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You are not my God

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Started: 8/22/2009 Category: Religion
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Voting Period
Viewed: 1,716 times Debate No: 9301
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As Con I'll prove I am ReganFan's God.

Reason 1: Because no one understands "d(o__O)b" I'll translate what he means.
It means, "I forfeit and you're my God."

And because I haven't lost a single debate I am his God.
Reason 2: I'm the guy who looks for sin. In this case the "you are not my God" are should be singular thus it's "is." I caught that sin.

are not-are not

Con: you may be Reganfan's idol if you won any of his debates.
Debate Round No. 1


My god is a mud puddle, seeing as you are tying where as a mud puddle cannot, you can not possibly be my God.

My God - a mud puddle


I will like to redefine the resolution.

Clarification: both sides are saying you're not my God. Meaning Pro isn't Con's god, vise versa.

I will prove ReganFan isn't my God. I don't believe in a god, yet,therefore ReganFan cannot be my god. If ReganFan was a god he would be flawless, yet his record 2 wins -12 losses ...,therefore ReganFan isn't my god and cannot be a god.

Now for his point:
"you are "tying" as a mud puddle cannot"- What?
His god is a mud puddle yet his profile says Christian. God cannot be a mud puddle, he is a living spirit. If he continues to say his God is a mud puddle then he 1. Is a Christian hypocrite; 2. insanely worships mud puddles.
Mud puddles is not an established religion thus it's invalid.

He has also dropped all my points I made thus count those for voting points. He cannot bring it back up, silence is consent.

Therefore for reasoned above the resolution stays negated. Vote Con. Thanks
Debate Round No. 2


Clarification: one side (me) is trying to prove that the other side (con) is not their god while con is trying to prove they are, I worship a mud puddle their for con cannot be my God.

You didn't make any points because you didn't state why your my God.


I am ReganFan's god because I am a mud puddle, he worships it no doubt. Mud puddles can type. Take an example: Sand can move and thus type because they can form to become Sandman, which is the sand dude/person from Spiderman 3, similarly mud puddles make me into a humanoid and as a humanoid I can type because I have fingers. And I am typing on a waterproof keyboard:) Therefore I am a mud puddle and I am ReganFan's god. The resolution remains negated.
And he also dropped my point about translating "d(o__O)b" twice and cannot bring it back up. Thus I am his god. Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 3


d(o__O)b translates to be a guy with both his thumbs up, i couldn't type nothing, i figure it would be best for my opponent to argue first.


d(o__o)b signifies I won because my opponent didn't refute any points I made. He has propose that I am his God by drawing my attention to this debate (d(o__O)b is our code) thus I win this debate. If anyone else could have taken it then I am not his God, yet I accepted it because no one else did. I also said he couldn't bring this issue back up.

He has dropped my points about me being a mud puddle that can type. He has also dropped my grammar corrections that I caught as a sin.
In debate silent is consent, thus because ReganFan didn't refute any of Con's points he has agreed I am his God. I win.

For reasons above I have proven to be ReganFan's God so vote con. Thank you for such an entertaining debate, I'll be sure to grant you immortality when we meet again.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Logical-Master 8 years ago
*sigh* Debates like this are part of why more users don't come here.
Posted by MTGandP 8 years ago
Conduct: Con - This was a stupid debate.
S&G: Con - That weird symbol is weird.
Arguments: Con - Pro got pwned. Brilliant semantics argument.
Sources: Tie
Posted by Nu-cleur021 8 years ago
he also dropped some points I made.
Posted by mongoose 8 years ago
He was talking about "I'm the guy who looks for sin. In this case the "you are not my God" are should be singular thus it's "is." I caught that sin."

It's supposed to be are, while CON said it should be is.
Posted by Alex 8 years ago
Wow mongeese, looks like your the epic fail.
Posted by ReganFan 8 years ago
actually im a fan of Donald Regan the 66th secretary of the treasury, its easy to see how a misguided liberal like mongeese would confuse Donald Regan with Ronald Reagan
Posted by mongeese 8 years ago
Mislabeled grammar fail.
Posted by I-am-a-panda 8 years ago
ReaganFan was probably taken.
Posted by JBlake 8 years ago
You must not be that huge of a Ronald Reagan fan, seeing as though you misspelled his name in your username. Unless you meant Reagan's Treasury Secretary/Chief of Staff, Donald Regan?
Posted by Cerebral_Narcissist 8 years ago
I can't help but think that 'd(o__O)b' is a suitable opening argument.
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