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Yuiru is a Bad Debater

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Started: 6/11/2012 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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My debate is about how my opponent, Yuiru, is actually a good debator even though he says otherwise

Rules: I request that my opponent eats before debating, as to avoid one of the many reasons Yuiru is a poor debator.Also you must intagrate Bobo into all posts, excluding this one.


Point one:

Listed below are the reasons why Yuiru is the worst debater:


Yuiru plays antics on the above, which are not good!!

Yuiru incorrectly uses uncommon symbols and words such as to confuse the readers and opponents of his debates.

∵ Yuiru tries to sound smart by using (fake) words, when in reality Yuiru is a dumbongous flompkle mank!

∵ Yuiru uses fallacies all the time.

∵ Yuiru is a firm believe of B'obo but in the atheist religion in his sleep!

Yuiru is a bad debater

Debate Round No. 1


st4rw4k3r forfeited this round.


yuiru forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Antics are fine as they add a spice to the debates fire making it burn brighter, welcoming the outsiders to a more enjoyable piece.

The use of ∵ by you is incorrect, it is the therefor symbol.
Although poorly used, the signs, and fake words, contribute well to your side making the other plan for a better refute.

Fallacies might come out to be a problem, although fails to render your debating poor.

What! This can't be! You follow under B'obo's brother!

You are not bad because you say you are Yuiru.


"The use of ∵ by you is incorrect, it is the therefor symbol."


It is the "because" symbol, a backwards "therefore" symbol!

What do you mean by "good" and "bad"

I naturally assume you mean morally, but you could mean skill level... or both!!!

Nevertheless, I am the worst, evil, debater, here's why:

I use deceptive debating tactics to gain votes.

I cause my opponent to underestimate me by claiming to be incredibly bad and unkowledgeable on logic (which I am mind you)

I smell funny

I provoke!
Debate Round No. 3


I merely made this debate off of what I have seen from you. You constantly call yourself bad, so I assume good and bad were established by you already.

You say you use deception in your debates to gain votes, yet you have lost 5/10 of your debates.

You also say you cause the opponent to underestimate you. What I see here is that you are underestimating yourself.
You have great potential in debating and it is shown in your Debates. Your problem is you look down on yourself making you appear "bad".


What about my conduct?

It's simply unruly and rebellious!

there are several bad conducts I did, forfeit from website glitches and lack of time to debate!

all bad signs!!

I also debated a paradox, that had a tricky solution!

I have been throwing trolls at people in debates!

Including, but not limited to: Thought Terminating Cliches!

I also smell like, weird man.

A combination of apple sauce and bad orangy citrus in some weird fruit places.

I forget to mention BOBO, how could I do that?!
Debate Round No. 4


The only problem I see is that you bring yourself down. I have seen good conduct in your prior Debates. Its when you set your mind to the idea that you are lower than you really are, thats when you really do worse. If you realize how good you are, you will really excel.

I did read your Paradox debate, tricky indeed, yet you did amazing in it. You kept the paradox going through the entire debate, only a genius debater would do this.

And you smell like B'obo's lavender, since you ate those cookies.


yuiru forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by st4rw4k3r 5 years ago
Round 3: Yuiru failed to talk about B'obo
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro had pretty good arguments in favor of being a bad debator, but I think in general Con showed that Yuiru is not a bad debater.