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Xbox one vs PS4

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Started: 4/8/2015 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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1ST ROUND acceptance.

I am xbox


I'll be debating on the side of the PS4, arguing that it is a better investment for the average gamer than the xbox one.
Debate Round No. 1


The xbox one has the kinect a great camera with movement and voice commands, allowing you to turn on the xbox when you walk into the room. You can turn off the xbox with getting out of bed.

The controllers for xbox are much better then ps4, the are more comfortable in your hand and are not all cramped up like ps4.

The Xbox may be more reliable because of extra cooling.

The xbox has a better user interface resembling windows, with windows 10 allowing you to stream to any windows device including xbox one so you can stream your games to your tablet etc.

With xbox you get two free games a month. HDMI input to link up your skybox etc.

EA access is only for xbox

Xbox exclusives like HALO 5 & RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER!

Also microsoft make computers not cd players.

Finally xbox always have the first DLC access for call of duty, which beats ps4 for me. Being able to get the new maps before anyone else! New Zombies maps!


Thanks for your points, Pro! I will save my rebuttal of those points for the final round. I will now make my own points in favor of the PS4.

The playstation network plus offers an expansive network of multimedia, including many free or discounted games, and bonus services for online packages. One major benefit of this, however, is that Sony has developed the Vita to be compatible with other Sony systems and with PSN+, which allows for serious gamers to engage in multi-platform gaming within the same brand label. PSN+ is the cheaper of the two, when compared to xbox live gold, and is also not necessary for such internet activities as Netflix and Hulu +. This means that, as a system, the PS4 has more to offer for those restricted from PSN+ by budget concerns, although Playstation has now joined xbox in making the online components of games PSN+ dependent.

The PS4 offers the highest resolution for graphics and display, which not only allows for more immersive and beautiful gameplay, but reinforces the benefits of TV's that are coming out. Systems that do not take advantage of the visual capabilities of modern-day TV's are doing a disservice not only to their games but to the customers of the current TV industry. Were I to purchase an expensive TV with visual capabilities, I would be annoyed to know that one of the major systems did not allow for the full capabilities of my new TV to show up in games.

The PS4 offers many non-gaming components, many of which, such as Blu-ray, have been countered by xbox. However, the PS4 has not adapted to be anything different than a game console, and thus its interface is gaming-centered and easier to navigate for games. This is beneficial, because it is, above all, a gaming system, and it should be streamlined for such. Those who buy gaming PC's will most likely still use them for other purposes, such as email and internet, but does this mean that the system should cater equally to those services as well? Of course not. The PS4 is doing the right thing by focusing on gaming first, streamlining that process, and then allowing for more once that has been taken care of.

The PS4 controller and system have hardware that is better-made and less prone to accident. xbox has had a long history of consoles doing everything from failing to combusting, and, while the xbox one might be a step up from that, the PS4 uses higher quality plastic and metal and the controller is kept together by better materials and adhesive. The PS4 can sit on its bottom or on its side, mimicking the previous xbox console, although this is not countered by the xbox one. Any benefits to the design of the xbox one's larger size are countered by the PS4's ability to sit in two positions, with one obviously allowing for less potential for overheating.

From what I can tell now, the two systems are comparable in price, largely due to the ability to now purchase an xbox one without the kinect system included. However, initially, the PS4 was about 100 dollars cheaper due to this difference, and, as stated before, the PS+ networks is cheaper as well, offering more to the gamer for less money.

Your turn Pro! Let's see what you have to say about my arguments!
Debate Round No. 2


Some good points.

However you explain that the PS network offers more to the gamer for less money.
When you get what you pay for, the cheapest option is not always the best.

Would you buy an fake iphone or a real iphone? Nike or umbro?

The psn network maybe cheaper but it is incredibly less stable, with the psn network being hacked multiple times and being down for multiple weeks! Leaking a large amount of customer details!

Yes Xbox live has been hacked before but was back up the next day, xbox live is more expensive yes but for more security and server maintenance I'm happy to pay the extra wouldn't you?

You explain that the PS4 is focused on gaming and which is ok but you expain how this will save consumers money?
But customer will have to buy other devices with the PS4. Where as the xbox is a complete multimedia system so customers will not have to buy other devices for the living room/bedroom.

Yes the PS4 is superior in graphics but I'm not buying my games console for that if I was I would build a gaming PC which would dwarf both consoles (like I have).
I am buying into the xbox infrastructure as a whole its brand, security, maintenance and innovation in gaming and xbox exclusives. As long as constant updating of the console compared to monthly updates from sony.

Its constantly adapting and thinking of new ideas

Also Xbox record lets you record the last minute of gameplay, so for instance if you made a really good sniper kill it would record for later viewing.
Kinect will allow for better gaming exoerince for instance shouting charge while playing Ryse son of rome or substitution while playing fifa. You dont have to pause your football match!

You can snap different apps on the screen!

So you can watch your sky tv while playing a game. For example you can watch the game while playing the game!

You can switch between apps with you voice! Without disruption the game! For example I can switch to youtube from COD the switch back and the game is still paused not quit, not back at the dashboard.

