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abortion is bad. is it not?

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Started: 4/10/2016 Category: Health
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Abortion kills babies. I have a baby brother who I love a lot. I am glad my parents did not kill him.


Not all abortion is bad. Of course abortion is bad when it's an actual baby, so in the last trimester of pregnancy (last 3 months), at that point the baby could live outside there mother, but before 6 months it's not a baby, it's a fetus, and before that a couple other stages. It does not feel pain yet (before 6 months) you don't have to worry about hurting a clump of cells. It has a heart beat, but a heartbeat is not a human, a worm has 5 separate heart beats if you base life off a beating heart, then worms are 5 times more alive than us people, and we kill them all the time. The brain is what makes a human, a thinking, feeling brain. Abortion is carried out before the fetus has developed a thinking feeling brain, before it has even developed enough to have a conscience. It is just a clump of cells that carries out chemical reactions. Abortion is not taking live babies out of people and decapitating them like the GOP wants you to think. Abortion is where the mother is put under general anesthesia, no matter what they also give general anesthesia to the fetus, even though it is literally impossible for it to think or to feel anything, they then take out the clump of cells.
This saves a person from either death at birth, a horrible life due to poverty/other, and from killing it's mother or being born to 2 siblings. It can also save a person from living in the foster care system which has been proven to destroy lives, essentially abortion saves lives, of the mother and father (literally, if the mother is at risk of death, and financially if they are extremely poor, and it saves the child's live, it saves it from living a horrible live).
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Posted by Samcoder1 2 years ago
Quite an assumption there that babies born into poor families will live 'horrible lives', even worthy of preventing in the first place.
Posted by Phenenas 2 years ago
You just want babies to be alive so you can fornicate with them.
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