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a microbe had a discussion with a bacteria, it lasted 5 rounds

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Started: 6/16/2016 Category: Science
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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5 round is retarded.. should be 500 as a minimum

cant ever get to the positions so its impossible to ever get anywhere in the "discussion".. troll default


I'll accept vi_spex's challenge.


I might be one of few that understands what vi_spex is saying. So, I'll translate this as I interpreted it.

The title is "a microbe had a discussion with a bacteria, it lasted 5 rounds". vi_spex tends to use metaphors a lot, this being no different. 5 rounds is the maximum amount of rounds on DDO.

So I believe the resolution is actually "There should be a change in the number of rounds in DDO".


As this is a debate, I can't leave my opponent's statements unexamined. Let's see what vi_spex said.

"5 round is retarded.. should be 500 as a minimum" I don't think vi actually wants 500 rounds. This is probably just an example number.

"cant ever get to the positions so its impossible to ever get anywhere in the "discussion"" vi_spex thinks we're unable to be 100% certain about our ideas.

However, I find this false. vi_spex wouldn't have posted this debate had he not been certain about his position. And I wouldn't have accepted if I wasn't sure that 5 rounds is good.

vi_spex did post this debate, so he's confident that his position is correct. I have also accepted this debate, so I'm certain that DDO's 5 rounds is a good idea. This simple fact alone counters vi_spex's claim.

If vi_spex is uncertain about the position he took, then why post? It doesn't make much sense.


I don't think I have to make an argument, since status quo and whatnot. But I think it would be best if I addressed why the resolution is false.

The Pro and Con;

Every debate has a Pro and a Con. Pro's job is to show why the resolution is true. Con must show the resolution as false. However, you're not always going to be certain that you're arguing a good side. Suppose you're in a debate tournament, where they choose your topics, and what side you're going to be on. I could enter, and get the topic of "Is Donald Trump good?", which I'm not really interested in. But I would do research in that scenario, so I could try to win that round.

Non-competitive debate;

Debates aren't always about winning, though. Some people might start up a debate so they can learn what the opposing side has.

Suppose I wanted to learn about whether Abortion is moral or not. I wondered if it was moral. I would post a debate as Con, so the opposing Pro could make an argument, and I'd be learning about why abortion is moral by reading his/her argument.

Conclusion: I know vi_spex likes making 1 round debates, so I won't call him out. But I want to say this to the voters: Make sure your debates are at least 3 rounds long, so you can respond to the contender.

Other than that, you guys can decide the winner.
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