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Yugioh is better than Pokemon

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Started: 6/20/2013 Category: Entertainment
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Hello! In this debate we will be arguing about which is better, Yugioh or Pokemon. I am a new debater and I would like to try this site out, so I don't if you are a pro or not I just want to have fun. :)

1. Must be appropriate and actual evidence
2. Don't be rude
3. You may mention anything about your game E.g Success In Market, T.V Shows, Manga etc.

Heart of the cards!


I'll allow Pro to make his case first.
Debate Round No. 1


Hello Siege, thank you for accepting and good luck! :)

Intro: Yugioh has been running for a long time, Yugioh has grown hugely along the years. They have a manga series, anime, card game and even electronic video games! Pokemon on the other hand is quite similar, books, cartoons, card games and those Nintendo games!

C1: I think its clear to see that Yugioh's card game has been way more successful! This card game has many options! You can collect and trade for a profit, play the actual game with a friend or even enter a tournament! This card game may be thought to be a children's card game but it is way more than that! This can be played by even a middle aged man or woman. In a game it requires strategy, your deck requires consistency and ever since it started, the "luck" in Yugioh has been taken down by quite a fair amount. Pokemon is full of dice rolling, coin tossing and it is clear you hardly use any part of your brain! If you don't believe what I said about Yugioh being the most successful then check this link out:
According to the Guinness World Records, Konami has sold over 25,000,000,000 cards and its still rising! To prove the profit making, say I go to my locals and I have a common dollar card if my fellow duelist really needs that card they are willing to give more than the amount needed, every Yugioh player needs to work out their profits like business men or women. So as well as fun, strategic, you can also make money out of the cards to buy more than you traded and if you've done really well, even keep the extra profits for something you've had your eyes on for quite a while. There is also a ton of cards to choose from and Konami keeps on updating with newer cards all the time! The last thing I will say is that playing Yugioh gives you that feeling, which I dont see in Pokemon! ITS TIME TO DUEL!

C2: Yugioh has a better storyline:
Yugioh:Duel Monsters: Yugi unlocks a puzzle which brings out an Egyptian pharaoh, develops a continual battle between him and Seto Kaiba and meets friends like Joey, Tristan and Tea across the way. It is much more complicated and more realistic than Pokemon. I could tell you much more about the first series I have just covered the basics of the basics, but I guess I wouldn't have space and it would blow your little Pokemon mind. ;)
Yugioh:GX: The further generations I don't know too much of but I know a little. The basic concept is that an academy dueler Jaden becomes a proffesional duelist and has lots of friends to back him up. He also develops friendships with the cards like Winged Kuriboh like Yugi did with Dark Magician.
Yugioh:5DS: Days of synchro summoning, Yusei is in it what more can I say?
Yugioh:Zexal: Times of XYZ and the latest generation with Yuma in it as the star
Yugioh's story line is much better than Pokemons and it is more complex in many ways. You can pick any one that suits you also if you want to watch it as a show or read it.

C3: Konamis connection with the fans or duelists is really good! They know what the people want, bans on a specific card or cheaper cards in general. They will do what ever it takes to crush that card in a way that it won't be too much of a problem at all anymore. Konami might make their good cards too expensive but as I said before you can sell them for a profit! They also could be a collecter's choice! Its actually pretty funny how when someone finds out epic combos with a card Konami says "RAISE THE PRICE!" Though after a while they will have to lower it down and ban, limit or semi it.

Concluding this topic I think this is good that they have a connection with the duelists and constantly update with new cards that people want and will buy, they are reliable!

C4: Gaming is my next topic, every duelist knows its not Konamis strengths but I will prove it hits the mark!

Duel Terminals: Without this Konami's gaming would drop right down, this cool machine allows you to get cards and play mini games! It is a huge hit! One epic thing about it is that it can give you very good cards that are called DUEL TERMINAL CARDS. These cards can be more expensive then normal cards since they usually are the better cards. I personally think that Duel Terminals are awesome!

Now on the consoles: Well this is the wounded spot of Konami's gaming buisness, I mean they are a great company if you look at other games but Yugioh's games are not so great sadly. Though they have brought out some pretty cool games on Play Station and the Play Station Portable so I guess its fair.

Online Gaming: This is where Yugioh hits top! Dueling Network! Dueling Network is a unique site that allows players to chat, play the game and construct cool games without paying a cent! Just think made by fans, how cool is that? It is not joined up with Konami in any way. I think this is the resurrection for the game.

C5: For my last topic I have chosen the meaning of Yugioh. Friendship is the main one but there are also other ones like having perseverance, determination and courage!
Here is my evidence:
1.Yugi trying to help out his friends, saves his Grandad, Yami's true identity and the whole world? Isn't the awesome!
2.Jaden trying to prove his worth and do the impossible!
3.Yusei, helping his friends who are in danger and keeping the city on track.
4.Yuma who has basically just started his storyline and is trying to get all the number cards and find Astrals memory

Conclusion: I think the best thing in Yugioh is the story line and meaning, its just heart touching and so amazing. Its storyline is something that cannot be beaten by any other company! Thank you Kazuiki Takashi!

Good luck to my opponent,

Heart of the cards be with you...


Siege forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I'm not very sure what to say but VOTE PRO!
-Mattastic Guy


Siege forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MattasticGuy 4 years ago
Looking 4ward to Con's side of it. :)
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