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You shall replace my calculator

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Started: 4/9/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
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1st round is acceptance, 2nd is cases, 3-4 rebuttals.


challenge accepted. this debate should be interesting indeed.
Debate Round No. 1


Okay, I thank my opponent for accepting and...well...lets jump into it.

Your autonomy does not matter within the situation. This debate relies on my mathematical performance improving, because i chose to use you(superfox1995) over my calculator.
Point 1
) You Have Incredible Memory
Let the audience note that this very man, superfox1995, remembered pi to ONE THOUSAND PLACES. He cannot deny this for I can even provide proof. It will be at the end of this point. But anyway, the fact that he can achieve this incredible feat means he can also remember formulas. In turn, instead of me forgetting how to input the formula into my calculator, I simply read the question and he provides the answers.

Point 2) Your Expansion on Mathematical Knowledge is Never Ending
You, kind sir, have personally told me that you study and practice math for fun. You even admitted you studied math you were not being taught at the time. Since your knowledge is so advanced, my performance would increase, because you would know how to solve the problem instead of me having to remember what formula to input.

Point 3) You are capable of drawing graphs
You have two functional hands and know how to properly lable a graph and draw the given equation.

Point 4) Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Logs, Roots(Square, Cubed, Etc.) Are All Attainable Without a Calculator
It is quite simple, for such functions to exist on a calculator, man had to have made those functions which means you can solve for the same values...WITHOUT A CALCULATOR!!!! I Provide evidence below.

Sine, Cosine, Tangent



Thank you,vote Pro, and I leave Con with this question: What is your math average this quarter?
I await his reply :)


Here's what I got as to why I can't be used as your calculator:

Point 1: Different classes
I may be able to help you in your math homework but I am sure not gonna be able to help you on a test or during class. We have different schedules, therefore, I can't really BE your calculator. Your calculator can be with you anywhere at anytime. I can't because I'm a simple human who has a life and needs to learn too.

Point 2: Hindrance
Trying to help you hinders me. Using the double effect, I get held back trying to explain and do all of these mathematical calculations for you. In order for me to explain things, I have to take up time. Time spent = less time available to continue excelling. Therefore, in time, I would fall behind and be at the same or even a lower level than the class.

Point 3: I'm not infallible and I have limited capabilities
I'm only a HUMAN! Humans are susceptible to mistakes and I am no exception. I can make a mistake here and there resulting in a wrong answer. I can't solve 67*54 without making some sort of a mathematical calculation error. Also, my mind is limited. I can't figure out what the sin or cosine of a number instantly. It takes time and even if it does take time, I don't have the time to figure it out. You're better off using a calculator for that because its a lot quicker. Quick note that I use a calculator too. So, since I use one myself, you really can't depend on just me to solve an equation.

Point 4: Dependency
If I was to help you, you'd depend on me too much. Dependency is not helpful in the slightest bit. You'll get lazy and just ask me to solve the problem and you'll be done with it. Yet you won't learn a thing. And remember that I can't be with you at all times so if you need to figure out a problem in that time, you're basically unable to solve it because you're too dependent on my skills.

Onto your case:
Although I admit I did memorize up to 1000 place of pi, that was only one feat. I have limits (going back to my 3rd point). I can't possibly remember everything mathematics based. Your first point falls.
Same goes for your second point. My knowledge has limits. You stated that my mathematical knowledge is only advanced. It doesn't mean that there's no end to it. My mind is like any other mind. It has limits such as memorizing every SINGLE value for the sine, cosine, tangent, and the inverses of them of any angle. That's a lot of values. My mind can't possibly take all of that info and memorize it. Not even the best memorizer can hold all that info.
Your 3rd point is useless. Anyone can draw graphs and label it. That means that just cause I can draw a graph, I can be used as your calculator. Then in that case, anyone can be your calculator just because they know how to draw a graph.
Your fourth point provides a lot of evidence but that all involves work and if you've seen me, I'm lazy when it comes to that much work and I don't have the time to do all that. It's easier to just input all that into the calculator. It just takes a few pushes of a few buttons in order to find the trig values of any angle. It seems more logical to use the calculator.

I'm not answering the pro's question because my average doesn't matter in this debate. My points sustain the fact that my intelligence has no relevance on the other fact that I can still make mistakes and be off on my calculations as aforesaid. So therefore, I urge a con vote.
Debate Round No. 2


I will first start with my opponent's case/refutations, move to my case, then weigh the sides.

Con's Case/Refutations

His first contention can be dropped, because his schedules are extra-resolutional within this debate. The objective is to prove that my mathematical performance in school will excell if use my opponent instead of a calculator. Furthermore, any points on this so called life he claims he has will be dropped since this is in direct violation of the autonomy observation i set forth. His choices, like classes, are irrelevant within this hypothetical debate.

His second contention speaks of hindering his performance, but I must highly digress. This would allow him to expand on his knowledge so that the answers to certain problems would be given at a faster pace since he would grow more used to the equation type. To his"falling behind portion", this is impossible since the least he can fall back to is what i would be covering in class. But also note that he spends free time studying math. So in theory, he shall always be ahead since continues to study ahead.

