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You can not prove that I'm not GOD

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Started: 9/14/2015 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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1st round is for acceptance only .

BOP is on my opponent.

demonstrate the truth or existence of (something) by evidence or argument.
"the concept is difficult to prove"
synonyms:demonstrate, show, show beyond doubt, show to be true, manifest, produce/submit proof, produce/submit evidence, establish evidence, evince;

used with an auxiliary verb or "be" to form the negative.
"he would not say"

I: Morganic

(in Christianity and other monotheistic religions) the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being.
(in certain other religions) a superhuman being or spirit worshipped as having power over nature or human fortunes; a deity.
"a moon god"

Good luck ;)


Hi, I'd gladly humour you and accept this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Fantastic as I have stated that the the burden of proof is on my opponents shoulders let me simply say.....I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End

I am known by many names YHWH, ALLAH Whatever's you choose to call me I am the creator of all things.


You can't be God for I am he! It seems the burden of proof is on both of us.

Now, kindly remind all the readers what happened before, what the humans call, the big bang and then you can ask me a question with an equally unknown answer, but only if you get my question right of course.
Debate Round No. 2


I Knew you were going to say that!

I clearly stated the burden of proof was on my opponent in my description.
My definition left room for both monotheistic and non monotheist gods your existence does not disprove mine and we are not here to discuss the veracity of your claims we are here for you to attempt to prove I am not God.

I can neither confirm or deny what was before the Big Bang as it would spoil the surprise and put a lot of scientists out of work.

I move in mysterious ways!


Sorry, rather predictable I know, but how do I really prove who I am anyway? Humanity has thought of so many different versions of me, some of them were better than others. I particularly liked Thor but he has gone out of fashion, as these characters always do. I can tell you now that they aren't all right though.

Even I don't know what happened before the big bang. You'll have to ask MY creator...
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Amica36 2 years ago
From my religious perspective (Islam), God is neither male or female and is unlike anything God created. Although the pronoun "He" is used throughout the Qur'an, in reality God's true Holy Name, Allah, does not indicate a gender, cannot be pluralized, etc. So, if I was the debater against you, from an Islamic point of view I would say you cannot be God because you are just a male :)

Of course there are other unlimited reasons :)
Posted by v3rd3_fiv3r 2 years ago
In the name of Allah the Merciful
An interesting topic in the truth, but we are Muslims we are seeing a very simple because the Koran said debate in this way and the same subject
And this debate took place between Abraham one of the Kings, who claimed to be the Lord
God says in the Holy Qur'an: Have you not looked at him who disputed with Ibrahim (Abraham) about his Lord (Allah), because Allah had given him the kingdom? When Ibrahim (Abraham) said (to him): "My Lord (Allah) is He Who gives life and causes death." He said, "I give life and cause death." Ibrahim (Abraham) said, "Verily! Allah causes the sun to rise from the east; then cause it you to rise from the west." So the disbeliever was utterly defeated. And Allah guides not the people, who are Zalimun (wrong-doers, etc.). Surah Al-Baqarah (The Cow) chap 2 - ayat 258.
so my brother like ibrahim said if you are a god rise the sun from west .
Posted by TheWORDisLIFE 2 years ago

What is your ethnicity?
Posted by themindofangela 2 years ago
God?" what is it if you do not give it a name? I have heard "God" is creation...

How do you know "something" exists without the awareness of nothingness to bring it into existence? We cannot have something without nothing and you cannot have nothing without something. Everything needs an opposite to exist in order for IT to be experienced.

Can you experience love without fear? Can you know left without right? How could you be there without there being a here? Would you know good without bad? Would you know you were feeling happy if you never felt sad?

In order to know or experience one thing you must also know or experience its opposite.

As far as creation is concerned we are all creation and we all create. Every thought that has ever been thought, every thought that will ever be thought, every idea comes from a thought and every reason in which you give to something IS a thought.

Do you create your own thought or are they created for you?

If you are God is debatable but the bigger question I have for you is...

Did "God" create YOU or did YOU create "God?"
Posted by V5RED 2 years ago
Of course that cannot be proven, but neither can you prove that you are god, so the reasonable position is to not believe that you are god.
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