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Zelda or mario

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Started: 6/27/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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These are the rules for the arguement

1. You must play zelda and mario games for at 3 years
2. You will defend for mairo
3. there will be 4 rounds

1st acceptance
2nd why people should play you game
3rd what bad about the other debater game
4th farewell


What better debate than between proponents of the two iconic Nintendo characters? I look forward to debating with you and good luck sir.

PS What does farewell mean for last round? No arguments similar to the acceptance round? Or a final argument in a special form?
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting my debate and when i said farewell it means that you will post a final argument now let me start

Zelda is a sword adventure game that let kids go on adventure's and let players battle enemy's and monsters in the game players will get to control a character and go to many wonderful places and do some various tasks and also players will have no boredom because players will have a lot of challenges and tasks the game will be set from easy to hard and the players will have a harder time in the later levels. not only will the game have these futures but it will have traps, doors, shops, and etc. Also the game will have a princess getting captured and there will be a last boss but the excitement doesn't stop there. Zelda will control trains, ships, leafs, and etc and players will have a fun time playing zelda. The graphics of this game is very colorful and the designs are very creative also it makes players freely enjoy the game with no walls or lines it just lets you explore and finally the game lets you have fun


The Mario platformer games in the main Super Mario series are fun games to play because of the interesting choices they present to the player in three distinct directions: the immediate surrounding, the tools to be used and the final goal. One more element making things more hectic is the ever present time limit that restricts the available time in one level.

The environment in which Mario or another character moves in a Super Mario adventure is filled with danger. The simplest danger comes from the blocks[01] that make the environment. The way they are arranged makes finding the way forward difficult because there is always a need to find a precise way of jumping, sometimes over chasms, other times in places occupied by enemies. Enemies coming in contact with Mario are another part that creates danger. The most basic of enemies are the weak Goombas[02]. Than come the Koopa Troopas[03] and their shells. The Goombas and Koopa Troopas put together are interesting because of the way the shells of the Koopa Troopas can be used to clear all the other monsters present in a flat area with speed and even hurt Mario as well. And then come the Piranha Plants[04] with their timed disappearance and reappearance in bottlenecks of the level. Most interesting in the combination of these simple early enemies is their combination in tight areas that may comprise a level. That gives rise to numerous ways in which the simple act of jumping and landing on a monster to destroy it can manifest themselves from one playthough to another of the very same level. This branching of the ways some particular level can play out is kept intact through the sets of monsters encountered later in the game.

The tools that Mario has at his disposal are the various uses of things that are found in the level. The most basic is the effect of different elements of the monsters and the level that can be activated, like the shells[05] of the Koopa Troopas. A more complicated is the way in which various blocks can give powerups[06]. The complexity comes from the need to remember the exact location of the blocks that when touched get destroyed to release their powerups. No way to find the powerups in a level by trial and error in one playthrough with the time limit pushing the player forward. Life up mushrooms, Big Mario and Fire Mario and Invincible Mario type powerups give the player a reason to memorize and use at a later playthrogh of the level as many powerups as she can achieve.

The final goal in a level is the simple completion of that level for the advancement of the story. But complications arise because of the possibility of moving to previously inaccessible parts of the level with the Warp Pipe[07] and the Beanstalk[08]. That makes the exploration of a just completed level to search for new ways to reach the goal that would give the player more treasure in Coins[09] that are found throughout the level and in Stars[10] a worthwhile and interesting endeavor. The search for the Stars in a level can also be seen as a way to introduce very hard challenges to the player without making those challenges a block in his progression to conquering the final boss in the game. Therefore a simple linear zip to the level end area is never the most satisfying way to play through a Super Mario level.

I believe I have just showed what an interesting experience a game of Super Mario can be with new things to do and find out weather you are thinking in the middle of a playthrough about a way to conquer to immediate challenges, for a way to make your life easy by using the most of your tools and surroundings or for a way to explore and find all the treasures.

Debate Round No. 2


jonathan15541 forfeited this round.


A big problem for the recent games in the Zelda series is that they have lost their way. They have drenched the player from game to game further into piles upon piles of cutscenes and moving simpler and simpler tasks in the ones that the player receives hand-holding before she can continue.

The best way to show the extent of the problem is to look at the time required from starting the game to finishing the tutorial areas. This time has increased to the detriment of gameplay from mere messages to welcome the player into the world to dozens of minutes of story cutscenes and slow step by step required learning of the way to control every tool at the player's disposal[1]. By comparison Mario games always step the player right into the thick of gameplay without much explanation, even the 3d ones.

A different problem is the dumbing down of the sense of exploration in the moment to moment gameplay from the 2d Zelda games to the recent 3d ones. The way to the ending is through a very narrow way that is always brightly visible to the player so she will not get lost. There are no tricks in the world or overly difficult areas with some secret new gameplay element that would make the player learn the way forward[2]. Mario's worlds imagined by the designers always have by comparison a level of difficulty that is similar to the early games in the series and encounters that are bound to puzzle the experienced player.

The Zelda series of today is focused on story in a way that makes the story the game is trying to get through to the player a detriment to the overall experience. An explanation of this problem is found in David Jaffe's presentation at the DICE 2012 conference[3]. By comparison in the recent Super Mario Galaxy 2 game the expanded focus on story of Super Mario Galaxy was ditched[4].

Therefore the Super Mario series has retained it's gameplay lineage intact from the very first game. By comparison Zelda has been dumbed down and reduced to an experience of watching cutscenes when not being lead through the world to the next simple puzzle that needs solving.

Debate Round No. 3


jonathan15541 forfeited this round.


Please consider my concluding remark in 3 points:
1. I posted an argument in favor of the Mario franchise.
2. I posted an argument in disfavor of the Zelda franchise.
3. Profit?
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by safebug 4 years ago
ZELDA for the win
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