His third contention can be fixed with two special, modern inventions: 1) this really cool stick known as a pencil and 2) a flat plane known as paper. As I've established before, you have incredible memory. This means you maybe can remember the values so you state them instantly. But nonetheless, even if it does take you longer, I will remain more confident recieving an answer from you instead of my calculator. Why? Because you will know the formula as well as the answer, while I would have to remember the formula to input in the calculator (something I'm not very good at).
On to his fourth contention. This may be a seemingly good point, but note 2 key things:
1)My performance will increase, so I stay true to upholding my burden.
2)He can do something my calculator can't do...INTERACT. This means he can teach me on the subject so i can solve part of he problem myself while he provides information like logs, sines,cosines,tangents and etc. And when I move on to my next subject, the process can be repeated.
Again disregard the "I can't be with you everywhere point", because his autonomy (such as not being present wherever i go) is irrelevant.

He conceads memorizing pi, then chucks it off as a feat. But denote pi is a necessary element of mathmatics. Further recognize my calculator does not provide me with a thousand places of pi. He does. Thus I can provide more accurate information since he can "display" more places of a solution to a problem. Limits point was already attacked, so drop this refutation.

Second point's use of his third contention can also be dropped. I also provided that he does not need to know the values, but the functions only. In fact, scroll to his refutation to my fourth point. He contradicts his own idea of memorizing the values and acknowledges that he can use the functions given. So drop this refutation.

My third point was elaborating on the idea that he can do what my calculator does as well as be more productive. The combination of my opponent solving for the values as well as plotting them provides he can do what is needed by calculator. Drop his refutation.

My fourth point. The refutation to this was quite funny. Why? These reasons can outline its humor:
1)He never refutes practicing math on his free time, so he concedes to that statement.
2)He memorized pi to ONE THOUSAND PLACES.
3)He then states he is too lazy to do the work despite the obvious statements aabove that show otherwise.
4)He again overlooks the fact that his autonomy (in this case to not do the problem) is irrelevant. My opponent must look at my observation at least once in a while.
Due to these point, the refutations is dropped.

Con REFUSES to answer my question, stating it is irrelevant in this debate(clearly it is not since it provides as to how reliable he is). This can only mean Con ACKNOWLEDGES it would be beneficial to use him instead of a calculator and thus, you interpret this as a concession that the Pro is right. Also note that this was his very facebook post: "awkward 99.6 average >.< .. 4th quarter i'm puttin 150%. i can do this." Con, being unsatisfied with a 99.6 is an OBVIOUS indication he is reliable and he works hard. Compare this to my 89 average. I'm pretty from this point you understand Pro is fulfilling his burden. I end refutation of Con's framework with another statement he made on facebook:"Happy Pi day everyone!"

My Case

-Clearly I have refuted all my opponents refutations, so my case stands. I will also extend my case further on these grounds.
-My observation also stands since my opponent never directly outlines how this should not be upheld.
-He concedes to my contention 1 since he himself acknowledges he enjoys doing math, he is advanced in math, and that he has a great memory.
-He concedes to his advanced knowledge and, since his knowledge continues to advance, he concedes to my contention 2.
-He concedes to my contention 3.
-He concedes to my contention 4 by acknowledging that said functions/formulas can be performed without a calculator.
-Finally, he overlooks my question, thus we interpret this as my opponent conceding this as well.


So, several reasons why Pro is winning:
1)Con concedes to the entire Pro case
2)Con's refutations(which i must mention were not fully directed against my contentions) were all dropped.
3)Pro clearly upholds the burden.
4)By not answering the question, Con concedes Pro is right. This was further upheld with evidence. (Con knows the statements I provided are true)
5)I have provided factual arguments while my opponents argues with contradictory opinions.

Thus you vote Pro :). I await my opponent's response.


- (I will not provide my opponent's profile as that may infringe upon his privacy. But Con must acknowledge the statements I provided to be true, because he knows they are, they are pasted on his facebook wall)
- The sources I provided in my case extend to this rebuttal.


I will proceed by defending my case first then move onto the pro.

My case:

My first contention cannot be dropped because my autonomy does matter in this debate. His autonomy observation makes no sense and he is saying that his life is better than mine and he is only using me for his own beneficial means without the slightest care about what I want. In reality, both sides matter. I have to have something to go my way but by being used as a calculator I have none of that. He only proceeds to use me to solve the problems and help him and get nothing back in return.

My opponent says that my second contention would allow me to expand my knowledge instead of hindering my performance. I highly disagree to this because I'm not ABLE to expand my knowledge. I have extra time to study math but when I help you. I'm taking that time away. Since there's no time, there's no way to stay ahead. And furthermore, it wouldn't be good for me to fall back to what would be covered in class because I wouldn't get a truly full and complete understanding of the lesson.

My third contention can't be totally fixed with those two inventions. I would still need to know what to do. You know. Use a brain and not have a clue what to do. Same as my second contention defense, if I don't know the entire lesson fully, I can't solve all problems set forth. As aforesaid in the beginning of my defense, my autonomy matters because I'm a person too.

