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Your future self is a clone of you.

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Started: 1/17/2017 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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There is nothing that distinguishes a clone of you from your future self.

I do not share my future experiences with my future self the same way a clone would. (ie: if i hurt my future self I do not feel it now. This works in reverse presuming that the damage is repaired immediately)

The cells of my future self may be completely different in the same way a clone is.

One might say that I will experience my future self's experiences. How would you know if your future self isnt just a copy that thinks its you?


My future self and a clone of me are different, as clones are exactly the same as what they are the clone of, but my future self is more experienced then I am, as well as being older, and as cloning is majorly speculation (no human has ever been cloned, so we do not know if thoughts are shared) so if my future self is different me, but a clone is the same as me, I will agree that a clone is the same as me but not me in the future.
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Very good points. I do not disagree with any of them.

Perhaps I should have used the word imperfect copy instead of clone.

I'm trying to argue that there is no reason to think that you are your future self any more than you are an imperfect copy of you.

Would you agree with this?
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