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Zombies would triumph over vampires in the apocalypse

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Started: 11/25/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Thank you to whoever accepts.

Round 1 acceptance
Rounds 2-4 Debate
Round 5 Final arguments and congratulations on the arguments.

A great victory or achievement.

This takes place during a zombie apocalypse.

I will be arguing that zombies would triumph over vampires in the apocalypse

Vampire specs
Top speed: 30 MPH.

strength: Can lift up to 1000 pounds.

Can be killed by: Dehydration (Blood), bleeding out, destruction of the heart or brain and sunlight.

Lifespan: forever until killed or until dehydration sets in one month after the last time feeding.

Quantity: 1,000,000

Zombie specs
Top speed: Depends on the level of decay of the zombie.

Strength: Up to 400% stronger than it's original human depending on the level of decay (Humans only use 20% of their muscle capacity).

Can be killed by: Destruction of the brain, being burned or decaying completely.

Lifespan: 10 year unless frozen then thawed or if the zombie was embalmed after it died but before it reanimated.

Quantity: 7,000,000,000

Humans (For vampires to feed on)
Quantity: 100,000

Thank you


ONE THING I want to point out is this:

Zombies rely on human flesh just as much as vampires rely on their blood.

I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting RationalMadman.

1) First off a zombie would have a non functioning digestive track. The zombie would only eat their victims by mistake as a zombie's only drive is to bite all humanoid creatures that aren't already infected to spread the virus. The zombies only try to get flesh to their mouths and they swallow the meat accidentally.

A Vampire on the other hand is still undead but it can digest. It requires human blood to keep itself alive or at least to keep its enhanced abilities and senses.

2) The main problem with vampires is that they would have to kill 7000 zombies in their lifetime to do their part. A zombie on the other hand would only need to wound a vampire to do its part

3) As Members of the undead zombies and vampires cannot heal. But for a zombie it would not need to heal as their would be billions of you. While if a vampire looses an arm it's odds of survival go down.

4) Blood would play an important role in this situation. MAny vampires would die after the first month because of their inability to find humans. And many more would continue to die as the human population gets decimated by both zombies and vampires. This would also affect the vampires ability to work in teams as their would be fights amongst team members over who gets drink from a human.

5) During the day a vampire would need to stay indoors because of the effect sunlight has on them. This could give zombies time to surround his/her location if the zombies know where they hid.

6) Fear would play an important role. the part of the brain that proceses fear would be inactive like other parts of its brain. The vampire can still feel fear. No matter how brave a vampire is it can still be frightened by 7000 corpses trying to kill them. Fear can lead to irrational decisions and in the apocalypse they can lead to death.

I await you response.
Thank you.


Firstly you never ever said this was a world without humans. Since vampires are far superior in cognitive function to zombies they'd realise they needed humans to survive and probably rear them in secret hideouts (like cattle) and force them to reproduce, distributing the blood in a clinical manner (perhaps previous nurses or doctors turned into vampires combined with medical engineers would be able to continue medical procedure to keep all humans alive for as long as possible). Nowhere in your round one resolution did you state there were no humans available anymore. Thus I would like to offer this very likely possibility as the reality, probably several human 'farms' would be set up worldwide, with very strong and fast vampires as the security guards (shot guns at the ready) and considering one vampire can hold 1000 pounds with ease (you stated this in round one) they'd be able to carry huge amounts of ammunition back and forth to the shooters. Additionally, vampires have heightened senses and could aim very far using their hyper-sensitive eyes as well as hear a rampage from any 360 degree angle using super hearing ( You offer a stupidly slow speed of 30 MPH for vampires' maximum but even this is far faster than any zombie at all (I don't understand this 'decay to speed proportionality concept, how can a zombie decay more than the zombie stage?).

Now using the human cattle farm theory let's observe the lifespan you specified. Vampires live forever until no blood is available. Zombies live 10 years maximum unless frozen (the vampires would probably realise this very soon since they keep human intelligence and are not stupid like zombies). If you have a group of human scientists who all are now vampires analysing a zombie's DNA they'd realise a possible chemical weakness or 'bane' such as a certain gas which may dissolve the zombie or something. The use of teamwork and intellect of 1 million vampires would do the trick.

Considering humans themselves are very intelligent, they'd easily evade and hide from zombies but vampires have unbeatable smell of all supernatural creatures (apart from werewolves, who hold first place and using smell they'd spot a hiding human far faster and more efficiently than a zombie as well as being able to work out how to get into the hideout better (a zombie only knows to scratch and smash at the surface of the door or whatever, a vampire could mentally process a lock or something and could use superhuman strength to destroy the lock).

Now all the vampires have to do is survive 10 years, whilst preventing any human from getting into the hands of zombies and voila, they survive.

I repeat: Nowhere in round one did you say no humans were left on Earth at the beginning of the fight.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for your arguments.

Please use sources only once.

