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Year-Round Schooling

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Started: 12/19/2010 Category: Education
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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I give thanks to whomever accepts this debate and give him/her good luck!Round 1 shall be only for accepting and clarifying. Thanks!


So I would be for year round schooling correct?

year-round schooling: Schools that operate all year with breaks in between in a multi-tracking system to choose from such as 45 day school and 15 day break or 60 day school and 30 day break.

1) sources needed?

Good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


Great! Let's begin:

I deny the definition of year-round schooling.
Year- round- throughout the year
Year- round schooling- Year-Round School is the scheduling of educational institutions so that students take class throughout the entire calendar year. A motivation is that higher student throughput is accomplished via more effective scheduling of school resources.

As for the sources part, I believe that we may need sources to, perhaps, back up our arguments or counter arguments.

Year- round schooling will cause stress, which is not helpful to students.

Summer gives a chance to relax and become social. Students would be able to develop relationships with their families. Students will also be able to have time to hang out with their friends, or come over to their friend's house to play a game. This proves that summer is essential to students and would relieve stress.

Any more I need to add?


Thanks for the reply!

Definition Comment:
Year-round schooling needs to be narrowed down, a vague definition tends lead off topic and very vague arguments. It also does not mean students are studying 365 days are year. Please be reasonable.

Con Contentions:

1) Directly from Pro's google source: or
-Prevention of student and teacher burnout
-Decrease of teacher and student absences due to shorter instructional cycles
-standardized reading test scores increased 19.3% for year-round grade school students[1] and that a greater number of year-round students met state score objectives than those on traditional schedules
Basically Con's source contradicts his position.

2) Year round schooling gives more instructional time for teachers to teach students and at least meet state standards. By meeting these standards students are more educated and qualified for his or her job, overall a more educated and advancing society.

3) Countries without year round schooling suffer in ranking and prestige compared to those with year round schooling. Countries such as the U.S lacks year round schooling and is suffering without more instructional time. There are less qualified people for jobs, many do not have a bachelor's degree recommended for many jobs. This in turn demotes society, or at least those without year round schooling.

4) From a personal level, none of my teachers actually finishes the state standard textbooks given. As a result over 12 grade levels many students miss this small portion of materials that eventually accumulates into missing months of education just by cutting off for summer break. Missing the bare state standard education leaves an unstable educational foundation for a child thus the state must keep lowering its expectations that eventually devolve society.

5) Education is key for democracy and many countries with strong democracies are year rounded. France, for example, has a year round system and its citizens are much better off than those in the U.S. The French have free healthcare, education, nannies, etc. As for the U.S, so many are ill-informed that they will vote for the opposing party because the party in power doesn't do anything and this occurs again and again in a cycle. As more countries become democratic there are greater demands for year round schooling to maintain democracy. Either way a strong education system is required for a strong democracy. Without it society will not evolve.

5) Year round schooling increases retention rate and more students are engaged in school and less time is spent reprocessing previous materials. More is done and standards are met, thus standards will gradually increase for a more advanced society.

Attacking Pro:

1) The year round system accommodates this. Again a year round schooling does not mean attending school 365 days a year. There are brief periods of time where students will be able to develop relationships, hang out, and relieve stress. This also reduces the time needed to reprocess previous materials. It just depends on which multi-tracking system the education system uses, which is why you must specify the definition.

Thank you.

Debate Round No. 2


ethopia619 forfeited this round.


Unfortunately my opponent did not respond, thus I extend all arguments. Please vote Pro. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by alaaman7777 5 years ago
Narwal19 you are a hacker everyone vote for con. Con had better arguments for both of the first and the second round's, so why would he give up on the third, and it seems pro was extremely "prepared" for his forfeit.
Posted by Narwal19 7 years ago
that was the source for R2 3rd source
Posted by Narwal19 7 years ago
error you are not one of the debaters
Posted by Koopin 7 years ago
No way OreEle, noooo waaaayyyy!
Posted by Ore_Ele 7 years ago
define "year-round schooling," I support year round schooling, but with 3 week breaks between each quarter. But then, I also support school being a 7 - 5 time thing, and believe that by the time you graduate high school, you ought have the basic education of an AA degree. Thus making it easier for people to choose not to go to college and still get decent jobs.
Posted by Koopin 7 years ago
OMChickenGooness! It's Narwal19! What up?
Posted by Narwal19 7 years ago
OMFrickingGosh! It's koopin! What up?
Posted by Koopin 7 years ago
Posted by Narwal19 7 years ago
change the voting period to 1 week and i'll accept
Posted by ethopia619 7 years ago
No. I only have a brother.
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