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Youth shoplifting is still stealing!

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Started: 11/26/2012 Category: Society
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So this is how it's going to go:
Round 1: Intro/Opening statements of your side.
Round 2: State arguments and also defend your side.
Round 3: Rebuttals

So I've decided to take the con side of this debate. I think shoplifting has its morals as well, and while shoplifting is still physically stealing, are they ethically stealing? That is the question I want to make clear because that is how I interpret shoplifting. I don't condone stealing and in some cases it may be wrong, but there's always at least a deep reason to why a person decides to shoplift in the first place, and having said that, come strongly opponent.


I accept this debate. Youth shoplifting in my humble opinion is still stealing. In all reality it is.
Debate Round No. 1


LadyZZ forfeited this round.


Shoplifting is stealing.

If you take some guys stuff, that is considered stealing.

There should not be any difference regarding children, as the same exact act has been committed.

Let's look at it this way. If I am adult who eats pie, the action is "eating pie". If a kid is doing that same action, it is called and regarded as the same action -- as eating pie.


I was robbed a few months back, he stole stuff from me. The police report said that he had stole from me, and from this basis (that he stole stuff from me via robbery), he went and served his punishment.

I see no reason why youth shoplifting should not be considered stealing. Because if you are stealing, you are taking something away without their agreeement to the exchange. If a youth is doing the same thing, it is considered stealing. Basic vocabulary.

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 2


LadyZZ forfeited this round.


Basically my case is that stealing is stealing. The vast majority of the poor (96%) had continuous food and housing over the past few years. Most kids can tell that stealing is immoral. And private charity exists for those in need.

I urge a PRO vote. Thanks for reading.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by LadyZZ 5 years ago
Statistically, youth are more likely to commit crimes from big corporate companies to say the least, and also youth always have a justifiable reason for stealing. ON the contrary, youth are different from adults because well there is the ethical argument of whether or not they have someone to provide for them, whether or not they have the psychological stability. In fairness, most youth don't steal to get that "rush" that youth get. And in no way is shoplifting something that should be condoned, but when a youth shoplifts when they have no other way to provide for themselves, or for their families, or even are psychologically aware that most shoplifting comes from their subconsious. Say you have a rich kid who has everything there is to have and a poor kid who has nothing, they both steal, the rich kid's conscious reason being for the thrill, and the poor kid's conscious reason was to live more than they do. Well, they share a common reason in fact. To feel better and to feel fulfillment. There's nothing you can do about a kid taking someone's pie, because maybe they were just hungry and had no other way to eat. If an adult steals another's pie, you can't really understand, but youth have no choice sometimes, because when it all comes down to it, you can't change a youth's situation at home or psychological thoughts. It's not that youth feel entitled or anything like that, but simply because they have no other way to see how to reach true happiness. Youth shoplifting under these circumstances is in no case stealing, because what are they really stealing from a capitalist society anyway?

Vote for the ethical argument because it justifies why youth actually shoplift in the first place, and it should not even be considered stealing when youth are faced under these major conditions.

Thank you.

This was my argument, but I posted way too late and was forfeited. :(
Posted by Wishing4Winter 5 years ago
Contra, I was just about to take this debate :( darn. I was excited to break out Nozick's entitlement theory...

But good luck to both debaters! I am quite interested to hear LadyZZ's arguments.
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