1) I think that 30 Mile per hour was a reasonable speed for vampires because the fastest recorded speed on foot is by the cheetah which can run up to 70 miles an hour for short periods of time. Cheetahs run on four legs whereas humanoids e.g. humans and vampires run on two legs. I think that because they are bipedal they should only be able to run half as fast as the quickest quadruped.
It is certainly not "stupidly slow"

2) What I mean by "Top speed: Depends on the level of decay of the zombie" is that some zombies may have been harmed in the past or some of them might have a rotted leg or arm.

3) Vampires if they were to set up stations would have to deal with the problem of zombie hordes. If one of the guards where to fire their shotgun (which you said they had) zombies would be attracted to the sound. Zombies would instinctually follow other zombies and soon you could face hordes like the ones depicted in this trailer (because you made a reference from the TV show supernatural I think this is an acceptable reference)

4) If vampires where to try and make a gas that dissolved the undead it would also affect them because they are also undead. Plus if they even managed to create the chemical how would they disperse it.

5) Yes humans would be able to evade zombies to a certain extent however the human would have to deal with not having the strength speed and senses that a vampire has.

6) These cattle farms would take time to construct and even more time to collect the humans. In that time the vampires could starve, the human race could die out or the vampires could be killed by zombies.

Please construct rebuttals for my other arguments.

I never insinuated that there where no humans so why did you keep repeating "Nowhere in round one did you say no humans were left on Earth at the beginning of the fight"?

Thank you


Simple logic:
  1. Can't be smart? You can't make plans. Can't make plans? You die out in 10 years as a zombie.
  2. Can be smart? You can make plans. Can make plans? You get cattle farms and feed a small population of humans beef farming them with the cows etc et era. You never die out because you're sexy, awesome and sparkle in the sun... Wait... No that's just fire... Oops.... :) You can plan night attacks, so no worries.
  3. Vampires can carry 100 pounds worth of guns ammo etc and have hyper-sensitive hearing and eyes and would even kill zombies with snipers to the head as opposed to shotguns because they could hear them from afar. They would develop head gear with UV protective sun-visors (as opposed to sunglasses) over their balaclava to fight by day. They are super fast, sexy and strong.
  4. Just because both vampires and zombies are undead doesn't mean any chemical which corrodes the zombies to a pulp will have any effect on vampires whatsoever, they are biochemically different to a huge degree, the only similarity is their common ancestor; Homosapien.

Vampires - 3
Zombies - 1

As the Daleks, who were severely outnumbered by the Cybermen in Doctor who said to them,
"You are superior to us in only one respect" you are better at dying."
CM "What is that?"
"You are better at dying."

Also, observe this fine piece of literature from the clip:

If we take the near-immortal doctor as what you would see as a vampire and the daleks as zombies in relation to the cybermen as humans there is another relevant quote:

Sexy Rose "5 million Cyberman...Easy... One doctor... Now you're scared!"

vampires are AMAZING!!!!!!!!
Debate Round No. 3


Thank you

I would request that you would treat this as more of a formal debate.

1) Zombies don't die after 10 years because they are unintelligent. They die because of decay.

2) In a previous argument I stated that these human farms could take ore than a month to construct. First you would have to cleat an area of zombies or find one of the few spots that have none. You must then construct the shelter and equip it with the necessary gear. You would then search for the remaining humans over millions of square miles and safely transport them back to the farm. You must then wait 9 months for the fist batch of children to come while defending the fort. And finally you must maintain sufficient ammunition over 10 years. No matter how much you can carry, finding ammo can take more time and energy than some can afford. During all this time Most vampires would starve if not be killed by zombies.

3) If you propose to also create Laboratories for the vampires to experiment in then they
will surely not survive. First if they where to create the labs in separate buildings than the farms than the vampire would have to divide their forces to defend more locations. If the labs where built into the farms then the farms would take extra time to complete. You also failed to answer my question about dispersing the chemical weapon.

4) I Understand you reference to doctor who. But the flaw in the reference is that first of all The Doctor has the power of resurrection which means that he can become reincarnated. A vampire has only one life and they also lack a Sonic Screwdriver so I think that it is a poor comparison. And if the situation where to follow the guidelines that I posted in round one, then The Doctor would need to fight 7000 Daleks with just one life.

5) If they where cover up completely to shied them selves from the sun they they couldn't use their teeth or claws. Aiming down sight would also be difficult.

6) You said that the vampires could use sniper rifles but many sniper rifles shoot bullets that travel a super sonic speeds and even if fired from a distance the zombies would hear it and follow the sound to its source.

Must I repeat myself? Please construct rebuttals for my other arguments.

Thank you


Thousands of super stronger, super sexy, super fast geniuses versus millions of retards who live only 10 years whilst the geniuses are immortal, can easily make human farms, and can feed off them immediately and whatever you say can make many test tube babies and destroy all zombies if they find the right chemical.