In conclusion yes the PS4 has better graphics and yes it has a better design, but that is just outside aesthetics.
When you have a relationship with a woman do you go for the outside looks or the personality inside? Maybe at first yeah but eventually you will have the better relationship with the better personality inside.

The xbox is the better personality and will surpass the PS4, its the complete multimedia gaming system what will keep the whole family entertained as well as the hardcore gamers a alike. With most secure and reliable system you can trust with is so important in this age! Would you buy a shitty "1 house alarm or would you buy a "100 all singing all dancing motion detecter system for your family home? It has exclusive like gears of war and halo. It has the better games!

exclusives =
Halo 5
rise of Tomb raider
Forza 6
Fable legends
Quantum Break
Crackdown 3
Project Spark
Sunset Overdrive
Dead Rising 3
Ryse: Son of Rome
Phantom dust

For a handful of larger games that aren"t Xbox exclusives, Microsoft is getting first dibs on additional content, sold after the games launch. These games include Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Assassin"s Creed: Unity, The Division, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Evolve.

You buy a games console for the games?
Xbox has the best games!


Thank you for your final points Pro. I will first express my contentions with your original arguments and then address your contentions.

The kinect is certainly a feature of the xbox one, and I don't think the playstation camera offers the same range of services. However, the features that are added by the kinect are mostly frivolous, such as the ease of turning on you mention. Turning on both systems can be accomplished using the controller, so it does not add much to be able to perform commands that way when those commands can be just as easily done.

I disagree that the xbox controller is inherently better than the PS4's. I would first like to mention that this is a subjective viewpoint, and you have provided no evidence to support that one is objectively better than the other. The internet is abound with surveys and reports on these sorts of things, many of which agree that the PS4 controller is the overall better design, but I don't give a lot of credit to these surveys and statistics, and so I will leave it at that. Your point is unsubstantiated unless we are debating whether YOU like the controller better.

I could not find anything to substantiate your claim that the xbox has more reliable cooling. You suggest it using the word "may", and so I am not sure if you are asserting it or simply pointing out possibilities. It seems that both systems have many features to keep their hardware from overheating, and the PS4 can be sat upright to further this. Overall, I think your claim that a possibility proves your system's dominance is weak and unfounded, and that, if anything, there is at least some evidence that the design of the PS4 provides more security against overheating.

Your claim about the user interface is subjective, as are your claims about the exclusive games on xbox being "better". Surely you have at least some evidence besides your subjective experience? Not even a quote of ratings from IGN or something? I can't argue that YOU don't like the system, as you obviously do. Your subjective claims are unsupported and say nothing about the generality you are claiming.

Your reference to the differences in manufacturing is pointless. I agree that Microsoft makes computers, and that Sony makes CD players. Both companies make gaming consoles. These consoles are two of most elite consoles known to our era and both companies are devoted to their quality. Your statement is humorous, not argumentative.

Now, to move on to your contentions. I will attempt to offer counter arguments and to defend my original statements.

I understand your analogy about the cheapest option not always guaranteeing the best results. I agree that cutting the price can also cut the quality. However, when you are forced to buy something just to attain the bare minimum, those with limited funds benefit more from cheaper options. Your analogy about a fake iPhone or a real iPhone is not relevant here, as both PSN+ and xbox live gold function as they were intended to do. However, let me offer another analogy and back it up with a statistic:

It is estimated that one in seven motorists in the US are driving without insurance. Most states and areas require insurance by law, and yet many are not abiding by this. Insurance costs money, and many opt to only have liability insurance, the cheapest option. I would never argue that liability insurance is better than higher-level coverage simply because it is cheaper. Yet, many drivers still do it. If the rates went up even higher on insurance, many drivers would no doubt switch to liability insurance as a cheaper option, or forego even liability insurance and run the risk. 2008 marked a high point in the amount of uninsured drivers, correlating with a rise in unemployment. This suggests that even the cheapest option is not cheap enough when the going gets really tough.

To bring this back to our debate, I believe the presence of liability insurance as a multibillion dollar industry in America is analogous to my reasoning about the difference in price between services. Playstation offers a service that is more affordable, and this is important for those who can not afford any more. Playstation also allows the user to utilize features such as netflix without paying for the PSN+ service, which again gives more freedom to the budgeted consumer. But, by all means, continue to argue that having a cheaper option cannot also be beneficial.

Since Xbox is a part of Microsoft's offerings, I will point out that other microsoft products are known for being especially prone to viruses and malfunction, both from maliciousness and hardware issues. Your point about PSN+ being less secure in the past is valid, however, I will remind you that Xbox live has always been mandatory for playing online, whereas PSN+ was not. Now that PSN+ is mandatory, we can expect better service and security from a company that has now had more time to deal with these issues and more experience in dispelling them. I think your point has some validity, but it is not strong enough to pull the argument towards your side.

A gaming system focusing on gaming is logical, and this was not tied to an argument about money. I wish you had pointed out what exactly the xbox offers with regards to multimedia that the PS4 does not, and prove to me why a PS4 owner would need to buy other devices. So far as I can tell, the plethora of services offered by both systems is more than enough for most users without having to purchase extra components, and I will remind you of my statement about non-PSN+ users being able to use netflix on their devices so long as they have internet access.

