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Yu-Gi-Oh! is better than Pokemon.

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Started: 4/8/2016 Category: Games
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Yu-Gi-Oh! has always been better than Pokemon.

Section 1: Pokemon cards can't hold a candle to the way YGO cards. The YGO cards look like pure awesomeness, and are much more powerful. Like Exodia for instance. In the forum post down below this section, the writer says that having all 5 pieces of Exodia made you the "cool kid", the one all other duelists looked up to and wanted to rob. He also said that being able to draw all 5 pieces was like getting an extra chicken nugget in your happy meal, or watching Goku go Super Saiyan for the first time. Nothing in Pokemon has ever given anyone that feeling, because they don't have any cards similar to that. Unlike YGO, Pokemon doesn't have a lot of ultra rare, super rare, or normal cards that are really good but really hard to find. Every card in Pokemon is super common and extremely easy to get a hold of. But in YGO, people will spend long periods of time looking for a certain card, or set of cards, to "complete" their deck. Like me, for instance, I've been looking for the Melodious Fusions, and once I get them, I'll feel really good, like I have a very powerful unbeatable deck (until I get defeated lol). Pokemon players, don't get that feeling. They don't know what its like, and probably never will.

Section 2: In this Forum on Yahoo Answers, just about everyone picks Yu-Gi-Oh over Pokemon, and they bring up some good points. The YGO card game requires strategy unlike Pokemon, and the show is much better as well. This is clearly plain to see. The Pokemon show is just like the Elder Scrolls series. Sure its full of adventure, but it's literally the same thing over and over again, with no character development and no improvement in the story line at all. In Yu-Gi-Oh on the other hand, the characters are always being developed and there's always something new going on. The only thing that's really repetitive in YGO, is Kaiba's constant desire to finally beat Yugi.

Section 3: And then there's this section. This is another Yahoo Answers Forum, where everyone picks YGO over Pokemon. They either have YGO in first or second place with Pokemon always in third.

Conclusion: The people have practically spoken for me. Yu-Gi-Oh is better than Pokemon. Hands down. But out of respect for those who manage to find a use for those other wise useless cards that are the Pokemon cards, at the end of the day. We'll all enjoy playing the games that we do, and no one can take that away from us.

I thank the readers for taking the time to look at this debate, and I thank my opponent, whoever that may be, for accepting and taking the time to argue their points.


Eh I'm bored, so why not. I'll gladly defend Pokémon in this debate. Good luck in advance to my opponent in the voting phase.
Seeing as this is only one round, I'll lay out the entirety of my points here.

I'll talk about many different sections of the Pokémon franchise:

I. The TCG
II. The Videogames

I'll be strictly talking about these because while the show itself is popular, it pales in comparison to the popularity of the TCG and games.

I. The TCG

Firstly, the Pokémon TCG is definitely a lot different in terms of mechanics than Yu-Gi-Oh. It is not based on "ATK" and "DEF", but rather a set of hit points each Pokémon has and attacks that cost energy, as well as the "evolution" of Pokémon throughout the course of the game. The only example of "evolution" in Yu-Gi-Oh that is notable is the building of Exodia, where five pieces are needed to instantly win the game.

The concept of evolution and energy opens up a whole new strategy behind Pokémon, where managing your evolutions and energy is key. For instance, you have the choice of trying to take out the enemy Pokémon early, or focusing on increasing your Pokémon's strength over time through evolving.

The advantage Pokémon has over Yu-Gi-Oh is that it is a lot more accessible to newcomers, meaning it is easier to understand the core concept of the game and focus on more advanced strategies sooner. In the meanwhile, with Yu-Gi-Oh, its mechanics are more complex (even if slightly so), meaning that at entry-level or younger audiences, most will be attracted to Pokémon over Yu-Gi-Oh.

