ' ,- ,..'
,.' /' ;'; ;.';.' ;'. ' ';. '.'
(Pretend that's confetti)

Now, you might also ask,
"Dad, what are some good reasons I should buy a PS3instead of an xbox?"

In which case me,your dad, would say that.......

"Well, sonny, one of the best reasons to buy one is because those PS3's can play bluray discs, and not only that, but all PS3 games are also bluray. You don't want none of them XBox's that have normal DVD games. Why would you when you could have bluray games that have better graphics and higher quality than an XBox's DVD quality games?"

"Is that it for you arguments this round dad?"

"Why yes son, I suppose it is, however I have one last thing to say. When you play a PS3, you get a warm fuzzy feeling on the inside. (Translation: When you play a PS3, you get a warm fuzzy feeling inside)

P.S. If you could read that without looking at the translation, them I love you.

Debate Round No. 1


microsoft is a lot better than sony because, more people like it.Xbox Live sets new user record with over two million playing at once. thats about three to five million more than sony. also xbox has lot better computer connection the ps3 or (sony) cause its not free. if stuff is cheap then its not good.

Microsoft is also a lot better than sony because, First of all, Xbox Live is secured online gameplay, unlike PS3 blu-ray player. As Brandon Kim, a PS3 owner, stated, "I couldn't play the whole spring break, because someone hacked blu-ray"In Xbox Live, it is not hackable, and worth $59.99 per year, for secured and exciting gameplay. also Graphics- Xbox 360 beats PS3 on graphics. Also, Xbox 360 has far less loading times than the PS3. All the games in XBOX 360 look better, run better, and less lag and jutter. and again xbox live, Xbox Live is FAR better than PSN. It has netflix ... the PS3 does now too, but you need to put in a CD to play it. Xbox 360 just stream it even up to 1080p, Xbox 360 and xbox games for download, DLC comes first ( usually ) and sometimes its exclusive, now has Last FM radio, facebook, twitter.


First off, please don't copy past.

"also xbox has lot better computer connection the ps3 or (sony) cause its not free. if stuff is cheap then its not good."

If something is cheap, that does not automaticaly make it bad. There are many good, high quality things out there that are cheap, but are also nice. An example would be, clothes. Just because you bought a 3 dollar shirt instead of a 30 dollar one does not mean that it is bad quality.

"Microsoft is also a lot better than sony because, First of all, Xbox Live is secured online gameplay."
"In Xbox Live, it is not hackable"

Susan Taylor's tale
describes how she logged on to her e-mail to find over $200 worth of Xbox Live's virtual "Microsoft points" currency charged to her linked PayPal account, and then transferred to a separate dummy account.

On discovering the problem, Taylor contacted Microsoft support immediately and was told her account had been blocked to prevent further fraud while they investigated. So you can imagine Taylor's surprise when, as she tells it, over $100 more was taken from the supposedly blocked account for the same fraudulent purpose the very next day.

When Taylor called up Microsoft support yet again, she was told simply that the fraud department was "unable to block your account." She was also told that she should change her password, despite the fact that her password had been changed and she was unable to access her account through the web interface, she said.

"In short, I think Microsoft's fraud handling process is a shambles.


Vote CON!

Debate Round No. 2


i didnt copy and paste well kinda i wrote on a paper on my google drive then i copy and pasted it to here well ps3 people can hack in it and mess it up un like Microsoft its un-hackble so it a safe an secured game play


Well, it seems as though my opponent has restated his previous argument. I have already contradicted this argument that "Microsoft is un-hackable", therefore I am kind of confused as to how I'm supposed to respond.

I am a fair player, and since my opponent gave up the first round, this seems a fit round for me to return the favor.

Finn3322, in your next argument please provide a different argument.

Good luck
Debate Round No. 3


Finn3322 forfeited this round.



Debate Round No. 4


ok well than the xbox has allot better graphics and faster loading time. and it has allot more games. over 15 million play xbox live but on ps3 its 9 million so xbox is more popular


Just because something is popular, doesn't mean it is good. Microsoft is a larger company. Sony's main source of income is from the PS3. However Microsoft has laptops, tablets, and even their own of brand of smart phones....along with XBox. I'm not saying this to elaborate on how wealthy Microsoft is, and I will agree that Microsoft has more money than Sony. However Sony's main purpose is for the PS3, Microsoft's main purpose is for MANY things, not only XBox.

What I'm saying in a nutshell, is that Sony is a more dedicated company, because they have much less other things to worry about. Unlike Microsoft, who instead of focusing on XBox, worries about other things like Windows and smartphones and whatnot.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by jdog2016 4 years ago
It does, however Sony's main focus is on the PS3.
Posted by Walrus101 4 years ago
Even though I am for the Con, I would like to point out that sony does make other products.
Posted by NIGHTMARE 4 years ago
Microsoft is hackable genius.
Posted by Frank_Blascovic 4 years ago
Microsoft is not unhackable
Posted by jdog2016 4 years ago
Posted by GeekiTheGreat 4 years ago
Lmao... Xbox was jsut hacked in march you idiot
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Vote Placed by Walrus101 4 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: The PS3 is really better. Besides that, the pro failed in changing my mind on this. Also, spelling was terrible on both sides. Pro did not cite the debate they copied from, which makes it plagiarism. I felt that con proved why the PS3 was better, and in a non-aggressive way. Some statements that the Pro used were unsupported, which makes it appear like he didn't want to win. If you are going to start a debate, at least come up with some compelling arguments.