It is undisputed; they will win.
Debate Round No. 4


Thank you for this debate

1) Vampires are not the glorious beings that you make them out to be. They are Soulless monsters driven by their thirst for blood. They have a mouthful of shark like teeth and pitch black eyes. They are only intelligent when they are well fed. When they are hungry their lesser instincts take over.

2) Retarded is not a word that can be used to describe zombies. The zombie virus is one that has one of the most ingenious ways of spreading. It started a pandemic in this scenario that killed all but 1100000 people and vampires.

3) I already made arguments that they couldn't make human farms "easily".

4) I told you that is would be impossible for the vampires to make laboratories to create anti zombie chemicals. Like I said even if they did they couldn't spread it.

5) I would have come up with better final rebuttals but your last sentence was hard for me to read. It was filled with grammatical errors, not to mention it was a run on sentence.

Undisputed: Not disputed or called into questions; accepted
I have disputed your argument therefore it in disputed that they will win

It is my opinion that zombies will win.

I would like to thank you for this debate. You had very good arguments toward the beginning. And I loved your reference to doctor Who. You where great to debate with.

Thank you


RationalMadman forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
11 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Firewolfman 5 years ago
Dismembered trust me I agree with you on all points and I would love to debate some geeky stuff with you, (as I am somewhat of a geek too,) and rational is there any real point in yelling at him, if you read what he posted he's actually giving you more ammunition in the case of you winning this case if you choose to use his arguments as evidence and etc....
Posted by Dismembered_Mind 5 years ago
I apologise for the intrusion i will refrain from posting futher
Posted by RationalMadman 5 years ago
dismembered mind this isn't your debate.
Posted by Dismembered_Mind 5 years ago
I agree with Smidday's statement biting(and scratching in the case of zombies) will make another of whatever is doing the biting. Vampires have to willing turn someone. He is also correct in saying that zombies won't eat animals they only go after human flesh.
Posted by Smidday 5 years ago
The zombies could reproduce whether this is through biting humans AND vampires as I believe that vampires can't affect zombies, the only limitation is that the zombies only live for 10 years which ruins it if they could turn into skeletons or reproduce this would be fairer and 1 vampire could go into hiding true they wouldn't have many humans but can also survive on animal blood which zombies wouldn't go for. Also there are around 7 billion people in the world at the moment while there are still VERY remote places in the world regardless
Posted by Dismembered_Mind 5 years ago
I apologise for adding additional information later but I believe this should be brought to light.
With the incresed speed and strength of a vampire(even by the debate standerds) killing several zombies in a single rampage would be of no concenquince. As vampires do not tire and do not require more blood due to physical activity getting their fill then going on a rampage would not set the human population back any more than doing nothing would. Also depending on the theroy you subscribe to vampires do not need to drain the victim compleatly to get the daily requirement. So keeping the population at numbers large enough to suport the vampire populace would be easy. In response to the lack of abilty to heal wounds vampires heal with the blood of humans. It is one of the few things that actually increase the vampire's need for blood(all reasons basicly boil down to be injured wether it be from a zombie bite or a very breif encounter with sunlight). Also to clear up the question of wether or not a vampire can be turned into a zombie, they can not. Due to the imbuned dark magic all diseases are negated.
I thank you for reading this and welcome against this

If this does not tell you how much of a geek(NOT NERD know the difference) I dont think you really red it ;)
Posted by Dismembered_Mind 5 years ago
While I reconise and respect the points made by RationalMadman and fully agree that vampire would not be threatened by zombies his arguments were lacking the proper structure required. I would like to refute the point made by maxprimo that vampire mouths are filled comparable to sharks. While sharks have multiple rows of many pointed teeth the reconised tooth structure of vampires is regular to that of humans but with extended cainines. Vampires are a cognitive resurection imbuned with dark magic while zombies are an uncognitive reincarnation (for the sake of this debate) caused by disease(in some theroys they can be raised by voodoo making the next statement moot). The disease would not release the physical restrictions on muscle use making the zombie no stronger than a average human. Although after a time muscle decay sets in and reduces the strength. Vampires, due to the dark magic imbuned in them, are released from those restrictions.
I thank you for reading and welcome any debates against me.
Posted by skilledmongoose 5 years ago
I really wish this debate is much better with the Con. But the true winners would be humans in this situation. Why? If i understand how this world is set up, 7 billion zombies (which is impossible due to the world population is under 7 billion) So lets say 6 billion are zombies and the rest of the 900 million are non zombies. and 100,000 is people. which the odds now of finding a human is worse odds then winning the power ball. I will bring science into this, your zombies or vampires won't survive because of dehydration. Zombies with the intense heat of the sun and lack of food the body will become beef jerky. Vampires because of lack of food. Lack of water in the body means your brain won't give out electorytes and that means you will have a dead brain. as stated a destructed brain is a kill. Humans have to wait out but they will probably die because lack of resources and food too. lol
Posted by maxprimo 5 years ago
Well that escalated quickly.
Posted by RationalMadman 5 years ago
Feel free to degrade me at my best effort. A$$hole.
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