In addition, it's still alive and has many unique cards to keep fans interested in the series. For instance, the EX Full Art cards:

These cards do end up looking extremely attractive and have a demand on websites such as Amazon, eBay, and other TCG stores (online and physical), so opponent's arguments about Pokémon cards being extremely easy to find doesn't make sense; there is always some degree of rarity based on gameplay value or looks.

In fact, some cards are both: Such as Rayquaza C. Level X:

Apart from costing 20 dollars 7 years after its release, it's still a very powerful combo, making it desired amongst many players of the game.

In addition, the Pokémon Worlds take place every year and is a gathering for players of the TCG and videogame alike to compete for large prizes in scholarships. But I'll cover this in the next section:

II. Video Games

Clearly Pokémon wins here. The Pokémon video game series attracts and entices many new fans with its new Pokémon regions, game design choices, and strategies you can employ during battle. In addition, their sales are extremely high, with a fairly revolutionary game, Pokémon X and Y, having sold 14.46 million copies, and 4 million in the first week alone. [1] Two new games were just recently announced as well: Sun and Moon. Pokémon is continually finding ways to bring in new people.

In addition, like the TCG, the mechanics of battle in Pokémon are easy to pick up yet allow for a large amounts of depth. Once you understand what types are weak to what and the basics of stats, you can begin to craft your team of six around those ideas and focus on making the "ultimate team". You can do so with a wide variety of Pokémon, instead of a select few "viable" ones. While some are obviously better than others in their own way (Kangaskhan), for the most part people are free to choose the Pokémon they like and that they can build to become champtions and win with them.

In addition, the Worlds' total purse is 500,000 dollars in scholarships. [2] In addition to being more accessible to most (U.S. instead of Japan), it has a much larger purse for prizes making it more desirable to focus on and attend.

Those are two main points. The TCG is more accessible yet still has room for depth, and has many cool and powerful cards associated with it, attracting traders and collectors. The video games have the same design principle and reward strategic trainign of your Pokémon in their own unique stats.

I thank the opponent for this opportunity to debate, and best of luck in the voting phase!

Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by Dpowell 2 years ago
Here's the current top 10 most popular TCG games. It's completely unbiased, and made from a survey taken by a lot of people.

@Valkrin. Do you plan on posting your debate? You have 21 hours left.
Posted by Dpowell 2 years ago
Well actually. The current Pokemon revenue a year is currently some where between $20,000= $60,000 a year, with it dropping a good 10-15,000 dollars every year with loss of "fans". Hence, 2016 is expected to be the end of the Pokemon franchise, with the company releasing last year that they were going to finish it all by confirming the popular cartoon theory of "Ash is actually in a coma". They released this information by stating that they'd "pull the plug" on Ash and go off to start a new franchise. And yes. Blue-Eyes is one of the most well known YGO cards in existence, he's practically the Meowth of the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise. The Pikachu of the YGO franchise, I would say, would have to be the Dark Magician. As he's usually used as the face of the television series. And you're wrong. Anyone would be able to distinguish a YGO card from any other TCG card. They're designs are unique, unlike all other TCG games where the cards all copy each other (i.e. Pokemon, Magic, DBZ, FOW, etc.). Believe it or not, more 30+ year- olds play Yu-Gi-Oh than Pokemon, even more so in MTG. It's very rare to see someone 30+ playing Pokemon, let alone actually liking it. It's even more rare to see one at a Pokemon tournament, seeing as, they're not allowed to participate due to their tourny rules/regulation.

