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Zelda Games Are Highly Underated

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Started: 5/31/2015 Category: Games
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The Zelda Game are highly underrated and many people dislike them and say they are rubbish and out of this time. In this debate we will discuss if they are underrated or not.


Looking forward to a fun and civil debate :)
Debate Round No. 1


Yeah me to. :D This is my first one so yeah... XD
First of all many people dislike and hate Zelda games just cause of there age.
People also underrate them due to there bad graphics in some of the older games even though back then they where quite good. People in this new found generation just see it and think "Terrible graphics, old, nope." Though inside that grubby old Family Computer Disc box there is a brilliant exiting, game awaiting.
For example many years ago Zelda: Majoras Mask was on of the best games in the series, as for now well... its rated the worst and most underrated one.
Unfortunately many people have left the old games like Zelda at the back of the cupboards even after the new release of the Legend Of Zelda : Majoras Mask 3D. And there appearance in the new Super Smash Bros. People nowadays sadly like gun, action and horror games with a lot of gore and violence.
These are some of the reasons why these fantastic games are underrated.


Simple definitions;
Highly is "in or to a high degree; extremely".

So, I don't even need to show that Zelda games are accurately rated-- just that they aren't highly underrated.

I'm going to start by briefly going over some reasons the Zelda games are not at all underrated, and then go over my opponent's arguments.

FIRST- Zelda games are consistently ranked amongst the best games of all time.
In fact, someone compiled dozens of lists of greatest games of all time, and weighted the results to get an average between all of the lists. The average list, between over 50 different lists, places Ocarina of Time as #1, and Link to the Past as #5 [1]. Making up 20% of the greatest games ever is no small feat. Other Zelda games also frequently are on these lists.

SECOND- Zelda games are critically recognized upon release.
It isn't just in retrospect-- the critical perception of Zelda games has always been positive. Ocarina of Time has a 99 on Metacritic [2]-- higher than any other game on the website. Majora's Mask received a 95, which, to put in perspective, is the same score that The Last of Us received.

THIRD- Consumers recognize the quality of the Zelda games.
The Zelda Games have sales that have reached over $74 billion as of 2011 (they have likely grown significantly since then) [3]. Calling one of the best selling video game series of all time "highly underrated" is a pretty big stretch.

Now looking at my opponents arguments. She never demonstrates actual, widespread cases of gamers disregarding Zelda games because they have poor graphics. Personally, I've seen a few rather young gamers look down upon older games, but as a whole, I've never seen this phenomenon exist. Even non-nintendo gamers have respect for Zelda. Moreover, when looking just at the NES Zelda, some common criticisms seem fairly valid. Game critics today recognize that the early Zelda games, while good, aren't the masterpieces that were later achieved in games like Ocarina of Time-- Nintendo Life even calls the NES Zelda "rough around the edges", and gives it an 8 rather than a 9 or 10 [4]. Zelda truly became great AFTER the NES games came out. Regardless, I would like to see some more explanation on this argument in the next rounds.

Now onto the argument about Majora's Mask. Today, Majora's Mask is pretty well loved, with an 89 for the 3DS remake on Metacritic [5]. I definitely wouldn't call that being "rated the worst". Moreover, Zelda fans themselves when discussing the topic consistently rank the game as one of the better ones in the series [6]. Majora's Mask really took a radical departure from the other Zelda games, so it's understandable that it isn't widely recognized as a classic like Ocarina of Time is. And ppeople have not left these games "at the back of the cupboards"-- Majora's Mask 3D is selling VERY well [7].

As for the last remark-- that people like violent games now-- I think this has always been true. Maybe with games like Call of Duty, it is becoming more regular, less creative, and more annualized, with games losing much of their creativity. But violent video games are not new. Look at games like Doom, or Mortal Kombat. Violent video games have been around longer than Zelda video games.

Debate Round No. 2


I must say that is a brilliant argument. Though I am not giving up. XD

Zelda games in my opinion are still underrated even though most of its games are still quite popular like you stated, though unfortunately in 2007 Nintendo published on the DS : The Legend Of Zelda : Phantom Hourglass in the first month of this new Zelda game it received brilliant reviews and even later in the year received IGN's Game of the Year award. But now even though certain gaming websites like IGN for example rate it over 4 stars many people now dislike this game and go against it even though in general it is a very good game with decent graphics, good gameplay and brilliant mind-bending puzzles.

Also responding to your claim that Zelda games are consistently ranked amongst the best games of all time. Are they still?
We are talking in the present tense here. Also are they still rated like that on Metacritic, after all it has been many years since some of the games releases, things change but the reviews might not with it.

Responding also to your claim about the fact that "Majoras mask is very well loved ." And still has brilliant reviews in my opinion I believe this is only due to the new Nintendo 3DS release that has come recently.


I'd just like to say thanks for this debate, it's been really fun :)

I'll start off by going over what my opponent talked about most recently.
First, on the issue of Phantom Hourglass. I would argue that game has simply not aged very well. At the time, it was impressive, as the most advanced Zelda handheld game. Yet, played today, its touch screen controls seem very gimmicky, and the game is just outdated compared to vastly superior Zelda handheld games like A Link Between worlds.

Next, on whether or not they are still ranked the best. There's two Zelda games in the top ten on this list ( published in 2014. The games hold up extremely well. Games that are still coming out, like the somewhat recent Link Between Worlds, are very well received as well.

Majora's Mask may well have had increased interest because of the 3DS release- but that can only be an argument that the game once was underrated. The 3DS release has returned Majora's Mask to it's proper standing.

At the end of the day, I don't think Zelda games are "highly underrated". They're consistently some of the best selling games of all time, loved by critics and fans alike. I don't think they are underrated at all, yet alone highly underrated, when millions of fans are dedicated to these games, and the franchise is doing better than ever.
Debate Round No. 3
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