Onto my fourth contention. I don't understand how his performance will increase. He doesn't state any evidence stating how he achieves this if I'M doing all the work for him. Teaching someone how to do something is different from the person doing the work. That's actually a good point. If I teach him how to do it then that means I don't have to be used as his calculator because he now knows how to perform the same way as me.

Moving onto his case

His first point drops because he doesn't state that he's defending it. He only blabbers on about my memorization of 1000 digits of pi.

His second point drops because my third contention holds as aforesaid. Even if I had the functions, if I don't know what they mean or how to solve em, I would not be able to achieve the values. Also, it'd be a lot quicker to input this into the calculator. It finds a value in mere seconds while it may take me 15x as long to figure out the values needed.

His third point drops because his refutation just makes no sense. I can't be as productive as a calculator because I use so much time finding needed values that a person with a calculator can solve it by the time I find the values. So using me as a calculator is less productive.

His fourth point's defenses just make no relevance to the point itself. They have nothing to do with being able to get functions on a calculator. Therefore, those defenses drop and his fourth point should drop.

It is for these reasons that I still urge a con vote.
Debate Round No. 3


I will flow through my opponent's layout as set, then weigh cases.

His first contention again is dropped because autonomy is extra-resolutional. As I stated before, i base this on the improvement on my mathematical performance, not on what he chooses to do. Clearly, my opponent refuses to acknowledge this, but does not properly refute this. Thus extend this logic to any refutations he makes against my autonomy point.

My point of his expansion of his knowledge remains standing, because he never refuted his studying on his free time. There is free time when hes not in use (about 6-8 hours). He can properly rest and maintain his advantage. He would also be present in my math class which would allow him to review.

His third contention remains dropped since I have proved he has incredible memory, great math grades, and sources to improve his performance and advance his knowledge. Drop the autonomy point again.

Again i can learn from him and I will recieve better grades. Remember, his over all average is a 99.6. Compare this to my 89 and note that this proves he will prove to be a benefit. Also note that since he can serve as a tutor, I will learn about the subject much faster than self-attempting. And this can be a cycle in which a new lesson is brought up, he tutors me, I learn, and then a new subject is brought up so he may tutor me again.

Onto my case.

My first contention stands that this is true and since this was the sole point accepted by both sides, it stands.

My second contention stands since he will know how to properly solve them. Plus speed is not an issue. Thus his refutation is dropped.

My third contention stands since I again uphold time is irrelevant since in the end he will know how to solve and I will not. And since the answer is correct, my grades will increase to an increase in correct answers.

My fourth point stands since I was providing the fact that those functions are humanly possible since they were invented by humans and thus, my opponent can solve using those functions.

I am clearly winning this debate, because I uphold that if I use my opponent instead of a calculator, I will get more right answers, can be tutored to know the formulas necessary and will have an increase in grades. Thus my mathematical performance increases and my BoP is upheld. I am also winning evidence presented as well as a better flow of logic. Thank you and vote Pro.


I will make this as concise as possible.

First off, my autonomy does matter in this resolution because this is an interaction between two people. If you say that you can use me as a calculator against my wishes then it's like saying that you can punch me in the face without me taking any form of retaliation. It makes no sense whatsoever. I'd definitely be against being used as an object and I'd definitely punch you back in the face if you did the same to me. My first point stands because my classes are overall different than yours so if I were to miss one, you wouldn't even be able to help me and I'd have to do double the work which would frustrate me. So that's why my first point stands.

My second point stands because I can't study on my free time. The logical reason for this: I use it for sleep. I can't study and sleep at the same time. I can't mentally bring math books with me into my subconscious while I sleep and meditate and do math while I'm sleeping (Well I can but I can only review stuff I've read over which is quite useless since I know it already). As I said, since I'm present in your math class, I skip a class that you don't take so you won't be able to help me pick up the work I miss.

My third point still stands because my autonomy matters in this situation. As aforesaid you wouldn't be able to help me keep up in my other classes.

Well, all I do is tutor him and make him better. But what do I get in return? Not much other than just the satisfaction that I helped someone. I get nothing else in return from helping you so why should I if I don't get reimbursed with some sort of a payment? Cause I'm not learning anything new. I tutor many people. You'd just be another addition to the group. Just another load which will slow me down.

Onto his case:

His first contention fails because you have a mentality that I have an unlimited memory. I would have to memorize thousands of formulas so therefore, I would have to take up so much time to memorize them and to use them resourcefully and effectively is highly unlikely.

The aforesaid also strikes down his second point because my knowledge has limits. I can't keep on memorizing forever. I have a life to attend to so I wouldn't be able to have the time to keep going. Also, speed matters in this case because there are certain things called time limits. I can't be with you all day so that I can answer just one measly question trying to figure out the sine of a certain degree or the variance of a set of 100 sets of data.

His third point falls because of what I said in the last paragraph, saying that the speed does matter in this case.

His fourth point falls because... so what if they are humanly possible? It still requires an amount of work to do the functions and substitute and calculate. Time is of the essence which we don't have enough to work with.

It is for these reasons that I urge a con vote. Thank you all.
Debate Round No. 4
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