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abortion is not legal murder.

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Started: 7/13/2015 Category: Health
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Abortion is not legal murder, this can only be determined based on the start of a life. which is decided as many different times by different people, as i am not sure on your opinion on the start of a life then i cannot yet inform you whether you are wrong or not on that yet but im pretty sure your view will humour me.


Accepted and thank you for this debate :)
Right, let's begin.

In my views abortion is legal murder, life begins at fertilization when the sperm meets the egg. Something, a baby, is created there, NOT an embryo.
Statistics have shown that the baby (keep in mind that is what I will call the created thing from the moment of conception) feels pain within 20 weeks. If you abort the baby, it will feel pain, it will know a little what is happening
You are killing human life, and it makes me sick. Abortion kills a innocent baby, don't make the child suffer for something that you did. The child can be given up for adoption and not murdered, torn to pieces.
This is not a embryo or a fetus this is a baby and I blatantly say that anyone who says otherwise is wrong.
It IS murder, and we are no better than ISIS if we terminate innocent human lives.

I rest my case for round 1, thank you for the debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Your view appears one of a catholic opinion which states that life starts at conception and therefore abortion is in your opinion murder. if this is true then you must be mistaken whatever the case. We in this world are governed by laws and these when around controversial topics like this one relates to science and it is dictated to be a functioning foetus at around 12 weeks and at this point they are no longer allowed to be changed by science to stop genetic modifications. however a life is something that can function as a sentient being, at this age a foetus is not sentient, it is only working off of impulses that cause reactions it is not in control of itself or its actions, this is like when an animal is killed using an electric bolt the way they are killed now there are still electrical impulses that cause actions because of the nerves that still cat after death. In the United Kingdom which is where I live there is no abortion after 24 weeks which is still before any cognitive function.

If you are going to say that an abortion make someone no better than a member of ISIS or ISIL then you are putting down anyone who has ever had an abortion even for the correct reasons. It is not right to bring a child into a world where they will not be loved, catered for. if a child is a product of a rape it is not worth the traumatising pain for a mother to endure and have as a constant reminder of he torment. if a child will be born with horrible defects that will dramatically lower their chance of survival or the quality of their life is is worse to have them rather than abort them.

An abortion can not be painful to a child as at the stage of development they can legally be aborted at they are a very simple organism that cannot feel pain or trauma it is incapable of knowledge around subjects such as this, for instance can you find anyone that can tell you what their life was like before they were born, then I would except the possibility of gathering knowledge but no-one has ever made this feat.

ISIS or ISIL do not take what they believe are innocent lives they deem westerners as heathens that deserve death. however if you want to bring this into a biblical battle I will love to turn you in circles over the misconceptions of the bible but that is up to you to decide. I look forward to your content and good debate.


I thank you for the debate and apologize in advance if I was rude or harsh in any way to you in Round I :).
I will now post Round II
Keep this in mind, there are many people that would want to adopt a child and accept them just as they are. If you do an abortion that chance is taken away.
Also, if you abort, you need to think carefully beforehand, because you may abort someone who could grow up to be a future Steve Jobs or even a president, you never know.
Thirdly, I want to bring this into the arguments because this is personal to me. My cousin Matthew Alex has many disabilities, it is hard for him to walk, speak, and eat among other things. My Aunt was told to have an abortion, they said he would not live to see his 5th birthday. My Aunt refused, and Matthew Alex became a miracle from God. He is now 9 years old and may still have defects, but he is energetic, bright, tall, and walking and smiling.
Finally, I bring this in, I am autistic. Suppose I was marked for abortion, imagine the deep pain someone would feel if they wanted to adopt me in the future.
In conclusion, I urge you to think on these stories respectfully :) and thank you for the debate :).
Debate Round No. 2


Your anecdotes however heart-warming and awe inspiring are not that of great diction. if you want to bring in anecdotal things then I will tell you about my family, my oldest brother during his incubation period suffered a stroke at around 18-20 weeks, this caused him to be born more than 3 months premature, in at the end of July rather than his original date at the start of October. the consequences of this problem forced him to live a life that is less than pleasurable for me to think of, he has Aspergers which I'm sure you will be aware of is a form of autism, a right sided heamiplegia that means he has a weakened right side thus causing him not being able to walk the same distances and being registered as a disabled person.

You say that we should consider the possibility of a child growing up to be a future Steve Jobs but this is not a considerable argument to say that you should not choose to have an abortion that would be the right choice for the situation, to turn this point on its head you could say that abortions could have stopped people like Hitler, Joseph fritzl and many other terrible people but this is a completely ridiculous point to put forward as these are circumstances that we cannot know and therefore they can have no diction on the choice of a potential mother.

When you talk about the possibility of an adoptive parent and that chance being taken away I turn you towards the fact that there are many more possible children to adopt than there are people adopting for if the numbers were the same if not more parents than kids then there would be no more children who are looking for adoptive parents.

Finally and completely off topic I would like to take the time to thank you for your content, and you debate I have enjoyed this as my first debate on this website so thank you for all of your content in making this a very good looking debate with points that have been explained well for others to look upon so once again I say thank you


I likewise thank you for your time and for a terrific debate :). I learned a lot, and you were very kind, thank you :)
Debate Round No. 3
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