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Youth Offenders should be Imprisoned

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Started: 9/11/2014 Category: People
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Spare the rod, and you spoil the child. Discipline is lacking in this world today. They're only looking at the age and emotions and the future of the child. Be futuristic and strict. Stealing a candy is different from killing another people. A juvenile prison is different from adult prison. I believe children today are already rational beings and self conscious people, with technologies are also rising up. Children who are afraid and follows will turn them life upside down, they will strive for the better. They will not rebel if you teach them well, not to punish. PRISON is not only for punishment but also to rehab, to prevent, to teach while he is in the prison which is separated from adults. Be a leader to them don't make them leader to you. Because in the end they will be more effective than just spoiling and giving them what they want is a soft way. In order to make them successful they must learn in a HARD WAY. They will strive that they will not end up like an Adult criminal because they know the feeling of being in prison already.


Are you hearing this? Any parents out there? This guy wants to send your child to prison. We aren't talking about teenagers, we are talking about young children of 7 and 10. Have a heart man, children don't know what they are doing half of the time.

At around 7 children have a transition from a "personal memory" where they only remember things involving themselves, to a sense of like and dislike. They are new to this transition, and don't know what it is like to actually hate something. This transition also takes time. This is why teenagers act like they are their own person so they can make their own choices. A child, who has embarked on this journey of memory and life only knows so much. When a child hears a word they don't know, they just say it.

Let's take this a step further. Let's say a child steals something. Let's say this is a dollar from another student. The first thing they do when questioned, is to lie. In fact, when a child is being questioned about things like this they don't even know they stole something of value until they are told. So, this child wouldn't even be aware of the consequences of his/her action until he/she is notified it was wrong. Let's pretend this dollar was just on the floor, a foot away from the other student's book bag in the little cubby area where they store their belongings. Wouldn't it be reasonable to think maybe it was just a stray dollar floating around? You should to, Pro, admit that you have taken quarters in classrooms or the office that just floated around. Technically, aren't you stealing too? Now, back to the kid stealing the dollar. Kids that lie when questioned do it MOST when they are from ages 7-10. They realise they can make themselves believe that the dollar is theirs just simply because they made the transition from having a personal memory to a wider range of consciousness.

So why punish them if they aren't aware of their actions most of the time? Why shouldwe send them to a COLD and DANGEROUS prison if they don't even know what a dollar is worth? We shouldn't. Have a heart.

You want them to learn discipline for their actions? Children learn (especially at young ages of 7-10) more senses of right and wrong from their parents. Sending them to the slammer won't actually make them learn. Actually, they might not even know WHY they're in a prison until told.

Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for that answer.

First, the definition of a YOUTH OFFENDER is 12-18 yrs of age who acted with DISCERNMENT. I believe during those age they already know what is GOOD and what is BAD. Mostly our crimes today are mostly juveniles who commits rape, murder, theft. etc
Second why COLD and DANGEROUS prison? It is a prison ONLY FOR JUVENILES when we say prison it doesn't mean a PUNISHMENT it is to PREVENT, to REHABILITATE and they have EDUCATION inside because they have human rights too, If they are ready then they will face the society. I'll be more specific.. COMMUNICATION, OBEDIENCE AND DISCIPLINE will make them realize for their HEAVY committed crimes. If their crimes are minor then they will undergo a process of rehabilating.
Our goal here is to PREVENT the crimes in our society. If they will hear about this law they will be scared to commit crimes. AND MORE PARENTS WILL talk to their children about this and to raise up conciousness to youth. And if the PARENTS will DISCIPLINE their children and more communicating It will save them from commiting HUGE CRIMES.
We are talking about JUSTICE or the GRAVITY of the crime not the PERSON itself, what if he killed a LIFE? a soul that has a future too but died because of a innocent child? child know what is good and bad, stealing a money would make them frightened how much more if they KILL?
That's why they need a detention to make them understand and if they are given a parole for their new actions which is progressing and they repent they will be set free. There is a person who inspect.
There is a certain time-frame according to what crime they did.

1. Proverbs 13:24 - Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is DILIGENT TO DISCIPLINE him.
That's why we DISCIPLINE children because we LOVE them and want them to have a GOOD FUTURE. Communicating and proper way of explaining it to them.
2. Proverbs 23:14 - Withhold not correction from the child: for if you beat him with a rod, he shall not die.


Thank you for defining youth offender, however my argument involving the transition is still valid.

Lets stick with 12 for a bit. Still they are new to the world, In middle school being introduced to new and quite inappropriate and morally wrong ideas. So why blame children directly, when peer pressure is the real culprit? Children are influenced by their peers and do the wrong things. So are they responsible for their actions if they are perhaps FORCED to do crime? No, we shouldn't throw them behind bars.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for that response,

Let me recall on what you said first in round 1, you define that a child is 7-10yrs , so my repsone is that 12 is far from 7-10 years of age.
I believe there is a reason that the government legally describe youth offender as 12-18 yrs of age who acted with "DISCERNMENT" because they know already what they are doing, proven by professionals and it is tested. They will be inerviewd first and under a due process.
My answer for your question on being responsible of their actions is YES. yes they are responsible at the age of 12-18, they know already what is the consequence when they do bad things or good.
Second, "behind bars?" like I said they are separated from adult prisons, they have there own prison for juveniles only. Not bars but rooms (that will put them there in a period of time according to what crime they did.) rehabs and education is already a package. You don't just FREE the children who commits a crime like rape, murder, theft etc., we are talking JUSTICE here, not the person itself but the crime he did.
Lastly, you said "peers are Forcing children or youth to do the crime" that's why if we have the chance to alter the law they wont force their children because they will be aware of this law and more conciouness will rise in the society.

So FREEING or bailing youth offenders is not the solution, they will underestimate the Law and keep on repeating crimes because 'they know they will be free anyways' ..They should be imprisoned.


Personally I don't consider a youth offender from 16 and up. I understand what you mean about justice, which is something this world is lacking. I 17 year olds should be charged as adults but not 12 year olds.

Also without sources to prove they have been tested on I won't accept that answer. Also as stated the transition from 7 to 8 lasts up until a teenager, because they make real independent choices also with hormones they are subject to fall into peer pressure to be "cool".

Everyone, or at least most of us have fallen to peer pressure.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by IronCurx 3 years ago
"Prisons just make hardened and smarter criminals. Con had better arguments." What is this argument? This is so biased.
Posted by 09galatians 3 years ago
p.s This is for our school debate, i'm a pro.
Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
And another thing. You do not spoil a child by giving them too much. You spoil a child by not disciplining them.
Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
The bible never said, " spare the rod, spoil the child."God says , " a man who spares the rod, hates his child." Much stronger .
Posted by harrymate 3 years ago
I totally agree with you.
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct to con because Pro made claims that require sources but did not provide the sources. However his arguments were much better than Con's idea that peer pressure is a valid excuse for comitting a crime.
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Reasons for voting decision: Prisons just make hardened and smarter criminals. Con had better arguments.