And no, it's not consumerism in any way. It's a hobby for some, but life for others. For those who want to be good enough to compete in the YCS tournaments, they're going to want to get that really strong card that compliments their deck, so they're going to start looking for it. I worded it that way, to show that the game has a lot of very rare cards. Like the Melodious Fusions I brought up, no ones selling them online, and the chance to find them in a store is 1/1,000,000. Pokemon isn't like that, if anything supports consumerism, it'd be Pokemon, because you can just go to the store and get 1/100 copies of any "rare" Pokemon card, so people buy them just because.
Posted by BrendanLiam 2 years ago
What do you mean everyone knows Blue eyes? I can honestly assure you that most people over 35 would not be able to look at that design and say that it was a yu-gi-oh! card. The polls you brought up have a very small sample size to the point where i almost think they are insignificant. In a Konami sales report they made $160 million in 2011. In 2011 Pokemon black and White came out in America and Europe it sold 24.12 units world wide.One unit cost about 40 dollars so if you multiply that number you get the pokemon revenue that year, which is about $900 million., so I don't think the series is even close to dieing. I think one of the appeals to pokemon is that you only ever have to buy a generation once. You said in your argument "people will spend long periods of time looking for a certain card, or set of cards, to "complete" their deck", to me this sounds like consumerism in it's purest form. You buy something without knowing what you will get, but knowing what you want. This is assuming you are buying booster packs and not buying off some scalpers putting a arbitrary price on a trading card.
Posted by Dpowell 2 years ago
Well everyone knows Blue-Eyes, so that's not really a good comparison. And yes. Pokemon makes more than YGO... At least... They used to. 2009 was Pokemon's last successful year. Yu-Gi-Oh got a large jump on Pokemon in 2010 causing it to go down to third place in the popularity scale. Lately more and more people are playing Yu-Gi-Oh, be it the card game or one of the video games, and making twice as much money as Pokemon. Not to hate on Pokemon, but it's a dying franchise. We're all tired of the watching and doing the same things over and over again. That's what Pokemon is. It's the same thing over and over again. The only things that are new, are the creatures, and lately, each new creature is dumber, weaker and worst than the last.

Also, I looked through the forums I put in my argument. Only one person brought up the Pokemon games. Everyone else who made a side note, only mentioned the show (with one person saying the anime and saying that the YGO show is better). At this point. The only area where Pokemon is beating YGO in any way possible, it's the toy department. As far as I know. Pokemon is the only TCG that has a toy franchise. But this will also fail very soon, because just like everything in the entire Pokemon franchise, the toys and clothing are all repetitive. No one wants the same thing over and over again. And that's what's great about Yu-Gi-Oh. It's rarely ever the same. Like I said, the closest YGO's ever come to being repetitive, is Kaiba's need to defeat Yugi.
Posted by BrendanLiam 2 years ago
@dpowell Almost all of the people who say Yu-Gi-Oh! also have a sidenote that they mean the card game or that pokemon has better video games and shows. Pokemon is more popular. You can tell that just by sales and profits. even in your polls people acknowledge that yu-gi-oh only has a better card game, and not video games, which is what people play pokemon for..(Pikachu has a float in the thanksgiving day parade, people know who he is. If The Blue eyes white dragon got a float, people really wouldn't know that it was from yu-gi-oh!)
Posted by Dpowell 2 years ago
@The_Lawyer. It's just a casual debate that I decided to start out of sheer boredom, hence, it's only one round.

@BrendanLiam, I've also brought up the show, but popularity wise, Yu-Gi-Oh! almost always wins, as you can see in the second and third forums I put in my half of the argument.
Posted by BrendanLiam 2 years ago
I think it is odd that people debate Yu-Gi-Oh versus Pokemon when they are popular on completely different mediums. Pokemon is not popular for the card game. Yu-Gi-Oh is not popular for a long running video game series. You can argue that Yu-GI-Oh is better if you exclusively bring up card games. You can say Pokemon is better if you exclusively bring up video games. Almost no one argues for overall popularity. If you argue for overall popularity, Pokemon is always the clear winner. Everyone I know can name a Pokemon.Almost no one outside of the generation that grew up with Yu-Gi-Oh knows anything about it.
Posted by The_Lawyer 2 years ago
Dear Dpowell,
I'm considering debating you. But are you looking for a casual debate or not. It's just that, I'm a pokemon player and I want to defend my side. But, I must know what kind of debate in intensity it is.
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