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Yolo (You only live once)

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Started: 3/27/2013 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Do we only live once?


I would say there is more evidence to support that people only live one life than there is to support the belief that there is an afterlife (correct me if I am wrong be there is NO evidence infact.)

So this is all we got to live and live a good life.
Debate Round No. 1


You're right. There is no evidence of another world or that we live twice. There is no evidence that we only live once too. There is only one evidence and that is our minds. Can we see our minds? No. Can we see our feelings? No. Can't see our thoughts either. So does that mean we don't exist? No. We exist. Without our minds we our merely a carbon based entity.


"There is no evidence that we only live once too."

Yes there is. Absence of evidence, is evidence of absence. Meaning with the lack of evidence there is multiple lifes for one individual, it is safe to assume there is only one until the evidence is given.

The evidence that there is only one life is also the fact that after you die nothing that makes you seems to magically leave the body and go somewhere else is also evidence you only live once.

BTW do not confuse absence of evidence--evidence of absence with an argument from ignorance.
It is valid where if a certain event had occurred, evidence of it should be discovered. In that circumstances it is valid to take absence of evidence that it's occurring as positive evidence that it's not occurring.

For example, when a forensic scientist finds no evidence that a suspect was at a crime, it can be used as positive evidence.

If there is a second life or second world, then we should have evidence that it exist by now. Just like without seeing, feeling, or touching a blackhole science should be able to prove the secondlife is occuring

"Can we see our minds?"

Yes we can actually, because the mind is the product of a brain. It is complex cognition
and can be mapped i nthe brain .

We also can't see air, but we have demonstrable evidence it exist like the mind and unlike a second life.

Concluding because we can't see our minds, we don't exist, is a non sequitur. So I do not know why you even brought it up. I also don't see how any of this stuff about the mind is relevant to YOLO.

"Without our minds we our merely a carbon based entity."

Merely carbon based entity? That's like merely being a billionaire. Not much right?


I want to rebuttal this ahead of time because I saw you mention it in the comments.

It is a fallacy of composition. Your matter is what makes you (a part of a whole) but your matter is not you (the whole which includes your identity).

Your matter was also once something else. Would you claim to be a star, a rock, and a singled cell organism all at once since some of your matter was once a part of those things?

Would you also say you were just born since the matter that makes you now is different matter from when you where a baby?

The requirements of a second life


The soul is what is believed to be what makes a person, which is what the mind is. The mind which is full of a persons memories, beliefs, opinions, and other things that form a person's identity is a component of a living brain. At brain death, all functions and components halt permanently. For a soul to be any essence of a person, it has to be apart of the mind, and would be gone at death. There is nothing that forms your identity that exist outside of your biological self which could float off to some different land or new life. And since the soul has to be living in order to go into a second life, it has to be biological.


Where is it? What is it? Why hasn't it been found anywhere on earth or in the universe? If it is, as many religions and idealogies suggest, a real physical place, then we should have found it. If souls live there, it has to be huge for everything that has a soul to fit. And if it is ephemeral like darkmatter as new age suggest, there should be evidence of it's presence since such a place would require large amounts of energy just to exist, or we should have found some trace of it in hydron collidors or vaccum fluxations.

The "Second" Life:

What gets a second life? Do animals besides humans get one? Do plants? Fungus? Bacteria? Protea?
Who gets a second life? Under what criteria?
How does it live?

It is an unknown.

The second life is patently absurd from what I can see and requires so many things that also have no evidence and have been reduced to undiscoverable things by proponents. Scientist should have found it, and the society of people in the second life should have communicated in a sound way by now.

In conclusion:

multiple lives are no more evident than the invisible- undetectable meerkats surrounding me in their presence.

Debate Round No. 2


erost07 forfeited this round.


This has become a 1 round debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Argumentative9 4 years ago
We can see our thoughts and feelings. They are electrical impulses sent along the nerve cells and with modern technology can be mapped and interpreted.
Posted by erost07 4 years ago
Indeed. The thing is though, we can't prove heaven or hell... I believe merely by faith. There is logic and reason involved, the biblical Christianity alone isn't just faith. 1 Peter 3:15 says that we must provide an answer for those who have questions. Therefore, we must reason it out (Isaiah 1:18). If you don't believe in the Bible, we can look at the Dead Sea Scrolls and Josephus. I too believe in heaven or hell, but the people who don't also live by faith too. What happens though if my religion is wrong? I have nothing to lose then because I know that my good works outweigh the bad, most religions scale works on either how much I did or not. My religion is a relationship. GRACE is involved. No matter how much I may mess up or screw up, I know that I am going to heaven because Christ knows who I am because He disciplines me like a father does and by my fruit. I am not under obligation and there is no condemnation for me, only conviction. If there is no such thing as afterlife I know I haven't wasted by life via drugs, sex, and rock and roll. I don't want my life to be wasted on things that don't really truly satisfy me. If I do those things just listed, I will always come back to those things that don't leave a great legacy for me and my family. On the other hand, the person who doesn't believe has everything to lose because 1) if there is such a thing as heaven or hell the father wouldn't know them and go straight to hell 2) if there is no such thing as heaven or hell, then like I said, a horrible legacy to leave. Not saying that everyone who doesn't believe does drugs, sex, and rock and roll, they just have nothing to live for, but their family and friends which always holds them to standards to live by.
Posted by just4trollz 4 years ago
Doesn't matter about "matter". Just because your matter is here doesn't mean your alive. Also you get a second life in heaven or hell.
Posted by erost07 4 years ago
I agree with you. Yolo is a silly term. People try to justify their actions (good or bad) by using Yolo. You're right, our matter will always be here. There is no evidence of heaven or another world, per say, but then there is no evidence that we only live once too.
Posted by Sleezehead 4 years ago
The idea of yolo is silly to me. Indeed you only live once but your matter will be here for billions of years.
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