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Yang Xiao Long vs Sans

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Started: 5/5/2016 Category: Entertainment
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Hello everyone and welcome! Today we shall be discussing who would win in a fight?
Yang Xiao Long, the Brawling Beauty of team RWBY
Sans, the mysterious pun making skeleton of Undertale
You may be wondering "Why make this fight? It's so random."
Well, I like to make random fights like this. Fights that nobody would think of, yet one that you can have a debate over.
Now, I'm going to be explaining why I believe Sans would be able to defeat Yang Xiao Long in battle.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Now, for anyone who hasn't played Undertale, this will contain big spoilers and Undertale is best played blind. It has an amazing story and amazing characters. You have been warned.

Sans is a skeleton who lives in the Underground. He cares for his brother Papyrus and lives carefree without worries. Or so, that's what you're led to believe. Upfront, Sans doesn't look like much. He's a lazy skeleton who often sleeps and naps, he slacks off his job and makes puns all the time. if anything, he seems like nothing more than the comedian character. But there's more to this skeleton than what meets the eye.

If you've played the Genocide Route of Undertale, you'll know what I mean. For those who haven't played the Genocide Route, Sans is shown to be a powerful character. He has the ability to teleport, summon bones from nowhere, create 'Gaster Blasters', which are big dragon-like skulls that shoot lasers, and can even manipulate one's soul to move wherever he wants. Kinda like the force.

Now, I won't lie, Yang Xiao Long is powerful. And Sans...he's weak. But he's not WEAK, if you know what I mean. Sans' stats are lower than any other character in the game.
ATK: 1
DEF: 1
But ATK 1 doesn't just mean that he uses one attack on you and that's it. It means he does 1 damage every second your in his attacks. Which will lower your health significantly.

But you Yang fans may be thinking "Well, all Yang has to do is hit Sans and that's it, game over." Once again, it's not so simple.
Sans is a strategist. He's smart in combat and chooses not to be in combat. He prefers more ranged attacks than up close and personal. It'd be hard for Yang to even land a blow on Sans because of his teleporting abilities.

Also, Sans is pretty much insta-dodge. I'm not even joking. When you battle Sans in Undertale, it's impossible for you to hit him. Each time he dodges. The only time your able to hit him is to catch him off guard when he's sleeping.

Sans also knows how to keep his cool in times of stress. Even if he's having trouble, he knows to stay calm and collected, while Yang has trouble keeping her temper under control, which could be her downfall.

But the biggest factor in all of this? Sans does not directly attack the body of a person. Think about it, what is being attacked in every single battle in Undertale? That's right, your SOUL.

Sans would not attack Yang's body, he'd attack her soul, which is not protected by her aura like her body is. Sans also has too many tricky abilities and techniques for Yang to keep up with. From blue attacks that hit you when you move, to manipulating her soul to slam her into a wall, Sans wins this fight.

Though I won't say he doesn't have weaknesses. After using a lot of his attacks, Sans will eventually get tired. But that wouldn't be for a long time. Why do I say this? Be honest, those of you who played the Genocide Route, how many times has Sans killed you? Each of those times, you come back, Sans knows that he just killed you and isn't tired.

Sure, it's kind of a stretch to say that, after all, it's still just a game, but it's all about time manipulation there. Sans can see through time. He knows what the possible outcomes of battles and he knows the past that's been reset.

I do honestly believe Sans would beat Yang Xiao Long and these are my reasons. Good luck to anyone who thinks differently!


As with the fight against Chara, Sans would lose. First off, the attacks that Sans is dodging are one-swipe blows by a child with a knife moving in the same direction. Of course, this would be much easier to dodge than the fists of a highly-trained fighter such as Yang. Although Sans can harness the power of time, there is no discernible evidence that proves he can see all possible outcomes. If he could, he would have dodged the second hit from Chara at the end of his fight. Secondly, Yang is extremely agile, again, much more than a child. She has achieved extreme feats and survived huge blows that would mean instant death for Chara, along with the fact that Sans' Karmic Retribution ability would not be into play as Yang is not a murderer of the innocent. Yang could survive possibly all of his bone-related attacks by simply standing motionless. She could easily dodge the Gaster Blasters seen in his attacks, as they are very slow by standard. Picture a level 1000 Chara with a weapon multiples past the power of the Real Knife, that has so much health that they can survive a fall from terminal velocity. Sans' time traveling abilities would only grant him some extra time for his attacks, but it is seen that he has a limited set of certain attacks he can use. He cannot throw Yang into a situation she hasn't seen before.
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