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Year-round schooling. Should we do it?

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Started: 3/30/2016 Category: Education
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Today my topic is, year-round schooling. Do we need it, or are we just trying to push the students over the limit. Vote yes year-round schooling should be happening nationwide or no year-round schooling must be demolished completely. Please vote yes or no and put a good reason why. Thank You.


I am a student that previously did year-round and traditional schooling in my high school years. Going through the systems allowed me to gain perspective on both, and the pros and cons to each system. I have strong feelings toward each, so let's get this started.
I would disagree with your statement of "...trying to push the students over the limit." As traditional schooling and year-round both cover around the same number of hours spent in a class/ a learning environment. With that said, really the only difference between the two is when the days off occur. Year round schooling is far more efficient for learning, as breaks serve as merely that, a small amount of time to recharge. Let me explain:
With traditional schooling, a student gets around 2-3 months off for a summer break. I know it is not a lie when I say that myself and fellow classmates came back in the fall and said "I can not remember anything before summer." With that, the first weeks and months of schooling (traditionally) are spent "re-learning" the concepts from before. And by "re- learning" I mean, That students need to re-cap on previous topics. With year-round schooling (at least from my experience) It does not take nearly the time to re-cap on a topic or even have the need to recap on it at all.
Now on to "do we need it?" Well that question is tough to answer. We physically need only food, water, and shelter. I joke of course. Let's look at a small scale model to decide upon which schooling is better.

Here is the example,
I am studying for a test in a class, should I study then take a long break? Or should I study and then take short breaks throughout? The answer is: it is better to take short breaks every 30 mins, rather than study for a couple hours then take a 4 hour break.

It is my belief that we could easily apply that same example to find a suitable schooling system. In my own opinion, students want that 2-3 months off for summer, and really do not care about their education. It is better to have a year-round schooling, if we were to talk in academic
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Posted by Rami 2 years ago
You out this in the polls, bruh.
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