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Xbox 360 sucks. PS3 is better!

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Started: 10/20/2011 Category: Technology
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Xbox 360 sucks. Who accepts the debate?


I will accept and I will set my 2 rules. 1) No opinions only facts. 2) No fanboyism if it isn't a fact then it can't be used. Do you agree?
In order for you too win you must prove that in most respects the PS3 is better and in order for me to win I must prove in most respects the 360 is better.

Starting point.
Most games are played online these days. Xbox 360 has Xbox Live which you pay for so it is maintained better than PlayStation Network which is free. Microsoft's Xbox Live has NEVER been seriously cracked and has never had it's servers shutdown. The worst that has happened to Xbox Live was being bogged down from the ENORMOUS amount of users. PlayStation Network on the other hand has been cracked 10 times and counting. It has had 100,000 profiles viewed by the crackers and more credit-cards numbers viewed then that. What did Sony do? They said sorry.

Good Luck Opponent!
Debate Round No. 1


HALO: Available on PC
Fable: Available on PC
Mass Effect: Available on PC and now ps3
Gears of War: Available on PC
remind me again, what exclusive games does XBOX have?

Also look at the youtube video.

The top comments says

why do these xbox fans complain & lie about stupid stuff?

And he got 10 thumbs up. That means he is right and xbox sucks.

Look at 2nd top comment of this video

He got 4 thumbs up.

Here is a comparison of black ops graphics

the 2nd top comment says ps3. That means ps3 has better graphics.
Also xbox gets RROD while ps3 rarely get mess up.


Being that you didn't disagree with my rules I accept that we are using them.

1)I am not watching your videos I am debating with you not videos ( and my internet sucks)

2)Xbox has sold almost 10 million more consoles. Xbox 39 million,PS3 30 million though PS3 is catching up.

3)The comments on those videos are opinions and bias so are not relevant(just saying though he got a whopping 10 thumbs up out of 60 millions gamers. Charlie bit my finger gets that every ten seconds)

4)The comparison of Black Ops on Xbox and PS3 is misleading because they have altered the brightness and contrast making it appear better. They do not match exact brightness and contrast therefore is an irrelevant scientific study.

5)And I can't believe you used Black Ops as an example for graphics on the PS3 (kinda shows ignorance and fanboyism) because PS3's Call of Duty graphics engine runs at 30FPS and with 3D on 20 FPS. The Xbox's graphic engine runs at 60 FPS and will drop to 30 if need whilst running at 30 FPS with 3D on.

6) The resolution. PS3 resolution is at 960x544 where the Xbox's is at 1040x600. On Black Ops graphic engine.

7) Graphics are not dictated by consoles they are dictated by the games graphic engines.

8) All of the Halo's were originally Xbox exclusives until Call of Duty became big with its release of Call of Duty 2 which was an Xbox Exclusive. Not until later did they come out for other things. Windows not PC, not linux or Mac, which is owned by Microsoft same company. Xbox exclusives regularly out sell PS3 exclusives. Gears of Wars, Left 4 Dead's, and Dead Rising, Fable was originally a Xbox exclusive.

9)RROD was fixed after with the release of the Elite get over it. They also replaced for free every RROD ever. If not it was because the person didn't send it in. Playstation also stole its Blu-ray from LG. Playstations also would magically stop reading disks and Sony would refuse to fix it. They said it was a cleaning issue. Even though I cleaned mine every weekend.
Debate Round No. 2


You lie! RROD is not fix yet! You are just some freaking fanboy! Also PSN is free! While xbox live costs 720 dollars a year or 60 dollars a month! your a liar!


Well my opponent decide to act childish so I will further my previous statement.
1)"RROD is not fix yet" was your statement. I conclude that it was fixed. It was a cheap heat sink used in the Arcades and was replaced with a better one in the Elites.
2)Then you made the outlandish statement that it cost $720 a year when it is $60 a year for Gold Membership.
3) I already stated the effects of PSN being free.
4) I am no fan boy because I have a PS3 and an Xbox 360.

So I think this argument is basically over. I think it goes without saying that you should vote Con whether you agree or not just out of Pro's performance.
Debate Round No. 3




So do I win by default?
Debate Round No. 4


Crypto247 forfeited this round.


I WIN... I think. I think cryptos account was removed
Debate Round No. 5
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