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You should be allowed to type the way that feels most comfortable to you

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Started: 6/25/2013 Category: Education
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Typing classes never individualize, that is, the teachers always teach according to the curriculum and never ask or teach the way that feels comfortable to the individual. For example, I was taught to type the letter c with my middle finger, which felt very uncomfortable. I now use my pointer finger and I can key it faster and more accurately then I could before. People with long fingers have trouble typing some characters and so do people with small hands, so I think that typing classes should be taught to help individuals and not to people in general.


Typing classes generally teach hand positions and key strikes that are efficient for an average person. Of course, everyone has individual tendencies that differ from this "average," which they usually iron out on their own. For a class to identify and then address slight differences between many students in terms of natural positions and comfort would cost an extraordinary amount of time. If you create fast typists efficiently, they will modify their own technique to feel natural.
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