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YouTube Ban in Pakistan

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Started: 9/18/2013 Category: Technology
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YouTube banning in Pakistan makes any difference?


I believe that the YouTube ban in Pakistan makes a difference.

If YouTube is banned in any geographical area, then all people living within it would now face legal action if they go on YouTube, including prior users, therefore a change in more than one person's everyday life has occured.

That is why I believe that the YouTube ban in Pakistan makes a difference.
Debate Round No. 1


The decision behind banning YouTube in Pakistan was based on a religious issue, both Gov of Pak and Administration of YouTube are acting rigid in this regard so who do you think suffers more from it? it won't affect YouTube, as they have millions of users worldwide, but the people Of Pak definitely are.


I think that Pakistan is more affected, in terms of integrity.

Not only Pakistan is a country that is low on internet access and would have been low on content creation (due to the level of freedom in the country), Youtube belong to Google. Meanwhile, the loss of Youtube, which is the definite leader of video sharing over the web, is a separation from an incredibly open, rich, vibrant, and accessible source of information and content for Pakistan.

Just flexing my brain muscles. I don't know about the situation, and we're not amounting to much enlightening here. Plus we strayed away from the starting question, which I positively ansewered validly because in itself it was a useless question.
Debate Round No. 2


My main idea behind the question was that does it make any difference to YouTube? I am against it because I don't think it does. I guess I didn't clearly put my question but I do know that Pakistan indeed suffers a great loss from it. I myself used it for a lot of things like watching cooking shows or documentaries etc. Pakistan was not the main contender in the race of producing massive content for YouTube, but it indeed was used and accessed a lot from the people of different communities.


Corneliuss forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Sahrish 3 years ago
I in no way changed the topic. It was 'YouTube ban in Pakistan' and is still the same. read again.
Posted by Corneliuss 3 years ago
You changed the title. Oh. That makes me look like an ahole who wants Youtube to be banned in Pakistan.

Please delete this debate or swap the title back if you can. It's a bit frustrating.
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