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Young people are to involved in chasing material goals and have no social responsibility

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Started: 1/29/2009 Category: Society
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Voting Period
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People nowadays think that the young people just want to buy stuff like- iPods, Expensive phones, Cars, and other such Luxury indulgences and that we are not at all aware about our social surroundings. People still care for the environment and we can firmly stand by this decision as the facts show that a majority of the people want the environment to be saved from being further damaged. There are still many people who care for their neighbours, who care for the stray animals who live without shelter, who care for Trees and who care for Mother Earth. People have realised the fact that we had taken nature for granted for such a Voluminous amount of years. If people were not Socially responsible, then why would the scientists spend so much time on searching for alternative fuels? Why would environmentalists plant trees in large numbers? Why would people buy expensive Hybrid cars? My friends the Answers are all the same, Social awareness and Responsibility

Now, I know that these things are'nt followed by a lot of people but atleast its a start. We have opened our eyes and seen that we have been Socially irresponsible for so many years, not caring for anything but our own selfish needs. Now we have realised that the time for Change has arrived. Now we know that we cannot ignore this fact anymore that we have not been involved in our society as much as we should have. Dont think that only old people who have nothing else to do become scientists, its the younger generation who are now going to be the new trend.

"Patience is a virtue". Now you may ask me questions like,"Why have'nt we found any technology to improve our society?", "Why have the scientists not found the solutions to the arising environmental problems?" and more of such. I would like to ask you "Did you learn how to talk or walk in one day?" "Did you learn to Swim or how to ride a bicycle in just one day?". The answer my friend, is NO. You did not learn to ride a bike in just one day and you most definetely have not learnt to talk properly in one day. Everything takes time. You can expect things to happen in an instant at the time of your convinience.
Ending my speech i would like to say people go and buy yourself a pair of spectacles because its you who don't seem to be aware of the things we do for the society. Its you people who think we only chase Materialistic goals. Its you people who dont seem to be socially responsible. Its time for a rude awakening guys. Some people realize facts and act accordingly and some just are'nt aware and the latter of these people are the ones who are socially irresponsible.

Thank You.

P.S.- Please help me go "Against" the topic as i have a BIG debate tomorrow and im new here. Please help and contribute point


Social responsibility is an ethical or ideological theory that an entity whether it is a government, corporation, organization or individual has a responsibility to society but this responsibility can be "negative." In that it is a responsibility to refrain from acting (resistance stance) or it can be "positive," meaning there is a responsibility to act (proactive stance). Because I believe with this statement I am for this topic.
To clarify the round:
I will offer this definition:
Social Responsibility- The principle that companies should contribute to the welfare of society and not be solely devoted to maximizing profits. Our young people are under the influence of major corruption. There are many examples of CEOs using money for themselves rather than the helping the economy or the environment.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Puck 8 years ago
"Puck, So there is no duty to refrain from killing your neighbor and stealing his goods? Those are social responsibilities."

Not really - it is recognition that such acts tend to result in somewhat negative returns in the long run. Not doing those things benefits the self first - the benefits to others is simply a side consequence. And it is more a recognition of rights and the limits of action that details rather than responsibility to a 'collective'.

Perhaps there is some equivocating on the word "responsibility" I'm not sure. Interactions with others that benefit a person can't be labelled as a responsibility to act in that manner. Sole responsibility for oneself does not equate to hermitship at all, quite the opposite. Upon recognising the proper form of living only relates to the self as primary, then that relegates the term moot in relation to the self and how one should act. :)
Posted by RoyLatham 8 years ago
Puck, So there is no duty to refrain from killing your neighbor and stealing his goods? Those are social responsibilities. Tigers, bears, and other non-social animals have no such responsibilities, and they do, for example, kill their offspring. So should humans similarly have no such responsibilities? Is the only reason for not killing children that they might be useful in the long run? I think humans are by nature social animals, and that nature accrues both benefits and responsibilities. It is debatable what the bounds of those responsibilities are, and I would agree that if a person wants to withdraw from most of the benefits of society, that ought to be allowed and the responsibilities ought to decrease accordingly. But there is no escape from the inherent tribal nature.
Posted by Puck 8 years ago
Responsibility = duty. A command that I must perform an action I would not otherwise perform. I don't think so. :D

The fact that we survive better as a unit, and the highest achievements of life can arise in relation to interactions with others does not make it a responsibility at all.
Posted by RoyLatham 8 years ago
Puck, Tigers have no social responsibilities, because they are by nature non-social animals. Tigers live alone. Humans are inherently tribal. That is what engenders human social responsibility.
Posted by Puck 8 years ago
There is no such thing as 'social responsibility'. Individuals have a moral responsibility to themselves. That's where it ends. :D
Posted by RoyLatham 8 years ago
Some comments. You wrote the resolution that "young people are [too] involved ...", but then you seem to grant the resolution, saying that even though *most* are too involved, *some* are not. Don't concede the debate at the outset. You could try a lawyer argument that if even one young person is responsible, then it cannot be said that there is "no" responsibility, but that's not likely to fly.

Pro can argue from the statistics of irresponsible youth behavior: high youth crime, massive illiteracy and school dropout rates, anti-social sentiments in popular music, drug use, and irresponsible teenage pregnancies. This not only shows direct social irresponsibility, but because youth responds heavily to peer pressure it shows the population of youth as whole is tolerant of irresponsible behavior, and in fact often idolizes it. If there was peer pressure to behave responsibly, youth would behave more responsibly than they are now doing. There is little of such pressure, which shows a general lack of social responsibility.

Whenever a generality is debated, it is best to find some relevant statistics, if there are any. It is more difficult to prove a generality with anecdotal evidence. Hence Pro should go with any statistics showing irresponsible behavior. A counter is that "well, young people are always troubled, so we shouldn't expect perfection." The rebuttal to that is to show statistics from other societies that demonstrate that substantially more responsible youth behavior is a realistic expectation.
Posted by IdGang 8 years ago
Please guys help me with this i need all your help for tomorrow's upcoming event~!!!!!!
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