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You should be allowed to declare bankruptcy on college loans

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Started: 6/18/2013 Category: Politics
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I think bankruptcy should include college loans. College loans are so hard to finance because companies and colleges take advantage of students. The job market is bad and people are starving to death. This is not fair.


I would like to thank my opponent for starting this debate. I will allow my opponent to start first, and I will let them know that I will focus my arguments on how excluding the loans from bankruptcy allows reduced risk and so reduced rates for students.
Debate Round No. 1


Melodrama forfeited this round.


Well, this turned into nothing.

My basic argument was going to be that because bankruptcy is a risk that the company will not get their investment back, removing that risk reduces the overall risk. Lower risk equates to lower rates. Lower rates equate to more people being able to afford. When colleges can choose between more people, they can choose better people, and thus have better success and better help the future economy.

Though, since my opponent never presented an argument to work from, I am not putting any effort into this. Voters can decide if I should get a win, or just keep this tied. Either way.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Username101 5 years ago
In a way, you can already "bankrupt" out of college loans, assuming you have a low income (I assume nobody believes high income persons should be allowed to declare bankruptcy on college loans). The majority of student loans today are issued by the federal government. The federal government has an "income based repayment" plan which allows low-income persons to to pay essentially nothing toward the loan. After 25 years (10 years if you are involved in public service) any remaining debt is forgiven. Furthermore, the personal income tax increase that results from forgiven debt (cancellation of debt) CAN be discharged in bankruptcy.
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