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Started: 5/27/2016 Category: Entertainment
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This is meant to be a fun, light hearted debate. Offer three silly topics (macaroni is better than spaghetti, we should all wear bowler hats, pokemon is better than yu-gi-oh, etc.) And I'll choose the one I like best.

If all of the topics offered is offensive, too serious, or skewed (like, if you say water is wet) then I'll just choose my own topic.

No real rules, just don't be a dick. I reserve the right to expand on what that means as necessary, hopefully I won't have to.


My best ideas so far:
1) why having pimples acnes are considered to be more attractive.
2) Which cartoon characters would make a "better" president? (or Pokemon characters..I never watch Pokemon through...)
3) Being overconfident is better than being under confident?
PS. I'm sorry if I'm not suppose to post it here.
Debate Round No. 1


Which Cartoon character would make a better president (of the United States of America)?
My contender will be Garnet from Steven Universe[1]. The character Garnet is a fusion gem, meaning that she is an amalgamation of two other gems; Ruby and Sapphire. For more information on the character or the concept of fusion as displayed in Steven Universe, please see the link below.

Garnet has a wealth of experience from her thousands of years of life. Before coming to earth, Ruby and Sapphire lived on Homeworld and would travel all around the universe. Ruby was a low-class warrior gem who saw the brutal realities of combat. She understood what it meant it be dedicated to a cause - not even flinching when Blue Diamond threatened to break her for fusing with Sapphire in 'The Answer'. Sapphire on the other hand was a rare aristocratic gem who lived in high society, using her powers of future sight to help predict the best course of action in complicated scenarios. Sapphire was however quite fatalistic in her approach to seeing the future, even falling into shock after Ruby managed to change the future she predicted for Blue Diamond about the Crystal Gem Rebellion. Together, Garnet's future vision is a more balanced power, seeing multiple options and using her personal agency to fight for the best option. She can accurately foresee probably outcomes, and work to achieve the outcome she most desires. This makes Garnet an ideal candidate for directing domestic and foreign policy, including energy, jobs and healthcare.

Further, Garnet has shown her capacity for leadership throughout the series. Serving as the De Facto leader of the Crystal Gems, Garnet is both the team's most capable fighter as well as the most emotionally intelligent of the bunch. As an experienced warrior herself, Garnet is in a prime position to lead the US army as well as settle any disputes in the house or Senate. And unlike most world-leaders, Garnet can even serve on the field since she is functionally immortal - unless Garnet's gems are shatters, she will reform if her physical form is destroyed for any reason. Know the loss that comes with war, as shown in 'Keeping it Together', Garnet will be able to make wise decisions on whether or not to deploy troops, and will keep congress from impeding progress for the betterment of humanity. Noting Garnet's leadership experience is particularly important here as we know that she doesn't just had mental or physical capability, but also an ability to lead others.

Finally, it is important to note her dedication to humanity. Ruby and Sapphire gave up everything in order to be together, even joining the Crystal Gem rebellion in order to keep Homeworld from colonizing Earth to create more Gems. She saw the beauty in humanity, and chose to protect Earth for our sake. Sapphire gave up elite status in the Gem Hierarchy, so Garnet will also not run the risk of selling out office for personal gain


nginxrelic forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


nginxrelic forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


nginxrelic forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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