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Youth Sports is an excellent building block for children today.

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Started: 7/21/2008 Category: Sports
Updated: 9 years ago Status: Voting Period
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I have to start by saying that the reason I picked this subject is because I have met several parents who think that youth sports are corrupt and politcal. For this reason they do not allow their children to participate in youth sports. My goal is to show the positive sides of youth sports that applies to any child.

Youth sports today provides many positive things for children:

Team work
Physical Fitness
The ability to set and accomplish goals

The ability to work in a team is a quality needed in almost every adult job in the world.

Leadership not just meaning being able to lead people but also being able to follow. Where following is not always looked upon as leadership, if a weaker person sees someone following a specific person then it is easier for that person to follow as well. Thus by follow a good leader they in turn learn to be a leader.

If for nothing else sports are good for physical fitness. In this time where the obicity rate in children is sky high, sports is just the thing to keep children in shape.

And then the ability to set and accomplish goals. Many people in this day and age set goals that they are not able to accomplish. Why is this? Because many people where never taught how to set reasonable goals. Sports is one way to teach children how to set attainable goals and then work to reach them.

Another great thing that comes from sports is that it gives a parent a chance to give their child positive reinfocement.

This is not to say that no negative effects will come from sports, but the negative effects can easily be avoided by making sure that coaches are positive role models and have the childrens best interest in mind.


Firstly, to be honest, I agree that sports are important. But to play devils advocate...

Sports ostracizes...

A large number of people who don't enjoy or don't feel confident engaging in sports.

People who don't fit the natural stereotype of people who are sporty (you don't see many goth quarterbacks).

It tends to encourage and support those with a strong personality and/or natural physical ability, which inherently discourages those that don't, and they are the ones that usually need it the most.

It depends on the school, teacher and fellow students to a large extent, so I had to generalize.
Debate Round No. 1


First, thank you for taking this debate. I know it is a little one sided but I am sure you understand my reasoning.

I am a youth soccer coach and have personally seen the benefits of sports especially for the smaller children that have confidence issues. I have seen a child that was scared of the ball the first day become one of the best players on the team in two seasons.

In round one my opponent said that sports ostracizes, and in an older age group I agree, but younger children are typically more accepting of others. I should have given a definition of youth sports in my opening debate.

Youth sports are sports played prior to the beginning of organized school sports.

"A large number of people don't enjoy or feel confident engaging in sports."

I will start with confidence engaging in sports. This is where positive reinforcement from parents and coaches comes in. Children gain confidence when praised by those they look up to. At a young age, through sports, you can mold a child into being a confident individual even if they don't continue to play sports in later years.

If a child does not enjoy sports or more specifically the sport that they are currently playing, it could be that they are just playing the wrong sport. If a child isn't as good on a team there are also sports in which an individual score goes to a team effort, such as gymnastics, track and field, tennis, golf, etc. As I said in round one, one of the great positive things that comes from sports is the ability to set and attain goals. These goal can be team goals or individual goals, either way it is a confidence builder for a child to see his or her own progress.

Because I did not state a definition in the first round I am not going to argue my opponents third statement, only because I have never seen a 10 year old in goth.

I will semi agree that sports do tend to support those with strong personalities and physical ability, however not every child on every team is an extraordinary athlete. There will always be weaker, slower children. The whole idea behind youth sports is not to mold our children into the next Barry Sanders or LaBron James, it is to teach them to become strong, self confident adults. A small, weak child may never develop into a world class athlete, but with good encouragement that child will learn confidence and have a higher self-esteem. They may even gain that sense of leadership that they will be able to apply to there everyday adult life.

I may be biased because I am a youth sports coach, but when you see the benefits you can see how great these programs are.


I'll be honest, I thought you were referring to older children (teenagers basically) as you didn't specify the age.

It is impossible for me to argue against younger children engaging in sports unless I invoke a ridiculous argument like physical or mental handicap.

I propose that this debate be called a draw as neither of us clarified our positions clearly enough, but I can forfeit if required.
Debate Round No. 2


That is fine we can call a draw. sorry for the misunderstanding and thank you for the opportunity. kg


A draw it is then, don't know how that works exactly but I assume I have to comment in the final round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Puck 9 years ago
I like your thinking, theLwerd. :D It's a shame I'm going to be too busy this week to take this debate. I enjoy a challenge and this would hopefully be forfeit free.
Posted by Danielle 9 years ago
This is an incredibly biased debate; nobody likes taking on challenges they know they can't win. Except me lol I rather enjoy it. So if this debate is still here for awhile, I'll gladly take it on.
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