I am going to retract my point about graphics. A member in the comments section has brought certain developments to my attention, and while I do not agree with him that the new hardware for the xbox will make it better, I do see reason to think that both systems will be virtually identical when it comes to graphics. My point is still valid that the PS4 has better graphics, but I am retracting it as it does not add to my argument and I agree that most people who care that deeply will prefer PC gaming anyway.

Every gaming company is constantly adapting and thinking of new ideas. This is not unique to xbox, this is not unique to sony. It is also yet another unsubstantiated point, the likes of which you seem to enjoy making, and has no purpose in this argument.

I have provided a link to a website describing the record features on both consoles. The source argues that the xbox one's feature is simpler and has been advertised more, however the PS4's option allows for more share-time and easier uploads. Your point is incorrect if you were trying to argue that this feature is exclusive to xbox, and it is subjective as to which recording tool is better.

I'm not quite sure what your argument about the kinect is. Both systems allow for users to mic themselves into games during gameplay. You cannot pause a match that is online on any game, whereas you can pause every game I can think of that is not online.

I am not sure how being able to watch a game while playing a game helps with either, as it is impossible to visually multitask in this way with any efficiency. Your analogy of a beautiful woman is baseless and does not apply to this argument, as both the PS4 and the xbox one have much to offer besides aesthetics. When you made this analogy, you seemed to be straw manning my argument and ignoring my many points that were not based in aesthetics.

My opponent is defending a good console, and he brought up many points. However, his subjectivity was at the root of his argument and I have brought more objective points to the table. The PS4 is a better system that offers many features and more economical gaming. Vote con.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by HarryBaby99 3 years ago
Con had better conduct and made more convincing arguments.
Posted by VendettaUK 3 years ago
some of the stuff i "suggest" is true i just don't make it up.

You can pause lots of games that are online.
I don't think you really play any games, so your view is less important.
As mine is coming from a true gamer, and computer technician.

Well done though you prob beat me in the debate by shutting down my quotes and what I said.
However you did not really say any good or unique points to PS4 really.
Only you can use netflix without psn lol. Who uses a games console without online anymore?
Posted by VendettaUK 3 years ago
Halo is one of the best selling game franchises of all time with over 60 million sales.
Posted by VendettaUK 3 years ago
Hey I did not know grammar and spelling were important. Thank you for pointing that out, I will keep it in mind for future debates.
I'm just writing this shiz as quick as I can at work.
Posted by m4j0rkus4n4g1 3 years ago
I'll check out that video too death wish! Sources I looked at suggested that both systems were good for cooling, but I'll see what this one has to say. Thank you so much for adapting and for the praise. I know you're friends with Pro and that you support his position, so I understand that you want your agreement to show. I checked again and I see your changes. Sorry if I judged you for what was actually a computer glitch! Also, again, thanks for all the info during this debate! VendettaUK and I are debating another topic in gaming, as you might have seen. I just posted my final and am waiting for him. I'd be interested to see your thoughts there!
Posted by deathwish188 3 years ago
Just to let you know con, your argument on the more reliable cooling, Xbox one is more reliable in this area, check out a YouTube video by the name of: Xbox one vs ps4 the ultimate comparison by Jonathan Morrison.
Posted by deathwish188 3 years ago
I changed my vote, I had to give you the most reliable sources part, if me and pro were not friends, and I didn't care for Xbox one, I would have voted for you on everything. You did a fantastic job still.
Posted by deathwish188 3 years ago
That's strange, on my screen it says that grammar and spelling was tied, though you did use the most reliable sources, I had to choose pro because I just feel like the Xbox one is better, I voted for you on some things, but it got messed up, my computer gets slow and laggy sometimes, though you did a fantastic job on the debate, if I did not like the Xbox one, I definitely would of chose you
Posted by m4j0rkus4n4g1 3 years ago

I understand that you agree with Pro, but I checked your voting and I believe you gave a biased report. You awarded Pro the section for better grammar and spelling and said that our sources were tied.

Pro continually misspelled words and utilized poor grammatical structure, a fact which I did not address but which made it difficult to understand many of his arguments and sentences. Pro also provided no sources whatsoever, whereas I provided sources whenever necessary. I'm not asking you to change your vote, and I understand that you and Pro are friends. However, you need to recognize your bias. If your friend truly did do the better job, he should win. If you agree with him, fine, but do not award him points that are undeserved.
Posted by m4j0rkus4n4g1 3 years ago

I haven't checked them all and I have been watching videos and reading up on the issues. I will continue to, although I have posted my argument. Don't worry, I retracted my point about graphics while I am investigating the matter. Thank you for the recommendations!
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Vote Placed by deathwish188 3 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:Vote Checkmark--0 points
Agreed with after the debate:Vote Checkmark--0 points
Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:-Vote Checkmark-2 points
Total points awarded:42 
Reasons for voting decision: Both pro and con made excellent points, though I like the Xbox one better, so I have to go with pro