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academic marks are better or creativity

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Started: 7/16/2013 Category: Education
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i always think that creativity is more than academic marks because academic marks will just only take u to the doors of the company but ur creativity will take u to the richest persons. academic marks are just makes u qualified for giving the interview but ur creativity will help u to face questions in interview, never relly upon ur academic marks just see what ur creativity is. think something different from others and think big as compare to others.
dont rin behind success run behind excellence sucess will follow u.
have a goal in ur mind that i want to be first in life race not in academic race because in academic race bookish ants come first but in lifes race lions come believe in ur creativity do some creative


I accept the debate, and will allow pro to present his case.
Debate Round No. 1


shyam9662601862 forfeited this round.


Even though my opponent has forfeited the round, I may as well post an argument, as it is the final round.

Now, to make things clear, I am all for creativity when it comes to exams and marks, but when you think about it, creativity only gets you SOME of the marks you need. The rest are based on your knowledge, not your imagination.

My opponent recently stated that academic marks will only get you to the doors of the company, but when you think about it, academics are used throughout a person's career, so in fact they go into the company with you. An employer does not just look for creative ideas and thinking, he or she looks for great intellect on the subject(s) at hand.
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