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Zoos are inhumane and should not be allowed.

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Started: 3/12/2015 Category: Health
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If you do the first round will be my opponent introducing him/herself.
GL and HF


I'm themoongirl and I love animals. I believe that zoos protect the endangered animals in the world
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to first say in my argument a link to the worst zoos in the world. Put yourself in there place. Link:

"I believe that zoos protect the endangered animals in the world."

Yes they do save the animals, but after they save them what they do is keep them in captivity for people's amusement. I am sure you wouldn't like it if you were in there place. What happens if you got put in a cage. I don't think you would like it.

Website 1:

This article states that most zoos are only prisons in there eyes although in our eyes it is educational. Ever at really good zoos where there may be a giant cage with plenty of toys but nothing will be the same as in the wild for them.

Once they are in a zoo for about a year they start thinking that everything will be handed to them. Although in the wild they will have to earn it. Also they wouldn't be scared of really anything. So they can't be released into the wild without being killed. So they have to stay the rest of their life in a cage.

And as the creator of this article stated that for a water animal its "Life In A Bowl" That doesn't seem so fun does it. How would you like a little tank compared to the giant ocean. For instance in Sea World Shamu. He is in a little cage compared to the giant of the ocean. Also orcas live up to 80 years but in this fish tank they don't live tell even have of their lifespan in the ocean.

Ric O"Barry, someone who spent 10 years training dolphins to perform is now trying to tear down the very organization he created. He stated that "You"re talking about a creature that"s primary sense is sonar. You have a sonic creature in a concrete box. There are generations of dolphins born in a concrete tank who have never seen the ocean, have never seen a live fish, and have never experienced the tides or the current. They have lived in a concrete box. They were born there. These are freaks that we have inbred for our amusement."

Although petting zoos seem fun they are a safety hazard for kids and animals. In fact most animals in there are babies. They should be with their mother.

Website 2:

This article states these animals are usually sold, bought, and traded. Especially when the animal loses its cuteness. This states that zoos don"t care really about the animals. But mostly about the money. Also some animals even when they aren"t hurt can be tooken from the zoo. In fact some of the zoos that people say a good dump unwanted animals because they aren"t cute, for instance San Diego Zoo which 11 African elephants from Swaziland.

Many zoos only want to save animals that are popular and will draw huge crowds. Also they like to breed animals to get more babies because when theres a new baby everybody wants to see. So this leads for crowded cages and spaces.
Why do zoos need to put animals in cages to save them. Why not save them and then let them go when they are ready. Instead of keeping them there. I dont know about you but i would rather die than be kept in a cage for that long.


Actually, I wouldn't mind being put in a cage if it meant that I would get food and lots of love and attention. ;)

Zookeepers don't give the animals to much love and pampering. So, that when it's time they can release them back to the wild without to many problems. I couldn't agree more that animals should be out free in the ocean, but some animals are unable to do that. Things happen to them that are to severe, ad they can't be free.

Have you ever seen the movie, Dolphin Tale? Well, the dolphin, Winter's tale, something happened and she doesn't have it anymore. They made a tale for her, and she lived, but is unable to survive alone in the wild now. The keepers helped her, and are still helping her now.

I can't believe that some people do that to animals, but people are making sure that zoos are having better conditions and are safe and pleasing to the animals they inhabit.
Website 1:http/

Zoos breed animals to save their species. I've been to the San Diego Zoo, and it is a good place, while they get lots of money, they take good care of their animals, they stay with them until they die. I would rather stay in a zoo all my life and be fed and admired, then have a long death of being hunted.

Zoos are just trying to help the animals survive. Just think of where we'd be without them.;):)
Debate Round No. 2


I would like to first state that I am saying I don't want any zoos. But that doesn't mean that we can't have other places that save animals and don't keep them in a cage for money.
"Actually, I wouldn't mind being put in a cage if it meant that I would get food and lots of love and attention. ;)"
Me neither, unless I was put in a really bad zoo. With no attention, not a lot of food, and being in a tight space. For instance go to Google and search up "bad zoos" and then go to images. I bet living in that would be a blast.

"The keepers helped her, and are still helping her now."
Yes that is a good zoo. Like the San Diego Zoo. But there are so much more bad zoos then there are good zoos.

"Website 1: http/"
I can't find your article. It makes me go to a news page. May you please link it in your next argument?

"Just think of where we'd be without them. ;);)"
First I would like to state that this is a debate. So please don't use winky faces. They are really annoying. And also were would we be without them. Well I would like to reword that to Just think of where the animals would be without them. Because they are supposed to be about helping animals. And the animals would be much happier. Because us humans would find another way to save them so we would save them and then release them back into the wild were they would be more happy. Yes I agree that some animals can't be let out of the zoo because they would die in the wild so yes we should keep them in that situation. But most of the animals in zoos can be released. So we should release them.


Ha ha, much of the sarcasm there, Sargent Sarcasm.

Name five bad zoos that you have actually BEEN TO, instead of just telling me to look up pictures of them. Ever herd of Photoshop? It's real, and is wayyy overused.

How, exactly do you expect people to help rescue and take care of animals if they are not brought to a zoo?? And where do you presume we release the animals at? Not everyone has the money to send animals back to their natural habitats. We can't just release a lion in the middle of New York City. Think of the children.

I rest my case.
P.S.;);););););) Is a crime to overly happy and want to show it???
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by YourMomoness 2 years ago
Honestly, I don't believe either of you did well. Tale, T-A-L-E, is like a story. Tail, T-A-I-L, is the kind that is attached to Winter the dolphin.
Posted by themoongirl 3 years ago
I would like to accept your debate
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